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Car exterior cleaning & maintenance process

Prestigious Car Exterior Cleaning and Maintenance at Thanh Phong Auto Garage Hcm 2024

During use, cars will be affected by environmental factors that degrade the color, quality of materials on the outside of the car ... Factors include: smoke, dust, weather (sunny, rain ...) or due to subjective factors of the user will make the car become unsightly.

Why need exterior cleaning & maintenance?

+ Cleaning, cleaning yellow stains on metal surfaces, maintaining and polishing shiny metal parts, chrome and stainless steel surfaces, etc.

+ Cleaning paint dust, asphalt, exhaust dust, tree sap ... helps protect the paint layer, regain its shiny color without damaging the paint layer.

+ Restoring beautiful black light of plastic after long time aging.

+ Protection of rubber details such as door seals, door seals, tires ... slow down the aging process of these rubber parts, increasing the life of the parts.

Notes on cleaning and maintaining the car exterior

Do not wash the car directly in the sun because it can cause water on the paint.


Do not use non-specialized cleaning chemicals such as soap, laundry detergent or dishwashing liquid ...


Do not wear any jewelry on your hands such as rings, watches ... while washing the car.


Implementation process

1 step: Removing alum

Check the entire car body, paying attention to the location where there are clinging to asphalt, paint ash, tree sap, alum stains ... Use compressed air to blow leaves under the glass area.

Use a small brush to clean alum stains with 3M alum bleach solution.


List-Bong-Logo-Xi-Ma-CromList-Bong-Do-Xi-Ma-Chromium-Stainless Steel

Spraying water to clean the stains just cleaned and dirt all cars

Attention: Do not spray stain remover directly on the projector glass, steering glass and headlights

2 step: Car wash

Wash car with soap 3M with ratio of 1: 80 for machine and 1: 60 for hand use, combined with rags to wash the car.


Wash the car on the principle of top to bottom and from left to right.



3 step: Removing paint, dust emissions

Use the test site to identify and clean locations with paint remnants and dust on the windshield and body. The clay will quickly remove paint remnants and dust without scratching the car paint.


The clay must always be in a cool, dry place and not to cling to sandy soil.

Gara-Tay-Bui-Son-Chuyen-Nghiep-Quan-7 Tay-Bui-Son-K-Lam-Tray-Xuoc-Son

4 step: Removing asphalt, sap, glue ...

Spray all the soap on the surface of the vehicle body on a principle of high to low.


Dry the entire surface with a special 3M wipe.


Locate the sites of asphalt, acacia, sap ... then wipe with the cleaning solution 3M.


5 step: Scan tire maintenance solution, door gaskets, rubber ...

Coating & maintenance of tires, inner and outer door seals with 3M curing solution.


The product creates a true gloss, natural black, no baseball, minimizing dust grip.


6 Step: Varnish the paint

Use a cloth to wipe quickly polish 3M to create temporary gloss for car paint.

The product has a high gloss, does not stain after wiping.


7 step: Cleaning the glass

Use a towel to clean the 3M glass cleaner to remove water stains on the glass surface. Foaming products make it easier to stick on the glass and save more, leaving no stains when wiping.

Ve-Sinh-Kinh-Xe-Chuyen-NghiepPrestigious Car Exterior Cleaning and Maintenance at Thanh Phong Auto Garage Hcm 2024

8 step: Polishing details with chrome, stainless steel ...

Polishing chrome and stainless steel parts with polishing solution 3M. Removes smudges, regains a shiny surface and reduces surface scratches.

Prestigious Car Exterior Cleaning and Maintenance at Thanh Phong Auto Garage Hcm 2024


9 step: Restoring the black plastic

Restore aging black plastic with 3M solution. Restore the natural blackness of plastic, rubber.

Attention: clean the surface before handling and shield the painted surface next to the coating.


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