2 Cautions When Changing Oto Curoa Cables For Safety

2 Notes When Replacing Car Belts To Ensure Safety Thanh Phong Auto Garage Hcm 2024

Although car belts are only a small detail on cars, when they are damaged, it will greatly affect the safety of the people in the car. Therefore, things you should keep in mind when thay car belts It is essential to help people have a safer and quieter journey.

What You Need to Pay Attention to When Replacing Car Belts
What You Need to Pay Attention to When Replacing Car Belts

The importance of car belts

On a car, there are usually continuous drive parts such as camshafts, cooling water pumps. These parts are driven by belts. While older cars often used single-wheel drive 1 units, newer cars used only 1 rope to drive them all.

Therefore, when this belt is broken, the drive system of the vehicle will stop working and affect the safety of your family. Therefore, the regular change of car belts is essential to help your family have a safer and more wonderful trip.

When a car belt breaks, it will greatly affect everyone's safety
When a car belt breaks, it will greatly affect everyone's safety

+ Note: 2 noted that the maintenance of plastic cars makes cars more durable

The causes leading to belting hissing phenomenon

The belt after a long time of use is often prone to cracking and has the appearance of a squeaking sound when you start the car. When you encounter this abnormal sign, you should check the belt immediately. If you find that the belt surface is hard, take the car to a reputable garage to be inspected and replace it with a new one to avoid an accident.

In case the belt is not hardened, it may be due to slack. At this time, you should tighten the rope and depending on the type of vehicle, there are different ways to tighten the rope. Because if you tighten too tightly, it will make the bearing bearings easy to wear and lead to very expensive repair costs.

The issues you need to keep in mind when changing car belts

  1. When should I change the belt of a new car?

According to car experts, the time to change the belts of new cars is usually when the car runs the distance of about 80.000 km to 120.000 km. Because this is the distance the car runs almost to the end and there are cracks on the wire. Thereby, to ensure the safety of everyone during the journey, you should change this belt.

+ Note: 2 noted when repairing and maintaining the car antenna

  1. Go to the prestigious garage to be carried out by car dealers

When the car belt has an unusual screeching noise, for those of you who have been trained in vehicle knowledge, you can buy this cable yourself at a prestigious garage and conduct it on your own. In the other case, it is best to take the car to a reputable car repair center. Here the experienced mechanic will check the overall car and change belts.

2 Notes When Replacing Car Belts To Ensure Safety Thanh Phong Auto Garage Hcm 2024

when the change car belts, you should ask the mechanic to see if the other parts are working well or not? This will ensure that all the parts on the car are running smoothly and smoothly. If you ignore this problem, you will incur additional costs later because the belt works with the help of many other parts such as gears ...

Above shared 2 note when change car belts to ensure safety. Thereby, you should adhere to the manufacturer's replacement belt schedule to avoid wire cuts and affect the safety of your family.

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