Top 7 Prestige Ha Tinh Auto Electronics - Electrical Vocational Training Places

Top Places for Vocational Training in Electrical - Automotive Electronics Ha Tinh Prestige
Latest update date: February 13, 12

Along with the continuous development trend of automobile technology and the increasing demand for "driver" ownership, the automotive electrical and electronic industry in Ha Tinh has become an extremely hot industry for young people here.

According to the statistics of the number of regular students of the province, each year the auto repair industry in general and automobile electrical - electronics in particular are attracting a large number of students. This number does not include trainees who study at private garages or repair centers in Ha Tinh or big cities.

However, this is a relatively difficult profession, requiring agility and constant updating of knowledge, finding a vocational training center in automotive electronics in Ha Tinh is always a concern of students. Understanding those concerns, Thanh Phong Auto Generality Top Places for Vocational Training in Electrical - Automotive Electronics Ha Tinh Prestige For students to choose when there is a need for a career, follow along.

Viet Duc Technical College Ha Tinh

Viet Duc Technical College Ha Tinh annually attracts more than hundreds of students to register for electrical and electronic training. This is also a prestigious address to create human resources to meet the labor needs of the province in recent years.

Viet Duc Technical College Ha Tinh
Viet Duc Technical College Ha Tinh

The school's outstanding advantages:

  • Studying with a team of teachers with in-depth knowledge and high position in the field of automotive electrical - electronics.
  • There is a dormitory for students to register to stay if they are far from home.
  • The school has links with quality car repair centers and garages in the province so that students can practice continuously and regularly.
  • Each semester, the school has scholarship programs for hard-working students with high results to encourage and motivate them.

In addition, students with excellent results also have the opportunity to become teachers of the school after finishing the course. This is a rare opportunity that few centers or establishments can do in the province.

Contact information:

  • Address: 371 Nguyen Cong Tru, Thach Quy, Ha Tinh.
  • Telephone: 0239 3896 888.

Ha Tinh College of Technology

Also a reliable address when learning electrical - automotive electronics, Ha Tinh College of Technology is the main training cradle of human resources in the province. Every year the school provides a large source of human resources from many disciplines with high quality.

Ha Tinh College of Technology
Ha Tinh College of Technology

The school possesses many advantages in terms of teachers, training facilities and technology:

  • A team of highly qualified teachers who have received advanced training from international programs related to automotive electronics and electrical professions.
  • Equipped with modern equipment, has its own practice area.
  • Students are tested through exams, ensuring there is no knowledge gap when they graduate.
  • The school links with many centers and garages in the province with the purpose of regularly updating vehicles for students to practice.

After each course, students are awarded a degree and certificate to easily apply for a job. At the same time, if the training and learning process has excellent results, the school will consider retaining the school as a teaching assistant with an attractive salary.

Contact information:

  • Address: 9V4J+H5F, Thach Trung, Ha Tinh.
  • Telephone: 0239 3857 745.

Garage Anh Tuan

Garage Anh Tuan  Although it is a small garage, it is also a prestigious and quality address that many students pursuing a career in automotive electronics choose.

Here, the entire vocational training curriculum is implemented internally, focusing on the best experience of the technicians. During the training process, students are allowed to re-learn if they have not mastered the knowledge, they are committed to achieving the skills that were agreed at the beginning of the course.

However, the center does not accept many students, and each course usually ends very quickly. Therefore, if you want to learn a job at the center, you need to plan, research carefully and book an appointment in advance.

Garage Anh Tuan
Garage Anh Tuan

Contact information:

  • Address: Ham Nghi, Thach Dai, Thach Ha, Ha Tinh (Next to Ha Tinh new bus station).
  • Telephone: 091 268 4119.

Garage Hong Dinh 2

In addition to car-related repair and maintenance services, Hong Dinh 2 Garage is also a quality automotive electronics-electrical training address in Ha Tinh. Garage gathers many outstanding points in training:

  • The training program adheres to reality, with the right focus.
  • Team of technicians are dedicated, responsible and have many years of experience in vocational training.
  • The system of modern machinery and equipment and continuously updating technology ensures that it is not lagging behind in big cities.
  • Each course is tested for knowledge, failing to pass will be re-learned to master the subject.
  • In particular, the garage accepts students with excellent academic results to stay and work with many attractive remuneration policies.
Garage Hong Dinh 2
Garage Hong Dinh 2

Contact information:

  • Address: Dong Trinh, Ky Trinh, Ky Anh, Ha Tinh.
  • Telephone: 098.272.0015.

Auto Success HT

Auto Thanh Cong HT is one of the oldest auto repair and maintenance centers in Ha Tinh. The center was established by a team of skilled, experienced technicians and has grown steadily until today.

Auto Thanh Cong HT gathers many engineers and technicians with professional knowledge, well-trained from big brands such as Hyundai, Ford, Mercedes - Benz, etc. This is also a resource for electrical vocational teachers - the center's main automotive electronics.

