Review Vietinbank Car Insurance Is Good, Look Up, Latest Price

Review Is Vietinbank Car Insurance Good? Look Up, Latest Genuine Price Garage Thanh Phong Auto Hcm 2024
Latest update date: February 12, 12

Cars are valuable assets, so car owners always need to participate in many types of insurance to ensure their benefits when an accident occurs. Not only participating in compulsory insurance such as civil liability insurance, car owners are also confused by many types of voluntary insurance.

One of the types car insurance The most interested users today is Vietinbank. So Vietinbank auto insurance is it good? The following article will review in detail about Vietinbank auto insurance for your reference and decision making.  

Information You Need to Know About Vietinbank Vietincar Auto Insurance
Information You Need to Know About Vietinbank Vietincar Auto Insurance

Overview of Vietinbank Auto Insurance

Maybe you don't know, Vietinbank auto insurance is a type Voluntary auto insurance for both the driver and passengers. Just by hearing the name, you already know that this is a type of auto insurance provided by Vietinbank.

Vietinbank's auto insurance packages are designed to integrate with the personal/business car loan product and all the Bank's collateral in the form of a vehicle. Many customers of Vietinbank and have a relationship with the Bank are also choosing this type of insurance because of its practicality and "quite" benefits. 

The entire scope of liability and the level of liability for damages caused by incidents are clearly stated on Vietinbank auto insurance. Therefore, to better understand the benefits you will receive, you should review the terms on the insurance policy in advance.

Review A - Z About Vietinbank Auto Insurance

Participants and conditions apply

Like many other types of voluntary insurance, Vietinbank also has its own regulations on participants and applicable conditions:

  • Participants: all customers of Vietinbank who use cars, both for the driver and the person sitting in the car; customers who have relations with Vietinbank
  • Conditions apply: cases of borrowing to buy a personal car, a business car or a rental car with assets guaranteed by the Bank
Vietinbank Auto Insurance is Voluntary Insurance
Vietinbank Auto Insurance is Voluntary Insurance

Advantages of utilities in Vietinbank auto insurance

The biggest advantage of Vietinbank insurance is that it possesses many advantages in terms of utilities, including:

  • As one of the big and reputable banks in Vietnam, Vietinbank auto insurance has high reliability.
  • Free rescue service is calculated from the place where the damage caused by the incident or accident occurs to the nearest repair place, but must be within the scope of the insurance's responsibility.
  • Customers can choose some additional insurance conditions such as the vehicle whose parts, components, parts are stolen or the vehicle is lost when it moves into the flooded area, ...
  • Vietinbank Insurance is linked with many large garages and maintenance centers across the country, creating favorable conditions for customers to repair when having problems anywhere.
  • All damage repair services due to incidents and accidents will be consulted and guided through the 24/7 Hotline.
  • Compensation assessment service always ensures the fastest, most accurate and convenient settlement.

Insurance benefits customers receive when choosing Vietinbank car insurance

Each type of insurance will usually come with benefits, with Vietinbank auto insurance, you are entitled to the following benefits:

  • Civil liability insurance of car owners with third parties: for all car owners participating in traffic in the territory of Vietnam, responsible for paying compensation for bodily and property damage caused by accidents. accident or collision with a motor vehicle.
  • Civil liability insurance of car owners with goods transported on the vehicle: pay the car owner the costs of loss, loss of goods transported on the vehicle under the contract of carriage.
  • Accident insurance for car occupants: including the driver, assistant and passengers in the car, who are damaged by the process of transporting the vehicle, having problems or accidents.
  • Car insurrance There are many extended terms for customers: car damage due to accident, collision with objects, natural disaster, theft, vehicle theft, etc.

However, all cases are only counted when the incident or accident is specifically assessed and sent to the insurance company.

All benefits are clearly stated on the Vietinbank Insurance Contract
Insurance Benefits Customers Receive When Choosing Vietinbank Auto Insurance

How to Look Up Car Insurance Vietinbank

To quickly look up Vietinbank car insurance, you can follow the following ways:

  • Option 1: Go to the official website of Vietinbank insurance, select to look up information.
  • Option 2: Download the My VBI App, to access information about insurance packages, insurance benefits and receive some special offers.
  • Option 3: Call the hotline 1900.1566 for a quick response.
  • Option 4: Immediately go to agent offices, Vietinbank's insurance link garage for advice and support.

Vietinbank Auto Insurance Participation Fee 

The most necessary information that most customers are interested in is the fee to join Vietinbank insurance. You can join the table below:

  • Compulsory civil liability insurance premium for cars of Vietinbank auto insurance 

Vietinbank deploys a compulsory civil liability insurance package with a fee according to regulations of the Ministry of Finance:

Vietinbank Auto Insurance Fee Schedule for Reference
Vietinbank Auto Insurance Fee Schedule for Reference
  • Vehicle physical insurance premium of Vietinbank auto insurance

Total VBI car physical insurance premium = insurance amount * premium rate.

+ With new car: The insurance amount is 100% of the published selling price of the car.

+ For used cars: The sum insured will be calculated according to the following formula:

  • Used cars for less than 1 year: 100% of the published selling price of the car.
  • Used car from 1-3 years: 85% of the published selling price of the car.
  • Used car from 3-6 years: 75% of the published selling price of the car.
  • Used car from 6-10 years: 55% of the published selling price of the car.
  • Vehicles used for more than 10 years: 40% of the published selling price of the car.

Fee rates will be applied according to the table:

Car Material Insurance Fee of Vietinbank Auto Insurance
Car Material Insurance Fee of Vietinbank Auto Insurance

According to the fee schedule, you should consider whether you are in any case before deciding whether you are financially eligible to join the insurance or not. If you are unsure about the reference fee table, you can also ask your insurance agent directly for the best support.

  • Civil liability insurance premium for occupants of Vietinbank automobile insurance

Civil liability insurance premium for occupants of Vietinbank automobile insurance is applied according to the following formula:

Tnds Insurance Fees for Vehicle Passengers of Vietinbank Auto Insurance
Tnds Insurance Fees for Vehicle Passengers of Vietinbank Auto Insurance

Through the article Review Vietinbank Auto Insurance Is It Good, Lookup, Latest Price, can see Vietinbank auto insurance quite reputable and has many advantages that you can trust to choose. 

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