Cost of 29 Seat Vehicle Registration Procedures: Deadline, Latest Regulations

29-seat car registration procedure
Latest update date: February 18, 05

Activities Automobile inspection This is a mandatory process that car owners need to follow. However, inspection fees, inspection cycles as well as registration procedures change continuously and are not fixed. Without the update, it is easy for car owners to waste time and money.

You are the owner 29-seat car new or renovated, need specific information about Cost of 29 Seat Vehicle Registration Procedures: Deadline, Latest Regulations. Follow the article for more information.

29-seat car registration procedure
Cost, registration procedures for 29-seat car

29 Seats Vehicle Registration Procedure

Owners of 29-seat cars when bringing their cars to registration need to prepare all relevant documents for the process to take place quickly and proactively. The details are specified in the following table:

For cars registered for the first time For cars with registration extension
Vehicle registration certificate or vehicle registration appointment letter.
A copy of the factory quality inspection sheet for domestically manufactured and assembled motor vehicles.
The original of the certificate of quality, technical safety and environmental protection of the renovated motor vehicle, for the newly renovated motor vehicle.
Login information, password, address of the cruise monitoring device management page.
Make declaration of information on the record monitoring sheet according to the form.
Frame number plate, engine number.
Vehicle registration certificate.
The original of the certificate of quality, technical safety and environmental protection of the renovated motor vehicle, for the newly renovated motor vehicle.
Login information, password, address of the cruise monitoring device management page.
Frame number plate, engine number.

Procedure and implementation 29 seater car registration At registration units, there are 3 steps:

Step 1: Bring the vehicle to the registration unit, submit all the prescribed documents and provide the necessary information in the declaration.

Step 2: The unit receives the dossier and conducts the inspection in accordance with the standards.

  • If there is not a complete dossier, guide the car owner to complete it.
  • If the documents are sufficient, the inspection is carried out in 5 stages:
  • 1 – General inspection, identification of 29-seat cars.
  • 2 – Check the upper part of the 29-seat car.
  • 3 – Check the braking and side-slip performance of the 29-seat vehicle.
  • 4 – Check the environment of the 29-seat car.
  • 5 – Check the lower part of the 29-seat vehicle.

Step 3: Return test results. If they meet the requirements, they will be granted a Certificate of Inspection and affix the Inspection Stamp for the 29-seat vehicle.

If the 29-seat car owner registers outside the registration unit (usually for vehicles operating in island areas, epidemic areas, ...) will be done according to the following 5-step process:

  • Step 1: The owner of a 29-seat vehicle has a written request attached to the list of motor vehicles requested for inspection and sent to the registry.
  • Step 2: The registration unit considers the vehicle owner's request. If eligible, 3 days later there will be a written notice of the time to bring the car for inspection.
  • Step 3: Take the vehicle to the inspection site and prepare all documents and documents such as checking at the unit.
  • Step 4: The unit conducts vehicle inspection as at the registration unit.
  • Step 5: Returns the result.

Newest 29 Seat Vehicle Registration Fee

The cost of registration of 29-seat vehicles in List 8 stipulates the cost of registration of passenger cars from 25-40 seats with an amount of VND 320.000 with a fee of VND 50.000. The total registration fee to be paid is 370.000 VND.

29-seat car registration

During the inspection, if the 29-seat car does not meet the requirements, the fee will be charged as follows:

  • Second inspection of the day free of charge.
  • 3rd inspection of the day will be charged 50% of the initial fee.
  • 1st inspection to 7 days before charge 50% of the initial fee.
  • The 1st inspection comes after 7 days, 100% of the original fee will be charged.

Latest 29-seat Vehicle Registration Deadline

The 29-seat vehicle registration cycle is changed according to Circular 02/2023/TT-BGTVT as follows:

  • 29-seat cars with production time up to 5 years have a first cycle of 24 months, a periodic cycle of 12 months.
  • 29-seat cars with a production period of over 5 years with a periodic cycle of 06 months.
  • The renovated 29-seat car has an initial cycle of 12 months and a periodic cycle of 06 months.
  • 29-seat cars with production period of over 15 years or more have a periodic cycle of 03 months.

29-seat cars are specified in the registration cycle in category 3 for passenger cars of all kinds with more than 09 seats:

29-seat vehicle registration deadline

New Regulations on Registration of Newest 29-Seater Vehicles

According to Circular 02/2023/TT-BGTVT, the 29-seat vehicle registration has the following changes:

Exemption from first registration for a new 29-seat car when the following conditions are met:

  • Unused motor vehicles shall be issued with a Certificate of Ex-factory Quality Inspection or a Certificate of Technical Safety Quality and Environmental Protection for imported motor vehicles or a Notice of Exemption from Technical Safety Quality Inspection and Maintenance. Environmental protection of imported motor vehicles.
  • Have less than 2 years of production.
  • There are enough valid documents.
  • If the 29-seat vehicle is operating in island areas, performing security and defense activities or performing urgent tasks, it is not necessary to register on the inspection line.
  • In case the owner of a 29-seat car loses the inspection stamp, the owner or an authorized person should go to the registration unit to declare it to be reprinted without bringing the car.
  • The owner of the 29-seat car should self-stick the inspection stamp when being exempted from registration for the first time.

The fines if the vehicle is not registered on time is specified in the following table:

29-seat car registration fee

In order for the registration process to go smoothly, smoothly and quickly, before taking the car for registration, it should be brought to the garage for maintenance and cleaning. Avoid wasting time and money.

If you live in Ho Chi Minh, you can bring a car to you Thanh Phong Auto to be checked. We have many years of experience in consulting, car maintenance and repair, fix all problems when the vehicle does not meet the registration requirements.

Choosing services at Thanh Phong Auto, customers are committed to:

  • Competitive and transparent fee table.
  • Made by a team of professional technicians, knowledgeable about the registration process.
  • The vehicle inspection process is quick, careful and detailed.

Here is the latest information about Fees for Registration of 29-Seater Vehicles: Term, Regulations, hope to be useful to you. Be a responsible, smart and proactive car owner.

Good luck with the registration process!

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