The center has 2 workshops and a display place, students will have 70% practical lessons and 30% theory lessons. All curricula are internal in nature, adhere to practical knowledge and are carefully screened from the experience of engineers and technicians. In addition to vocational training, there are also quality car sales knowledge training courses, if you want, students can completely participate to improve their skills.

Auto Thanh Cong Ht
Auto Thanh Cong Ht

Contact information:

  • Address: Sub-Area 4, People's Group of Hung Binh Street, Song Tri Ward, Ky Anh Town, Ha Tinh Province.
  • Tel: 0949 776 977 & 0916 464 899.

Garage Nhat Long Nguyen Phu

Nhat Long Nguyen Phu Garage is a famous place to train electrician - automotive electronics not only in Ha Tinh but also in the whole Central region. Here annually gathers hundreds of students from neighboring provinces such as Hue, Quang Tri, Quang Binh, Nghe An, etc.

Possesses outstanding advantages:

  • The system of modern equipment, machine technology and software is updated continuously and regularly.
  • The teachers are professionally trained, in accordance with the international standards of the world's leading automobile manufacturers.
  • There is a separate subdivision system to learn theory and practice, ensuring that the learning process takes place continuously and regularly.
  • The curriculum is scientific, teaching is focused and follows real-world knowledge.
Garage Nhat Long Nguyen Phu
Garage Nhat Long Nguyen Phu

In addition to the expertise of the automotive electrical and electronics profession, students who want to study in-depth in the automotive industry only need to spend a little more money to improve their professional knowledge and skills. In addition, Garage also creates conditions for students to have the opportunity to work at the center or the garage that Nhat Long Nguyen Phu associates with.

Contact information:

  • Address: 168 La Son Phu Tu, Ward Nguyen Du, City. Ha Tinh, Ha Tinh.
  • Telephone: 0981 523 668.

Automotive Technical Practical Training Center – Thanh Phong Auto: Prestigious, Professional Place of Automotive Electrical and Electronics Training

Choosing an automobile apprenticeship in the province will save a lot of costs from eating, commuting to accommodation, but in order to update trends and continuously transformed knowledge of the automotive electrical - electronics profession, it is difficult. is a shortcoming. Therefore, choosing big cities like Hanoi, Da Nang or Ho Chi Minh, the opportunity to catch up with industry trends and contact with new car models will be much faster.

Top 7 Prestigious High-Quality Ha Tinh Automotive Electrical and Electronics Vocational Training Places Thanh Phong Auto Garage Hcm 2024

Among the three major cities, Ho Chi Minh is always the number 3 priority for the automotive electrical and electronics industry. Because there are many advantages:

  • It is a dynamic and bustling city.
  • A place to test new models of the market.
  • It is the place to welcome the most modern technology.
  • Open up very high job opportunities after graduation.

The only thing that needs attention of the students is how to choose a reputable, quality and enthusiastic vocational training center among countless automotive training centers in Ho Chi Minh.

Top 7 Prestigious High-Quality Ha Tinh Automotive Electrical and Electronics Vocational Training Places Thanh Phong Auto Garage Hcm 2024

Possessing many advantages, highly appreciated by customers and students for their professional competence and teaching quality, Automotive Technical Practice Training Center - Thanh Phong Auto is confident to bring quality courses. , right and enough with the resource needs that the market is in need.

Here, each apprentice is fully equipped with knowledge of automotive electrical and electronics professions and continuously cultivates practical skills, handling errors to have a quick response when the car has problems. Each course at Thanh Phong Auto has the following advantages:

  • Tuition is competitively priced with a flexible tuition fee payment mechanism, supporting costs for students with rising circumstances.
  • The number of students in each course is from 11 to 25 depending on their level, and they are given an entrance exam to assess their ability and class placement.
  • The teaching staff has deep expertise, directly working in the profession and has a lot of practical experience.
  • The curriculum follows reality, regularly updated with new, advanced and modern technologies.
  • Modern, complete and comfortable facilities, tools and learning environment.

In each training course, students are continuously practiced to improve their ability to recognize and solve errors, understand the nature of each error so that they can have a thorough solution. Students who do not know the knowledge will be arranged for additional training classes.

Learning Theory (20%) - Short and In-depth Curriculum from HCM Polytechnic University and Company
Learning Theory (20%) - Short and In-depth Curriculum from HCM Polytechnic University and Company
Hands-on (80%) - Hands-on at the Garage - Exposure to many of the newest car models
Hands-on (80%) – Hands-on at the Garage – Exposure to many of the newest car models

Besides, Thanh Phong Auto There are also 2 large and spacious technical, assembly and repair workshops for students to have the opportunity to work continuously and boldly. Each student will receive a certificate after completing the course Thanh Phong Auto accept a trial job or have the opportunity to work with fellow professionals and partners of Thanh Phong.

Learning automotive electronics - although not difficult, but it takes effort and perseverance, constantly updating to not be outdated. Therefore, when determining vocational training, each student needs to have high willpower and strive for the goal to be successful.

Hope with the sharing of Thanh Phong Auto, you will find a reputable automotive apprenticeship place in Ha Tinh. If possible, come to us to unleash your passion for the automotive electrical - electronics industry.

Good luck with your plans soon.

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