Top 6 Beautiful Quality Steering Wheel Covers Worth Investing

Beautiful Quality Steering Wheel Covers Worth the Investment
Latest update date: February 05, 05

Are you looking to cover the steering wheel for your car? What are your cover selection criteria?

Good grip, comfortable grip.

The color harmonizes with the interior of the cockpit.

Safe and durable materials.

Has the ability to effectively protect the steering wheel.


There are many different types of steering wheel covers on the market with different prices. So which type of cover is the most durable, beautiful, good and worth the investment? How to choose the right quality product for your pet? Let's find out through the following article of Thanh Phong Auto ok

Top Quality Steering Wheel Covers You Should Invest in

1.1 Genuine cowhide steering wheel cover

Genuine cowhide steering wheel cover is considered a high-class cover line with high aesthetics and durability, bringing luxury and class to users. Not only that, the water resistance, anti-oxidation of real cowhide is very good, helping to protect the steering wheel effectively and long-term.

Genuine Cow Leather Steering Wheel Cover
Genuine Cow Leather Steering Wheel Cover

However, this type of cover has the minus point of simple design and high cost. In addition, there are many fake goods on the market, so it is difficult for buyers to distinguish and choose. If you want to invest in genuine cowhide steering wheel cover, you should look to reputable suppliers for a clear commitment to origin and quality.

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1.2 High quality PU leather steering wheel cover

Most of the steering wheel covers on the market are made of PU (Polyurethane) leather - this is the current type 1 artificial leather. This product line has a similar textured design similar to real leather with a similar aesthetic.

Premium Pu Leather Steering Wheel Cover
Premium Pu Leather Steering Wheel Cover

In terms of durability, PU leather steering wheel covers can't be compared with real leather, but they have a wider variety of models, colors and designs. In particular, PU leather still possesses the advantages of real leather such as: soft, breathable, sweat-proof, comfortable to hold...

Compared to other industrial leather covers, PU leather is of higher quality and has a higher price, so it is easy to fake. You should choose to buy from reputable units for advice and clear commitments.

1.3 Crocodile leather steering wheel cover

Crocodile Leather Steering Wheel Cover
Crocodile Leather Steering Wheel Cover

Most crocodile leather steering wheel covers are not made of real crocodile skin, but only use embossed imitation leather (usually PU or Simili). This type of wrap is loved by many men with its unique and masculine shape.

However, in terms of driving experience, the rough surface of the skin can be uncomfortable when used for a long time. If you still love the crocodile leather line, you should invest in PU leather instead of Simili to ensure more durability and softness.

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1.4 Rubber steering wheel cover

Rubber Steering Wheel Cover
Rubber Steering Wheel Cover

The rubber steering wheel cover is made of rubber material, so the price is very soft. Although the durability, hand feeling and aesthetics of this product line are not overestimated, in terms of cost and performance, the rubber cover completely meets the basic criteria.

If you just need a good, waterproof, easy-to-clean steering wheel protection product, this is a cheap cover you should refer to.

1.5 Velvet steering wheel cover

Velvet Steering Wheel Cover
Velvet Steering Wheel Cover

In terms of fabric steering wheel covers, velvet is the most investment-worthy product. The advantage of this type of cover is its softness, warmth and very good grip. Not only that, the color and design of the velvet steering wheel cover is also very eye-catching, helping to increase the "luxury" for the pet driver.

However, fabric covers are often not durable, prone to ruffles and dust, and odors - if not cleaned regularly, it can affect the user's health.

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1.6 Carbon steering wheel cover

Carbon Steering Wheel Cover
Carbon Steering Wheel Cover

Carbon Steering Wheel Cover is a more advanced version of Rubber Steering Wheel Cover. Because they are a form of rubber coated carbon embossed with the main purpose of decoration and shaping. The outer layer of this type of cover is often combined with PU leather to increase softness, creating a comfortable feeling when holding.

The carbon steering wheel cover line also ensures the criteria of water resistance, high durability and diverse designs for users to choose from.

Experience Buying Appropriate Quality Steering Wheel Covers

Depending on your needs, preferences and conditions, there will be appropriate steering wheel cover options. But to buy a satisfactory and quality cover, you should note the following points:

2.1 Choose the right wrap size

Each car model will have a different size of the steering wheel, you need to pay attention to choose the right size of the cover to avoid time-consuming returns and exchanges.

Standard steering wheel size chart for reference:

Steering wheel size WORLD

36 cm (class A small cars).

US size steering wheel

37.5 - 38 cm (small cars of class B, C, D or 7-seater cars).

Steering wheel size LO

39 cm (usually luxury cars, large 7-seater cars, 9-16-seat cars).

Steering wheel size XL, XXL, XXXL

41 cm, 42 - 44 cm, 45 - 47 cm (usually trucks).

2.2 Thin thickness of steering wheel cover

Depending on the material and type of cover, there will be different thicknesses, you should pay attention to choose the product that is comfortable to hold and fits the best hand size. In particular, for those with small hands or women, you should pay attention to choose a thin steering wheel cover for easy grip.

Experience Buying Appropriate Quality Steering Wheel Covers
Impressive Stone Steering Wheel Cover

2.3 Product Origin

There are many reputable brands and sources of steering wheel covers on the market, but there are also many low-quality floating products. It is best to choose a professional supplier with a clear commitment to origin and warranty.

2.4 Don't buy cheap steering wheel covers

Limit the purchase of cheap products around 100 VND because their quality, durability, and water resistance and adhesion are often very poor. With these types of goods, you can only use them for a short time and then throw them away.

2.5 Styles and colors

When choosing to buy a steering wheel cover, you should pay attention to choose the style and color that matches the overall interior of the car. Avoid the case of one-color seat covers, one-style steering wheel – creating an unsightly feeling for the space inside the car. Besides, you should also give priority to choosing the right steering wheel cover color to attract luck, peace and fortune.

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Above are Thanh Phong Auto's sharing about beautiful quality steering wheel covers Worth the investment as well as experience to choose the right product for your pet. Any questions about interior products, how to beautify cars, you can contact us via hotline 0934 22 27 63 for a free consultation.

Thanks for taking the time to read this post!

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