Features Coming to 'Extinct' in Cars

- Features About to Be Extinct in Cars
Latest update date: February 26, 06

In the age of digital technology and the continuous development of the auto industry, car features and technology are changing rapidly. Many familiar technologies and features, once considered standard on car models, are now gradually being pushed out of the product line or only appearing on high-end versions.

This is due to changes in consumer needs and usage habits, along with the application of new, more advanced technologies. For example, mechanical door locks are gradually giving way to smart electronic locks, mechanical information displays are being replaced by digital touch screens, and traditional manual transmissions are being replaced by manual transmissions. automation or automation takes over.

These disappearing features not only affect the driving experience but also force consumers to adapt to new technology and different usage patterns. Follow along!

CD player

Once an irreplaceable thing, the CDs are back in the past, making way for smartphones, or a tiny storage device with a huge memory of USB.

- Features About to Be Extinct in Cars
Đầu CD trên xe ô tô đời cũ

Drive feedback signal

Hydraulic power steering is no longer used on new vehicles but has been replaced with electric power assistance. No more hydraulic pumps, which means that the steering system no longer takes power directly from the engine. People easily change the weight, and bump on the steering wheel. But it also loses the sense of pavement through feedback.

Mechanical key

People love touch screens. At least that's what automakers hope. So many reasons to love the tiny screen with endless control capabilities. The options are divided by theme, increasing exponentially instead of a dashboard full of control buttons.

Standard version

A few years ago, when pictures used the low-end version, people often thought of the steel wheels, unpainted shock absorbers, vinyl leather seats, and hand-wheeled glass doors - signs of poverty. Today the versions are less different and only in important equipment such as manual or automatic transmission.

Number of floors

Despite bringing alertness to the control, but the floor number is still inferior to the automatic by efficiency. The driver spends a lot of time observing and controlling the vehicle. For example, BMW also only attaches a floor number according to special requirements.

- Features About to Be Extinct in Cars
Xe sử dụng số sàn

Fog lights

When was the last time you thought of using fog lamps? Except for some living in extreme conditions, most of us have never thought about it. Long time to show the style, fog lights are gradually replaced by LED daytime running lights. In addition to safety benefits, LEDs are also easy to make a difference, own accents.

Large displacement motor

15 last year, midsize sedans needed a V6 engine to produce a horsepower 200, but today with that capacity it only needs the type of 4 cylinder. Much of this progress is due to direct fuel injection and turbocharging. Dimension is the main problem of today's engines. V6 and even V8 are disappearing in I4 territory.

Off road ability

It will take a long time for you to find a new car with a high, solid frame that crosses the sidewalk in the street. Pressure to reduce fuel consumption is gradually eroding the hobby of terrain vehicles. Toyota, Nissan, Land Rover and Jeep still launch models that run on all terrain, but the segment's future looks bleak.

Mechanical lock

On the one hand, no change in the last decade has gone beyond the way we entered and started. Mechanical locks will quickly become a thing of the past, although car theft will still increase as technology advances.

- Features About to Be Extinct in Cars
Khóa cơ trên xe hơi

Recently, Hyundai has launched a car link system with smartphones like credit cards and information sharing technology. With just a few simple control steps, one can turn a smartphone into a remote control, even booting or unlocking from anywhere on earth.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

1. Why are car manufacturers eliminating car CD players?

CD players are being phased out due to the popularity of digital storage devices such as USB sticks and smartphones. These media have larger storage capacity, are more convenient and are suitable for the current digitalization trend.

2. What advantages does the electric power steering system (EPS) have over traditional hydraulic power steering?

The electric power steering system (EPS) saves more fuel, easily adjusts the steering wheel weight, and does not require regular maintenance. EPS also allows the integration of advanced safety features such as lane keeping assist.

3. What are the benefits of touch screens in cars compared to mechanical buttons?

The touch screen allows for a more flexible interface, easy software updates, integrates multiple functions in a compact space, and creates a modern feel for the vehicle interior.

4. Why are manual transmissions gradually disappearing on new car models?

Manual transmissions are losing their position because automatic transmissions are becoming more efficient in terms of fuel consumption, easier to use in urban traffic conditions, and consistent with the trend of electrified vehicles.

5. What advantages do LED daytime running lights (DRL) have over traditional fog lights?

LED daytime running lights consume less energy, have a longer lifespan, increase vehicle visibility in low light conditions, and create an aesthetic highlight for the vehicle's front design.

6. Why are manufacturers switching from V6 and V8 engines to turbocharged 4-cylinder engines?

The turbocharged 4-cylinder engine is more compact, lighter, and more fuel efficient while still achieving power equivalent to a traditional V6 or V8 engine, while helping to meet increasingly stringent emissions standards. strict.

7. What are the advantages of smart keys compared to traditional mechanical locks?

Smart lock allows you to open the door and start the car without taking the key out of your pocket, increasing convenience and safety. It also allows the integration of additional features such as remote start or control via smartphone.

8. Why are manufacturers reducing off-road capabilities on SUVs?

This trend aims to improve aerodynamics, reduce weight and save fuel. Most SUV users today mainly use them on streets, so optimizing for off-road terrain is no longer a top priority.

9. What benefits does turbocharger technology bring to modern engines?

Turbocharging increases the power and torque of small engines, improves fuel efficiency, and reduces emissions. It allows the use of a smaller motor while still achieving the same performance as a larger motor.

10. Why are standard versions of cars less distinct today than they were in the past?

This trend reflects fierce competition in the market, increasing consumer demand, and falling manufacturing costs for some features previously considered premium.

11. What advantages does gasoline direct injection (GDI) technology have over traditional indirect fuel injection?

Direct injection improves fuel efficiency by up to 15%, increases engine power, reduces emissions, and allows for higher compression ratios, leading to better overall performance.

12. Why are manufacturers switching to digital displays instead of traditional mechanical watches?

Digital displays allow for custom interfaces, display more information, integrate features like navigation maps, and easily update software to add new features.

13. What advantages does push-start button technology have over traditional electric locks?

The start button combined with a smart lock increases convenience, reduces the risk of theft, and creates a modern feel for the car interior. It also eliminates the risk of keys breaking in the ignition.

14. What benefits does smartphone-to-car connection technology bring to users?

Smartphone connection allows using familiar applications on the vehicle screen, remotely controlling functions such as locking/unlocking the door, starting the vehicle, checking vehicle status, and even remotely updating vehicle software. , increasing convenience and safety for users. Read the article now: How technology changes the auto industry? shared in the most detail on the website.

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