360 Camera System in the Car and Criteria to Help Choose the Best Product

360 Car Camera System and Criteria to Help Choose and Buy the Best Products Thanh Phong Auto Garage Hcm 2024
Latest update date: February 06, 03

360 degree automotive camera is known as a car interior accessory that is very popular and installed by many car owners for their beloved driver. So why is this device so appealing to people? To answer that question, let's Thanh Phong Auto Go explore this 360 camera in this car better.

Learn 360 Car Camera System and Criteria to Help Choose the Best Product.

1. What is a 360 car camera?

360 Car Camera
360 Car Camera

Car Camera 360 is a system of specialized technology equipment that helps 360-degree panoramic view of the vehicle and helps the driver to be safer.

Structure: A typical 360 car camera will consist of 4 small camera eyes installed on the head, tail and 2 sides of the vehicle's rearview mirror. This device is connected to the DVD screen installed inside the vehicle, which helps display a 360-degree panoramic space around the car in traffic.

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2. What are the benefits of installing a 360 car camera?

Currently, many car owners prefer to install 360 camera system for their beloved driver because it supports safe driving in many cases, especially when you encounter complicated traffic conditions:

  • Help the driver can observe the surrounding landscape, observing even blind spots, obstacles that were previously impossible to see through the rearview mirror.
  • Camera 360 supports safe reversing, reducing collisions when traveling in places where the smallest area.
  • Help record your trip itinerary.
  • Car monitoring even when you have turned off the engine.
Benefits of Installing a 360 Car Camera
Benefits of Installing a 360 Car Camera

3. Outstanding feature of 360-degree automotive camera

Thanks to advanced technology, integrating many outstanding features, 360-degree CCTV has confirmed its position and value in the world of automotive journey cameras.

  • Record photo sphere
  • Connect to a car DVD screen device.
  • Support display navigation bar according to the steering angle.
  • Automatically display images according to vehicle signals.
  • Support night recording.

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4. Some criteria to buy a 360-degree camera for cars

The secret to choosing a 360 Dash Camera for Cars
The secret to choosing a 360 Dash Camera for Cars
  • Design of 360 car camera

Choosing the right camera for cars is necessary to ensure aesthetics. There are many models for 360 car camera so if you do not know how to choose, please consult with professional staff to buy the right model for your beloved driver.

  • 360 camera features

Each camera will have its own technology and features, so consider carefully the features of the camera carefully and appropriately, then choose.

  • Price

Cost is also very important but pay attention to its features first. Typically the price of a 1 camera in a car is about 360 million or more.

  • Prestigious unit providing products and installation services

Currently this product is very popular with many car owners, so there are countless fake and poor quality fake products on the market. But with that, the installation of 360 Camera Camera is not so simple, so you need to find a unit that is professional, prestigious to implement it. Along with that do not forget the warranty of the camera is also very important.

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5. Address to buy, install a 360-degree automotive camera with cheap price, quality and reputation

Thanhphong Auto - Garage Address Highly Appreciated by Customers in HCM
Thanhphong Auto – Garage Address Highly Appreciated by Customers in HCM

You are having a headache to find a good quality and affordable car camera installation address for 360? Everything you need Thanh Phong Auto has.

Thanh Phong Auto specializes in providing genuine 360-degree automotive cameras at affordable prices. Experienced and enthusiastic staff of Thanh Phong will advise you to choose the most satisfactory product. Please contact Thanh Phong Auto for more information.


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