Top 6 Notes When Buying Auto, Truck Insurance

Top 6 Notes When Buying Premium Car and Truck Insurance Thanh Phong Auto Garage Hcm 2023
Car insuranceTop 6 Notes When Buying Auto, Truck Insurance

Buy insurance for cars and trucks It is mandatory and necessary for every vehicle owner. This helps financially very well for you if you accidentally happen to have an accident. Currently, there are many units dealing in car and truck insurance and there are many types of insurance including compulsory and voluntary insurance. In order to help you understand the auto insurance, we will list the top 6 experiences when buying car insurance for the truck below for easy selection.

Choosing the Right Insurance Package Helps You Save Costs When An Incident Occurs
Choosing the Right Insurance Package Helps You Save Costs When An Incident Occurs  

Notes When Buying Car and Truck Insurance

1 Why should you buy truck insurance?

Auto insurance works as a guarantee sheet to help pay the necessary cost to the car owner if the car unfortunately encounters problems such as accidents, lighters. Specifically, depending on the level of financial damage that insurance will have the appropriate level of payment for you. Between you and the insurance company will be linked with each other by an insurance contract and will receive compensation according to the terms 1 parties have committed in the contract.

2 Choose the right type of insurance

There are 2 types of automobile insurance for trucks, which are compulsory and voluntary:

Compulsory insurance

  • Civil liability insurance of motor vehicle owners.

Voluntary insurance:

  • Insurance of vehicle owners' civil liability for goods transported on vehicles.
  • Physical damage insurance for motor vehicles.
  • Insurance for passengers in cars and auxiliary drivers.

Car owners should consider using the right insurance for themselves, should not buy too many types of insurance, nor should it save to not buy any type. Some experienced people recommend that:

  • The type of vehicle insurance is the biggest influence on the interests of the vehicle owner. because your car will be compensated in part or in full in the event of an accident, fire, car explosion, natural disaster.
  • For cars that have been used for 4-5 years, you should consider not buying voluntary car insurance.
  • For cars with a value of less than 1 billion, you should not buy parts theft insurance. The more expensive the car, the more necessary it is to buy insurance for theft.
  • Mid-priced cars should also buy physical and hydraulic insurance.
Nowadays, floods often occur in Vietnam, so flood insurance is quite important
Nowadays, floods often occur in Vietnam, so flood insurance is quite important

3 Should buy 2-way insurance

2-way insurance means insurance for both you and the person who collided with you. Unlike one-way insurance, insurance is only responsible for a vehicle in the event of a collision. So, if you are using a car, you should buy two-way insurance right away to avoid possible risks.

The cost of accessories to the car interior is very high, and the one-year premium is not too high, the best way to prevent the risk is to buy two-way insurance for your car.

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4 Take advantage of useful additional insurance products and services

Physical vehicle insurance products are usually basic product services with many additional products and services attached. For example, rescue traffic for free, repair in the garage on demand, use spare parts without depreciation ... The specialist can advise (or not) so you need to carefully consider and try to see if you should add the This provision does not.

Depending on the vehicle's condition, travel conditions and driver's qualifications, you should refer to these additional terms accordingly.

Some additional terms are favored by drivers such as hydraulic jacks, free traffic rescue, genuine garage repairs, non-depreciation spare parts repairs, hydraulic insurance and partial loss of parts.

Additional terms of Free Traffic Rescue are of interest to many customers
Additional terms of Free Traffic Rescue are of interest to many customers

5 Choose a reasonable premium

Choose the exemption level so that reasonable? There are many people who don't understand the importance of this clause. This is the amount of money that the driver of the vehicle shares the risk with the insurance company. If you do not choose the exemption level, you will save a lot of cost if the car is slightly damaged, but that amount is nothing if your car suffers great material loss.

For example, if you choose the exemption level is usually 1 million, then when the breakdown of the car damage is less than 1 million, the cost you bear, but if over 1 million, you only pay 1 million, the rest the company said Insurance costs.

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6 Buy a good car insurance company

As the number of trucks and trucks used is increasing, more and more units selling truck insurance have appeared from domestic to foreign companies. Therefore, insurance is also very diverse in form and value. However, you should choose reputable firms to meet legitimate compensation when incidents occur. Some car insurance companies are highly appreciated such as:

  • VNI Aviation Insurance
  • Bao Viet Insurance
  • Bao Minh Insurance
  • BIDV Insurance
  • Liberty Insurance
Some Reputable Auto and Truck Insurance Companies
Some Reputable Auto and Truck Insurance Companies

The above information is expected to help you gain more experience to choose a suitable car insurance and enjoy the right benefits. Wish you will soon choose the right car insurance product for you.

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