Cleaning the Indoor Unit By Endoscopy

Cleaning Refrigerator By Endoscopy Method In HCM
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The air conditioning system in a car is an auxiliary system but extremely necessary to help the occupants feel comfortable during the journey. After a period of use, the indoor unit will be covered with dirty mud, garbage, bacteria accumulation, etc., making the cooling system no longer work properly, and the stench emitted causes uncomfortable feelings for people on car. Therefore, maintenance of the indoor unit is an extremely important step that car owners should not "ignore".

Cleaning the indoor unit by endoscopic method

- Cleaning the Indoor Unit Using the Endoscopic Method

If you need to understand more about the importance of cleaning the indoor unit and the process of maintaining and cleaning the indoor unit. Please refer to the following article of Thanh Phong Auto.

Why Clean the Indoor Unit Periodically?

Just like home air conditioning systems, car indoor units also need periodic cleaning to:

  • Clean dirt, long-standing mud, create ventilation for the cooling system, cold air is quickly brought into the cockpit right after turning on the switch.
  • Eliminate bad odors every time the refrigeration system is turned on, preventing respiratory diseases.
  • Maintain heat exchange capacity, ensure standard temperature and reduce compressor load.
  • Reduce noise when in use.
  • Extend the life of your air conditioning system.
Endoscopy cleaning service of indoor units in cars
Endoscopy cleaning service of indoor units in cars

* Note: The indoor unit should be cleaned periodically 5.000km - 10.000km to ensure that the cooling system always works stably.

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Car Indoor Unit Cleaning Process

Compared with the traditional way of cleaning the indoor unit, the endoscopic method of indoor unit will have the advantage of being faster, more efficient and more economical.

  • There is no need to remove the taplo, discharge the gas, so you can avoid mistakes and damage if you install it incorrectly.
  • Save cost, implementation time and new gas charge.

With the maintenance process - endoscopic indoor unit only takes about 30 minutes:

  • 1 step: Prepare

Before cleaning, it is necessary to turn off the engine, open all the doors and remove all the items on the vehicle.

  • Step 2: Remove the air filter

Remove the air filter and check the condition: how is the dirt and is it still usable? If it is still usable, it will be cleaned; otherwise, it needs to be replaced to make the air conditioning system work properly, ensuring the freshest air source in the car.

Remove the air filter to check for dust, damage & clean the air filter
Remove the air filter to check for dust, damage & clean the air filter


  • Step 3: Clean the air duct 

There are many ways to clean air pipes, but in this article, Thanh Phong Auto will introduce you to the method of using saturated hot steam. Through the heating system, the high temperature creates saturated hot steam that will wriggle through the vents and spread throughout the air distribution system of the refrigeration system, step by step cleaning and disinfecting effectively.

Cleaning the ductwork by using saturated hot steam
Cleaning the ductwork by using saturated hot steam


  • Step 4: Remove the indoor unit fan

For deeper maintenance and cleaning of the indoor unit system, it is necessary to remove details such as cover, indoor fan to check. Then clean or repair/replace if damaged.

Remove the cooling fan unit, clean, check and replace if damaged
Remove the cooling fan unit, clean, check, repair/replace if damaged


  • 5 step: Endoscopy

Use the endoscope camera to observe the details of the indoor unit. This kit includes a monitor and an optical head, used for deep inspection of the indoor unit system. From there, know which positions are still dirty and damaged that need cleaning and maintenance.

Using the endoscope camera to observe the details of the indoor unit
Using the endoscope camera to observe the details of the indoor unit


  • Step 6: Clean the endoscope

Spray water with a pressure gun on the indoor unit. During this process, the technician will spray intermittently, continuously to let water enter the radiators of the cooling system, the dirt will be disintegrated and released through the drain.

  • Step 7: Spray a dedicated indoor unit cleaning solution

Spray a dedicated indoor unit cleaning solution on the indoor unit and soak for about 5 minutes, then spray water to push the solution out. This step helps to dislodge stubborn dirt stuck in the indoor unit.

The spraying and spraying process will be monitored by an endoscope, so the technician will know if the indoor unit has been completely cleaned or not. In case of residual dirt, will proceed to spray a specialized solution - soak for 5 minutes - clean with a water gun again.

Spray specialized cleaning solution for indoor unit
Spray specialized cleaning solution for indoor unit


  • 8 step: Put the details back to the original

After cleaning, the technician will reinstall the blower, air filter and details according to the specifications. Finally, start the engine, turn on the air conditioner at the lowest setting for 5 minutes (open all doors) to check the operation of the system.

* Note: During the maintenance process, if the technician detects that the air conditioner has a gas leak, out of gas, weak cold block, dirty filter, leaky air conditioner pipe, etc. Depending on the level of damage, the technician will will advise customers on the appropriate course of action. 

Refer to the Maintenance service - Endoscopy of the indoor unit via video:

Above is the information about maintenance service, cleaning indoor unit by endoscopic method. With this service, the car's indoor unit system is cleaned efficiently and quickly, saving more time than traditional methods.

Hope this article has helped you understand more about Maintenance service – Endoscopy of indoor unit. Any questions, you can Contact Thanh Phong Auto for expert advice!

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