Maintenance needs car antenna

2 Notes When Repairing and Maintaining Genuine Car Antenna Garage Thanh Phong Auto HCM 2023
12 December, 2022 / by Xuan Quoc TP

2 Notes When Repairing, Maintaining Oto Car Antenna

It's essential for your family to maintain small details like car antennas. The ...

2 Notes When Changing Car Belts To Ensure Safety and Quality Garage Thanh Phong Auto HCM 2023
14 December, 2022 / by Xuan Quoc TP

2 Cautions When Changing Oto Curoa Cables For Safety

Although car belts are only small details in cars, when they are damaged ...

Meaning of Warning Lights on Quality Cars Garage Thanh Phong Auto HCM 2023
18 November, 2022 / by Editor TP

Meaning Of Warning Lights On Cars

In this article, I would like to share the meaning of this error 64 in hopes that the drivers, or more specifically, the female drivers will understand their "driver" better, so that there are remedies when it occurs. error.

electronics apprenticeship in long an
April, 26 / by Vinh Thanh Phong

TOP Quality Vocational Training Places for Electrical - Automotive Electronics in Long An

To find an address to learn electrical and electronic training in Long An is very easy, but choosing the right place to study is…

Recruitment notice of quality Garage Thanh Phong Auto HCM 2023
17 OCTOBER, 2022 / by Xuan Quoc TP

Recruiment anouncement

Due to the need to expand the service, Thanh Phong Auto One Member Limited Company needs to recruit more staff with ...

the cost of opening a garage
May, 23 / by Vinh Thanh Phong

How much does it cost to open an Auto Repair Workshop?

You "cook" the intention of opening and developing your own auto repair shop. In order to do that,…

Summary of List of Parking lots - Car Parking in District 2 quality Garage Thanh Phong Auto HCM 2023
11 January, 2023 / by Vinh Thanh Phong

Collection of Parking Lot List - Car Parking in District 2

When traveling by car to the outside - finding parking, parking is something a lot ...

How much is the fine for passing cars? Quality Garage Thanh Phong Auto HCM 2023
17 OCTOBER, 2022 / by Xuan Quoc TP

How Many Cars Are Overcome?

Article 14. Passing - The Law on Road Traffic stipulates: 1. The vehicle applying for overtaking must have a light signal ...

Prestigious auto manual transmission repair course in HCM
28 July, 2021 / by Vinh Thanh Phong

Auto Manual Gearbox Repair Course

Auto repair course at Thanh Phong Auto - Workshop on Repairing Manual Gearbox Auto Gearbox…

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To keep your vehicle running properly at all times, we offer a number of services that are carried out by our certified, expert auto service and repair technicians who have years of experience performing everything from oil changes to a complete engine overhaul.