Learn About Electronic Ignition System In Cars

Learn About the Electronic Ignition System on Quality Cars Garage Thanh Phong Auto Hcm 2024
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For the engine, the ignition system is an extremely important part. For the best condition of the vehicle, it is necessary to coordinate the ignition system with other systems.

So what is electronic ignition system? How through the ignition system to diagnose the engine operating status? If problems occur, how to overcome? Article below Thanh Phong Auto will help you answer all questions about the electronic ignition system in the car, along track!

Car Ignition System
Car Ignition System

1. What is the ignition system supposed to do?

The ignition system has 2 main tasks:

- Generates high voltage current to easily ignite the fuel-gas mixture and discharge through the gap to ignite the spark plug.

- Burn the air in the most radical way, at the same time create large capacity and contribute to reducing environmental pollution.

2. Structure of the ignition system

The ignition system has a basic structure consisting of a secondary circuit and a primary circuit:

  • Primary circuit works to provide a signal to the ignition bin and get the battery power from 12V - 14,2V. The ignition turbine of the primary is considered a transformer, transforming the battery current from low voltage to high voltage (ie current greater than 20.000V).
  • High voltage source okay secondary circuitp receives from the ignition bin and thanks via the high-pressure hose to be able to transmit to the spark plug.

Electronic ignition system to be able to operate optimally today (completely electronic), the components of it have been improved, developed and optimized continuously from past to present through many different ways.

Structure of the Ignition System on a Car
Structure of the Ignition System on a Car

Initially the electronic ignition system was only controlled by screwdrivers, followed by semiconductor ignition, electronic early ignition and finally by direct electronic control.

For electronic ignition systems, through sensors such as camshaft position sensor, crankshaft position sensor, intake air flow sensor, ... and a few other sensors, the timing of ignition will be controlled by the ECU. The engine that wants to work in the best and most efficient way must have the best ignition timing.

3. Some common problems of electronic ignition system

a. Transformer damaged

Broken Transformer - Some Car Ignition System Errors
Broken Transformer – Some Car Ignition System Errors

As well as a transformer, the transformer of the electronic ignition system can frequently occur some common failures such as:

  • Secondary resistance burnt.
  • Fire transformer cap.
  • The short-circuited circuits fire the transformer.
  • Some mechanical impact cracking, transformer cap lid.

b. The power splitter is damaged

Another important part of the electronic ignition system that could be damaged is the splitter. At the right time, this part works to help divide the high voltage current to the correct working order of the motor most accurately. Therefore, if the electrical divider encounters malfunction, it will cause significant impact on the engine and electronic ignition system.

Faulty Distributor Affects Ignition System
Faulty Distributor Affects Ignition System

When the unit has been operating for a long time, it may have problems:

  • The physical impact causes a voltage leak that leads to weak ignition and a delco cap or crack.
  • The possibility of ignition is reduced due to non-standard opening between the stationary and moving cheeks.
  • Open the low pressure regulator regulator membrane.
  • Ignition wrong time, flicker due to worn signal rotor.

c. Spark plugs are damaged

When using spark plugs for a long time, you may encounter some problems such as:

  • The electrode of the spark plug is worn out
  • The spark plug porcelain head is broken
  • Spark plug ignited in the center
  • The spark plug electrode melted
  • Ignition ability of spark plug is reduced due to soot
Spark Plug Damaged
Spark Plug Damaged

When checking spark plugs for damage, you need to promptly replace the spark plugs, and at the same time check how the ignition parts work, whether they are good or not so that they can be repaired in time. See details: "Signs of car spark plugs failure"

4. Some diagnosis of electronic ignition system.

One thing for sure is that when the electronic ignition system works for a long time, it will be very difficult to avoid damage, and may cause significant effects to the engine. However, it is also very easy to see the situation that the ignition system is facing because at that time the engine will show a few specific manifestations. Thanks to that we can diagnose the situation that ignition system is facing and quickly handle them.

a. The sparks became weaker.

Weak Spark Signs of a Broken Ignition System
Weak Spark Signs of a Broken Ignition System

When your car starts to appear phenomena such as excess gasoline, weak engine, uneven engine sound, the material is not completely burned, so the spark plug has the phenomenon of black soot on the head.
At that time, just check if you see the appearance of yellow sparks and weak splashes, then surely your car's ignition system is having problems.

Weak sparks mean high voltage from the divider to the low spark plug. When your vehicle encounters this situation, you need to immediately check spark plugs and clean them, check additional high-voltage wire, transformer ignition.

b. Ignition too early or too late.

- In case of ignition too soon:

When the car runs on fuel, the engine quickly heats up, the no-load mode is not stable, the throttle is large or even a reverse explosion occurs for a long time, ... These signs indicate that the ignition system is too early.

The cause of this premature ignition is that the screw has too large gap and due to the wrong delco setting, what you need to do now is to immediately adjust the screw and the engine needs to be reset to fire.

Learn About the Electronic Ignition System on Quality Cars Garage Thanh Phong Auto Hcm 2024
Ignition Too Early or Too Late Causes Your Car to Not Run Well

- In case of ignition too late:

Signs showing the ignition system is too late compared to the time:

  • The engine has a higher temperature rise.
  • Fuel consumption more.
  • Because the gasoline has not been completely burned and continues to burn on the exhaust line, there is an explosion in the exhaust.
  • The car could not accelerate because the engine was suffocated.
  • The engine is hard to start.

The cause of this late ignition is due to the screw slot is too small and the fire is wrong. As is the case with early ignition, you should adjust the screw gap and reset the engine ignition.

The above article Thanh Phong Auto sends to you the contents related to the electronic ignition system on cars. Hope this article will help you in taking care of your beloved driver.

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