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Top Information You Need to Know About High-Quality Reputable Auto Insurance Companies Garage Thanh Phong Auto Hcm 2024

The option to buy car insurance is a job that helps car owners to limit their financial risks if they encounter an unexpected accident. To buy the safest insurance, customers should choose reputable long-term suppliers to avoid fraud or unnecessary disputes when accidentally happening. Here are Top information to know about reputable car insurance companies you should refer to.

PTI . auto insurance company

PTI Auto Insurance is a service of Post and Telecommunication Insurance Joint Stock Company - PTI is trusted by many customers.

Postal Insurance Joint Stock Company - Pti Always Has the Most Preferential Policy for Customers
Postal Insurance Joint Stock Company - Pti Always Has the Most Preferential Policy for Customers 

Conditions for participation in insurance:

  • At the time a car participates in PTI insurance, the value must not be lower than VND 100 million.
  • The time period is about 15 years from the time the car is manufactured to the time it takes insurance.
  • Maintenance system, repair up to 484 garage branches.
  • Rescue vehicles within a radius of 100km completely free.
  • Free depreciation when replacing accessories
  • Guaranteed payment from the insurance company.
  • Ask the vehicle damage inspection company

PJICO auto insurance company

PJICO Motor Insurance Company, with a history of more than 20 years of operation, has won many awards and received very high appreciation for its operation as well as development ability.           

With operational criteria that put customers' interests first, PJICO automobile insurance company always supports the service enthusiastically. You will be comfortable and secure when buying insurance here.

Bao Viet Insurance

Bao Viet Insurance is one of the oldest insurance companies in Vietnam. Thanks to the cost transparency and insurance regulations, Bao Viet Company has created good trust with customers. The company always solves customers' problems quickly.

Always Strive For Customer Benefits
Always Strive For Customer Benefits

Currently Bao Viet is a strong insurance company with a system of 67 subsidiaries across the country, along with 300 locations to serve customers more conveniently.

Bao Viet Company always develops information technology to help customers more convenient. You will be counselor

Bao Viet goes in the direction of developing a focused business, strongly applying information technology to better serve customers. Come to Bao Viet, you will be closely advised by the staff to know which insurance you should choose to suit your needs as well as your budget.

Bao Minh Insurance Company

Bao Minh Insurance Company is currently also trusted by many customers because it is always committed to comply with the contract.

You get many benefits when participating in Bao Minh auto insurance:

  • Freedom to choose repair facilities in the system.
  • Compensation for hull damage to entire vehicle.
  • No depreciation of replacement supplies, parts or components is not required.
  • Compensation for flooded, flooded motor damage.
  • Significant savings on repair costs

BIDV Auto Insurance Company (BIC)

BIC Auto Insurance is a product created by Vietnam Australia Insurance Company and BIDV. Although the history is not equal to other companies, but with the effort and always fulfilling the responsibility, it brings a great reputation to BIC.

When participating in BIC auto insurance, customers receive benefits such as:

  • Self-selected garage repair cars.
  • Old insurance for new
  • Motor insurance is flooded or waterlogged.
  • Pay your car rental costs while the car is under repair.
  • Pay car damage.
  • Insurance parts are stolen.

Oil and Gas Insurance Company PVI

Starting from an oil and gas company, PVI Insurance has achieved certain successes in the field of insurance and also won the labor hero medal.

Pvi Insurance is trusted by many customers
Pvi Insurance is trusted by many customers

Customers save costs and receive many incentives such as:

  • Insurance for the driver and the passenger
  • Paying for material insurance, body shells
  • Payment of civil liability insurance to vehicle owners
  • Insurance on luggage, property and cargoes.

Liberty Insurance Company

Liberty auto insurance is always at the top of the prestigious auto insurance companies. Customers trust Liberty's services because this is a professional and experienced company.

Customers receive many incentives such as:

  • Wide coverage, body insurance, water attack, flood, ...
  • System of repair garages nationwide.
  • Partial insurance compensation is stolen 2 times / year.
  • Rescue accident 24/7

The selection of reputable insurance companies gives drivers peace of mind and significant cost savings when the accident occurs. To protect your rights, you should choose one of the above insurance companies.

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