Top 5 Things to Know About Vietinbank Auto Insurance VietinCar

Top 5 Information You Should Know About Vietinbank VietinCar 1 Thanh Phong Auto HCM

Cars are a valuable asset, so owners always need to participate in many types of insurance to ensure benefits when an accident occurs. In addition to compulsory insurance such as civil liability insurance, customers are also bewildered by many voluntary types of insurance. One of the types of voluntary car insurance that customers are most interested in today is Vietinbank VietinCar. The following article, let's find out Top 5 information to know about auto insurance Vietinbank VietinCar.

Pocket top 5 information need to know about auto insurance Vietinbank VietinCar
Pocket top 5 information need to know about auto insurance Vietinbank VietinCar   

Top 5 Things to Know About Vietinbank Auto Insurance VietinCar

1. What is Vietinbank Car Insurance?

You may not know, Vietinbank VietinCar auto insurance is a type of voluntary insurance for both drivers and passengers. Just by hearing the name you already know this is the type of car insurance provided by Vietinbank.

Currently, many Vietinbank customers choose this type of insurance because of the many benefits it offers.

The entire extent of the liability scope and the liability level for cases of damage caused by incidents are specified on insurance. Therefore, to better understand the benefits you will receive, you should consider the terms of the insurance contract in advance.

2. Participants and conditions apply

As with many other voluntary insurance types, Vietinbank VietinCar also has its own provisions on participants and conditions of application:

  • Participants: all Vietinbank customers using cars, both drivers and passengers; Customers having relationship with Vietin bank
  • Conditions to apply: cases of borrowing to buy personal cars, business cars or rental cars with assets guaranteed by the Bank
Vietinbank Auto Insurance VietinCar is voluntary insurance
Vietinbank Auto Insurance VietinCar is voluntary insurance

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3. Advantages of utilities in insurance

The biggest advantage of Vietinbank VietinCar insurance is that it owns many advantages of utilities, including:

  • Free rescue services from the place where damage caused by an incident or accident occurs to the nearest repair place, but must be within the scope of the liability of the insurance.
  • Customers can choose some additional insurance conditions such as the vehicle whose parts, components, parts are stolen or the vehicle is lost when it moves into the flooded area, ...
  • The insurance company has links with many large garages and maintenance centers across the country to create favorable conditions for customers to repair in case of incidents anywhere.
  • All services of repairing damage caused by incidents or accidents will be advised and guided through the Hotline available on insurance 24/7
  • Compensation assessment services always ensure the most concise, accurate and convenient settlement

4. Insurance benefits customers receive

Each type of insurance usually comes with benefits, with Vietinbank VietinCar auto insurance, you enjoy the following benefits:

  • Third-party car owners' liability insurance: for all owners of vehicles traveling on the territory of Vietnam, who is responsible for paying compensation for bodily and property damage due to accidents. accident or collision with motor vehicles
  • Civil liability insurance of car owners with goods transported on vehicles
  • Accident insurance for passengers in the car: including driver, assistant and passengers sitting on the vehicle damaged by the transport of the vehicle.
  • Vehicle material insurance has many extended terms for customers: car damage due to accident, collision with objects, natural disasters, theft, car theft, ...

However, all cases are only counted when the incident or accident is specifically assessed and sent to the insurance company.

The benefits will be clearly stated on Vietinbank VietinCar insurance. Therefore, when participating in insurance, you should consider and carefully consider each clause, note the cases not covered by insurance.

All benefits are specified in the insurance policy Vietinbank VietinCar
All benefits are specified in the insurance policy Vietinbank VietinCar

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5. Insurance fee for Vietinbank VietinCar

The most necessary information that most customers are interested in is the fee to join Vietinbank VietinCar insurance. You can join the table below:

Top 5 Information You Should Know About Vietinbank VietinCar 2 Thanh Phong Auto HCM

The table of fees for joining Vietinbank VietinCar insurance
The table of fees for joining Vietinbank VietinCar insurance

According to the fee schedule, you should consider whether you are in any case before deciding whether you are financially eligible to join the insurance or not. If you are unsure about the reference fee table, you can also ask your insurance agent directly for the best support.

Top 5 must-know information about auto insurance Vietinbank VietinCar must have helped you understand what kind of car insurance is receiving the most attention today. Let's consider whether we should join this insurance or not and contact the company as soon as possible!

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