Why Electric Cars Are An Inevitable Trend

Advantages of electric cars
Latest update date: February 10, 07

Electric Car could be the future of the world auto industry. Because not only minimizes the negative impact on the environment, this type of vehicle is also much more convenient than gasoline-powered cars. So what are the highlights of electric cars? Should I invest in this car? Together Thanh Phong Auto find out.

Tesla's electric car
Tesla's electric car

Since Tesla pioneered in the field of electric vehicles, this group of vehicles is growing and becoming a trend of the auto industry.

In Vietnam, the birth and outstanding achievements of the Vinfast brand are also a turning point marking this transformation.

Vinfast's electric car
Vinfast's electric car

In addition to the purpose of environmental protection, electric cars also have the following bright spots:

Advantages of Electric Cars

1. Reduce Worry of Running Out of Fuel

Operating costs:

Gasoline prices are showing signs of rapid increase - decrease slightly and depend a lot on the political situation and supply. The price of electricity is quite stable and can be actively regenerated by many companies and corporations. In comparison, when using electric cars, users will save a large amount of operating costs (gasoline money is much higher than the cost of charging to operate a car).

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Recharge easily:

Instead of having to go to a gas station, when using an electric car, users can completely charge their electricity at home or in public areas - anywhere with an electrical outlet. Moreover, current smart charging technology is gradually shortening the time for each charge (typically the DC Fast Charging method - takes about 30 to 80% of the energy). So users are completely active and do not spend a lot of time in charging cars.

Vinfast car charging station is installed in Thanh Phong
Vinfast car charging station is installed in Thanh Phong

** Currently, the first electric charging station for Vinfast electric cars in Nha Be has been installed at Thanh Phong Auto - helping car owners to be more flexible. more in recharging energy for "pet car".

2. No Oil Change, Cooling Water

When using a car powered by an internal combustion engine, car owners must regularly pay attention to the oil and cooling water system. Every time the warning light comes on, check to see if there is a problem.

As for electric cars, you will be "ignored" of these problems because the car does not use oil and most of the cooling system is made of gas. Therefore, you do not need to remember the milestones of oil change, oil filter change, complicated cooling system maintenance.

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3. Reduce Frequency of Routine Maintenance

Normally, cars powered by internal combustion engines will have to be serviced many times, large and small, periodically (about once every 6 months). Meanwhile, electric cars have a much longer maintenance time (1-2 years of use, almost no need to maintain the powertrain).
Instead of caring about a lot of parts of the car, now, electric car owners only need to pay attention to the maintenance of the brakes, tires and shock absorbers.

4. High Safety

Although not very often, but there are many cases of cars caught fire due to fuel leakage (including self-ignition or fire after collision). Electric cars do not use gasoline, so this risk will be minimized.

Besides, with much lighter weight than traditional cars, electric vehicles also cause less serious accidents for road users.

Electric cars with high safety
Electric cars with high safety

5. No Engine Noise

Due to high performance, cars using internal combustion engines often emit loud sounds (from the exhaust pipe and engine). With sports cars, the engine sound may be characteristic, but in general, making noise will create discomfort for users.

Electric cars have performance that is not inferior to gasoline cars but are much "quieter". In fact, electric cars still make sound due to the movement of electric motors – but this is only a small sound and not to the extent of being called noise.

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In addition to minimizing negative impacts on the environment, electric cars also bring many outstanding advantages. Although the technology to produce electric vehicles is still young, with the trend of using clean energy, electric cars "promising" will develop strongly in the future. Therefore, if you want to buy a car, electric cars are a "trendy" choice.

Hope the above sharing of Thanh Phong Auto will be useful. Any questions about the auto repair and maintenance services, you can contact us via hotline 0934 22 27 63 - 0845 27 31 86 for quick advice and support. Wish you have the best experience with your pet!

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