The Process of Periodic Car Oil Change

How to Check Car Oil
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Automotive lubricants It is a cushion that helps reduce friction and wear of machine parts to help cars increase life and operate more smoothly. After a period of use, lubricating oil degraded, yellowed and dirty, affecting engine lubrication. At this time, periodic oil changes are essential.

OUR Services change car oil of Thanh Phong Auto present and meet the above needs. See details below the article below!

Change Car Oil
Process of Changing Car Oil in the Right Garage

Car Oil Change Rates

The time to change car oil depends on many factors:

  • Driving habits.
  • Vehicle operating environment (road, weather).
  • The age of the car (new or old).
  • ...

In short, the oil change is based on time, the number of kilometers traveled, and the level of use.

  • Popular cars need to change the oil when traveling for 3-6 months - a distance of 3000km-5000km.
  • With high-end cars, the oil change time can be longer: 6-12 months – the distance is over 12000 km.

Besides the above method, many vehicle owners rely on the oil dipstick to decide whether to change the oil or not. If the oil level is low, below the min mark, it means the engine lacks lubricating oil, you can add or replace it as you like. But if the oil is dark in color and has a lot of dirt, it needs to be changed immediately to keep the car running smoothly. (Refer to the reasons why Fast engine consumes oil you should know).

How to Change Car Oil Correctly

Step 1: prepare

Necessary oil change tools include: new oil and filter, millet, large cardboard, collection bin, oil filter opener, oil drain bolt opener, oil filler hopper, gloves and wipes.

Step 2: Drain the engine oil

Place the car on a flat and hard ground, raise your head and raise the sides of the car so that people can get under the car to drain the oil.

Do not proceed to drain the oil while the engine is still hot because it is easy to burn. The process of draining the oil needs to be lined with cardboard on the floor to avoid soiling the floor due to the oil splashing out.

Car Oil Change Process
Draining Engine Oil

Step 3: remove the old oil filter

Remove the oil filter plate with a suitable filter opener. After that, pour all the oil inside into the drain oil tank and throw the oil filter in the trash.

Step 4: change the new oil filter

The oil filter of each car model has different sizes, so you need to pay attention to change the appropriate type.

When changing the oil filter, apply oil around the rubber gasket to make it easier to seal and catch the filter. Then add 2/3 of the oil to the filter and mount it in the correct position.

>>> Note, keep the oil filter upright to prevent oil from teasing and easy to tighten the oil filter.

Steps to Change Car Oil
Replace New Oil Filter for Car

Step 5: Add oil to the engine

Open the oil cap and add more oil (fill in less oil than specified because the engine still has some oil left in the engine part. After filling, pull out the dipstick to check if the amount of oil is guaranteed, add more. when needed.)

How to Check Car Oil
Perform a new oil change for the car

Step 6: Restart the car

After completing the oiling step, restart the car so that the entire engine is lubricated. Set the oil change alarm time and make some customizations according to the individual requirements of each vehicle model. (See also the harmful effects of Poor quality lubricating oil cause the car engine to fail quickly).

Thanh Phong Auto Provide Quality Automotive Oil Change Service

To change car oil by yourself, vehicle owners need:

  • Invest time and effort in the oil change process.
  • Adequate equipment and space are available.
  • Experienced in changing oil, understanding vehicle models, types of lubricants and oil filters.

If you do not meet the above requirements, you should go to a car garage to change the oil periodically. And we - Thanh Phong Auto leaves reputable oil change address in HCM worth referencing.

Many years of operation in the profession, Thanh Phong Auto has received good reviews from many customers for:

  • Full range of car maintenance and repair services for all types of vehicles.
  • Professional staff, experienced and positive working attitude.
  • The working space is spacious, airy and fully equipped with modern machinery for repair and maintenance work.

Particularly with the periodic oil change service, customers can experience:

  • Oil replacement, oil filter most suitable for each car model. Genuine lubricant, good for engine operation.
  • Consult the time to return to change the oil in the next time, how to use the car well for the engine... and answer customer questions.
  • Professional, fast operation, ensuring the oil change does not stick to dirt from the outside.
  • Competitive price.

The article clearly explains about procedure Periodic oil change. Contact with us - Thanh Phong Auto for the best oil change service support.

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