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Is Bao Viet Car Insurance Good? Look Up,
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According to statistics of C08, every year in Vietnam, there are about 10.000 cases of traffic accidents, causing serious damage to people and properties. In order to be compensated for those risks, many car owners choose to buy motor vehicle insurance.

And Baoviet is one of the insurance brands trusted by many vehicle owners. Let's discover Review Bao Viet Car Insurance Is Good, Look Up, Price 2023 in detail through the following article.

What is Bao Viet Auto Insurance? Is it good?

Bao Viet auto insurance, provided by Bao Viet Group in Vietnam, is an insurance policy purchased by vehicle owners to protect cars in case damage or loss occurs. Baoviet Group will pay to the driver of the vehicle when unfortunately having an accident affecting the body, life, property ... based on the agreed contract.

Bao Viet Auto Insurance
Bao Viet Auto Insurance

Bao Viet auto insurance is highly appreciated and popular in Vietnam because:

  • Firstly, Bao Viet is one of the largest and most reputable insurance companies in Vietnam. The unit has been operating in the industry for many years and has received many prestigious awards.
  • Second, Baoviet offers a variety of insurance packages to suit individual needs and budgets.
  • Third, the unit has a good customer care policy, supporting vehicle owners anytime, anywhere when something goes wrong. Quick and easy compensation payment process.
  • Fourth, the purchase cost and damage compensation is good, many favorable terms for registered customers.

Which Bao Viet Auto Insurance Should You Buy?

Currently, on the market, there are 3 most popular types of Baoviet auto insurance: 1-way, 2-way auto insurance and car physical insurance. Each type of insurance will have its own characteristics, specifically:

  • One-way auto insurance: Bao Viet Company is responsible for indemnifying the cost of life, body and property to a third party (the party caused by the vehicle owner).
  • Two-way auto insurance: Bao Viet Company is responsible for compensating for damage to cars and third parties caused by vehicle owners causing loss of life and property.
  • Material insurance: Bao Viet Company is responsible for supporting the payment of damage on cars due to collisions, natural disasters, theft...

Depending on the needs or pocket, customers choose the right type of Baoviet auto insurance to help reduce financial burden and feel secure throughout the journey.

Bao Viet Auto Insurance Fee Schedule
Bao Viet Auto Insurance Fee Schedule

Bao Viet Auto Insurance Working Process

Below is the process of Baoviet handling cases that need to be settled for auto insurance:

Receipt of customer claim handling

If there is a claim for compensation, the customer should contact Baoviet via hotline and provide basic information to the consultant, including:

  • First and last name.
  • Phone number.
  • Insurance certificate number.

The consultant continues to send the customer's insurance information to the compensation assessor for processing.

Baoviet's representative conducts accident assessment

Any damage to the vehicle or goods is directly assessed by a representative of Bao Viet insurance company in the presence of the vehicle owner or legal representative. From there, this representative can determine the cause and extent of damage to the car.

In case the vehicle owner and Baoviet do not agree on the cause or extent of damage, an independent surveyor must be consulted. And if the results of the independent assessor coincide with the results of Baoviet, the vehicle owner must pay this assessment fee.

Baoviet chooses a solution to overcome the loss

Bao Viet Company will be responsible for compensation for damage or support to pay for repair costs to car owners after this cost has been determined.

a. Compensation plan for vehicle parts loss:

If only vehicle parts are damaged, payment will be equal to the correct repair/replacement price but not exceeding the insurance amount. In case the cost of repair/replacement is higher than the sum insured, payment shall be equal to the insured sum.

b. Plan for actual total loss compensation:

In case a car is stolen or robbed after 60 days but cannot be found, Baoviet will conduct:

  • Indemnify the correct amount equal to the insured value if the insured amount is equal to or lower than the value of the vehicle.
  • Indemnify the amount equal to the value of the vehicle if the insurance amount is higher than the value of the vehicle.

In short, Baoviet will choose the best compensation plan for customers according to the contract.

Completing the claim file at Bao Viet auto insurance company

Please prepare the following documents:

  • Car owner's claim form.
  • Certified copy of the competent authority for papers: insurance certificate, driver's license, vehicle registration certificate, technical and environmental safety inspection certificate.
  • A copy of the police accident investigation report.
  • Documents of accidental damage.

Guide to Look Up Bao Viet Auto Insurance Information

Via hotline

The method of looking up insurance by hotline is quite simple and is chosen by many customers. You can contact Bao Viet company via:

  • Toll free call center for existing customers: 1800 6966
  • Customer care call center: * 1166 or 1900 558899 branch number 4.

Through the MyBVLife app

MyBVLife application is a tool to help Baoviet insurance buyers look up information. You just need to download the app on your phone, register an account, and you can access and find the necessary information.

Buy Bao Viet Auto Insurance Through App
Buy Bao Viet Auto Insurance Through App

Contact Baoviet's agent

In case you want to get more detailed advice about Baoviet's auto insurance packages, you can directly contact the dealer offices, affiliated garages of the company. From there, you can choose the option that best suits your needs and finances.

Bao Viet Auto Insurance Price

The cost of Baoviet auto insurance as of 2023 is as follows:

Compulsory insurance premium for civil liability of vehicle owners.

Review Is Bao Viet Car Insurance Good? Look Up, Price 2023 Quality Garage Thanh Phong Auto Hcm 2024

Review Is Bao Viet Car Insurance Good? Look Up, Price 2023 Quality Garage Thanh Phong Auto Hcm 2024

Car physical damage insurance premium = Amount insured x Rate of premium.

Review Is Bao Viet Car Insurance Good? Look Up, Price 2023 Quality Garage Thanh Phong Auto Hcm 2024

Insurance premium for civil liability of the vehicle owner for the goods transported on the vehicle.

Review Is Bao Viet Car Insurance Good? Look Up, Price 2023 Quality Garage Thanh Phong Auto Hcm 2024

Thanh Phong Auto: Prestigious Auto Insurance Provider, Good Price

With the purpose of supporting car owners to buy the right insurance package, to be protected in the event of an accident, theft, etc. Thanh Phong Auto provides a variety of insurance packages and insurance car repair services. If customers want to buy auto insurance of Bao Viet or any brand, contact us for the best advice on terms, conditions, and coverage.

Thanh Phong Auto understands the advantages and disadvantages of each type with insurance, so it will advise customers to choose the right service package for their needs without being forced to buy any insurance company.

Review Is Bao Viet Car Insurance Good? Look Up, Price 2023 Quality Garage Thanh Phong Auto Hcm 2024

Other advantages:

  • Enthusiastic, friendly consultants, providing multi-dimensional information about insurance packages.
  • Highly qualified car repair technicians can solve any damage from simple to complex.
  • Receive the support of modern machinery throughout the insurance car repair process.
  • Committed to replacing genuine car parts, competitive price.
  • Support customers to quickly process insurance payment procedures.

Hope the article Review Bao Viet Auto Insurance Yes Good No, Lookup, Price 2023 will be helpful for you. Find out more information about auto insurance on our website!

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