Top 5 Experience to Know When Buying High Quality Auto Insurance

Top 5 Experiences You Need to Know When Buying the Best High-class Auto Insurance Garage Thanh Phong Auto HCM 2022

In fact, there is currently no single type of auto insurance called premium car insurance or civil auto insurance. Here, this concept refers to many of the factors that buyers want when participating in auto insurance. Which includes from benefits to participation fees, compensation costs or insurance companies, ... Let's pocket with us now. Top 5 experiences to know when buying premium auto insurance be shared below.

Pocket top 5 experience to know when buying premium auto insurance
Pocket top 5 experience to know when buying premium auto insurance  

1. Pocket a number of leading reputable insurance companies

In the Vietnamese market, there are many companies offering car insurance to meet the needs of people who are increasingly using cars. Therefore, many people encounter poor quality companies, shirk responsibility when something goes wrong.

Among them, mainly due to ignorant customers and cheap greed, trust the advertising winged. So, in order to buy high-end auto insurance, the first secret is that you have to pocket some of the leading reputable insurance companies, such as:

  • Petrolimex Insurance Company: established in 1995, with more than 20 years of operational experience, is always ready to serve, ensuring all benefits for customers.
  • PTI Insurance Company: belongs to Post Insurance Joint Stock Corporation, is currently the second largest automobile material insurance provider in our country.
  • Bao Viet Insurance Company: has a wide network across the country with the motto of always putting customer benefits first.

In addition to the above 3 names, you can also refer to some other names such as Liberty Insurance, Bao Minh, BIDV, Mic, ...

PTI is also one of the leading insurance companies
PTI is also one of the leading insurance companies

2. Some types of premium auto insurance today

In addition to the civil liability insurance for motor vehicle owners is required, now, car owners can participate in a number of important voluntary insurance. In other words, this is the concept of high-end auto insurance that is mentioned by many people to ensure many benefits for participants.

  • Motor vehicle owner's civil liability insurance for goods transported on vehicles
  • Auto physical damage insurance
  • Accident insurance for drivers, assistant drivers and passengers

All 3 types of voluntary insurance apply to all motor vehicle owners participating in traffic in the territory of Viet Na. Similarly, insurance only applies to cases of vehicles having unintended incidents or accidents within the territory of Vietnam.

3. Know the benefits of participating in high-end auto insurance

Before choosing whether to join premium auto insurance or not, you need to be aware of the benefits that you will receive when participating in insurance.

The first is the extent of the liability of each type of insurance including cases covered and not covered by insurance. For example, auto insurance will compensate for material damage due to accidents, accidents, unintentional collisions or natural factors, including theft and theft of the entire vehicle.

The second is about the level of compensation when the accident, the incident occurred for the whole body or property under the insurance contract. Suppose that compulsory civil liability insurance usually pays a compensation of VND 100 million / person / case.

Need to know the benefits listed on the insurance contract
Need to know the benefits listed on the insurance contract

4. Note some special benefits when participating in premium auto insurance

In addition to the benefits listed on insurance policy, some companies offer customers some other special benefits. This is what you need to consider when choosing an insurance company. Eg:

  • Free rescue services
  • Service of troubleshooting guidance and completing the dossier of request for payment and compensation
  • Surcharge for cases of replacing vehicle parts
  • Damage due to the case of vehicles entering the flooded area
  • Repair damage in genuine garages affiliated with the insurance company
  • ...
Customers should choose insurance companies that provide additional utility services
Customers should choose insurance companies that provide additional utility services

5. Opting in insurance suitable for financial conditions

Finally, when enrolling in high-end auto insurance, you also need to ask your employees about the cost of insurance packages to suit your financial conditions.

Often with large companies will have their own website for buyers to buy insurance before choosing.

In other cases, you should ask your insurance agent for advice first.

Hopefully the top 5 experience to know when buying high-end auto insurance that we share above has helped you better understand premium auto insurance and how to join.

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