4 Note When Changing Lubricant for Motor Cars

4 Things to Note When Changing Engine Oil for High-Quality Cars Garage Thanh Phong Auto Hcm 2024
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When using a car as a means of transportation, oil change is very important and unforgettable. Thanks to the oil change periodically, new cars can operate smoothly, long service life. However, when changing lubricants for cars people often get confused because they do not know what type of oil to change, how often should they test 1 times? To learn more about this issue, we invite you to consult 4 note when change motor oil for cars below.

4 Note When Changing Lubricant for Motor Cars

1. When do you need to change oil for cars?

Typically, the car's oil change time will be stored in the User Manual in the Maintenance and Operation section. Therefore, you should not rely on estimates, make your own decisions based on your experience to change the oil.

You Should Change Your Car's Oil According to the User's Manual
You Should Change Your Car's Oil According to the User's Manual 

There are many cars equipped with the feature to notify when the oil needs to be changed on the screen. The system will accurately measure the distance traveled and maintenance when the car runs to give the most accurate oil change time for the vehicle. If you get a warning then you need to change the oil immediately.

2. How often should the car oil be inspected?

Normally, you need to check the oil level of the vehicle at least 1 per month. If the oil tank shows signs of leakage, it should be repaired immediately. People often test oil by the test method. When using the test stick to check the oil, the car should park in a flat terrain, turn off the engine.

Check Your Car's Oil With Test Strips
Check Your Car's Oil With Test Strips

Not only that, you need to check the color of the oil. When the oil is brown or black, everything is in good shape. When the oil is milky white, the coolant may have leaked slightly into the engine. If there are small metal particles in the oil, the motor is damaged, the car should be brought to a place of maintenance.

3. How long after oil change?

The modern and high-end versions of cars are about 12.000 - 16.000 km or from 6 - 12 month, change the 1 oil times. However, all oils will dry out over time, so it is best to change the oil regularly every year to ensure engine performance and increase service life.

You Should Change Car Oil Regularly
You Should Change Car Oil Regularly

4. Do cars need synthetic oil or not?

On the market today, synthetic oil costs are more expensive than 3 - 4 times normal oil. Therefore, many experts believe that only use synthetic oil for cars when manufacturers require.

Synthetic oil is an oil designed to be used for the purpose of avoiding decomposition, so it has good heat resistance, extended service life, and helps to increase engine performance and life.

When cars have to move a lot, oil is easy to build up and the oil is often unable to heat the engine. Especially for vehicles used to haul or haul heavy loads, moving in areas with hot climates, synthetic oil is the best option.

Even if synthetic oil is used, the usage time is longer than regular oil, you still need to change the oil periodically.

Above is information about 4 to note when changing lubricants of cars that we want to share with you. Hopefully this article will help you understand more about lubricants. Thank you for taking the time to watch.

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