Common Windshield Problems & How to Fix them

What Problems Are Commonly Encountered With Windshields?
Latest update date: February 17, 11

Windshield is one of the parts that help the car's vision be clearer, playing an important role in the safety of the occupants. However, when performing maintenance, most users forget this important position, leading to problems that obstruct the vehicle's vision.

Let's Thanh Phong Auto research Common problems with windshields and how to fix it to gain more experience in the process of car care and use.

Windshield Blurred

Vehicles used for a long time, the windshield will have a blurred phenomenon, reducing the visibility of the driver. There are many causes of windshield fogging. Two of the most common causes are:

+ Windshield is blurred due to dirtWindshield: The windshield is the front part of the car, also the nose that catches the wind. After a period of use, dirt, grease and impurities will tarnish the car's glass.

+ Windshield is foggy: When using the vehicle in rainy or cold weather, the outside temperature drops. In the car, the heat in the closed condition and the heat from the human body makes the temperature inside the car become hotter, creating a temperature difference between outside and inside. From there, steam will collect on the inside of the glass, obscuring the driver's vision.

How to fix: Just wiping with water is not enough, must use a cleaning cloth and specialized cleaner to clean the windshield regularly to avoid blurred vision. In addition, when the windshield is foggy by steam, it is necessary to turn on the glass heating mode or open the window to let the cold air from outside enter the car to balance the temperature.

How to Fix a Fogged Windshield
Windshield Blurred

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Scratched Windshield

Windshields are scratched due to many reasons:

  • Vehicles move a lot in rocky areas.
  • Vehicles in front carry sand and gravel, wind direction and choose to move to shoot rocks at the windshield of the vehicle.
  • Traffic accidents.
  • ...

Scratches on the windshield can cause many obstacles to the driver's vision. Therefore, you need to have appropriate repair or replacement measures for your car to ensure safety.

For minor scratches, the following simple methods can be applied:

+ Option 1: Clean scratches with cleaning cloth and water. Then dab a little nail polish (clear color) on the scratch and let it dry.

+ Option 2:. Use a metal polishing tool to wipe along the scratch. Clean the glass with a special cleaning cloth and detergent.

For large scratches, it is better to go to a service center to have a quality windshield replaced.

How to Treat Scratched Windshield Glass
The windscreen glass is scratched and cracked

Windshield is Stained Yellow

Using the car in the rain, in wet conditions, and letting the water sit for too long can cause the windshield to yellow. Another reason is the use of car wash water that does not meet quality standards.

If car owners do not have time to take their car to the garage for maintenance, a few ways can be applied to extinguish yellow stains on the windshield.

  • Use lemon juice.
  • Use toilet cleaner.
  • Use other cleaning solutions.

Doing: Apply the solution to the yellow stains. Keep the solution on the glass for 10-15 minutes. Wipe again with a damp cloth, rubbing to dilute the solution. Rinse the car with water and dry the car.

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Commonly Encountered Windshield Problems
Windshield glass is yellowed

Windshields are directly exposed to the outside environment, so they are prone to dirt, yellowing and scratches. However, if you know how to use and care for it properly, windshield maintenance will no longer be a concern for car owners. (Update General Car Maintenance Schedule).

Above is an article to share experiences about Common problems with windshields and how to fix them, Thanh Phong Auto Hope the article is somewhat useful in the process of taking care of your car. If you have any questions or need car maintenance, please contact Hotline (028) 377.55.429 for more specific advice.

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