Gasoline Truck - The Suffering Of People Riding Old Cars

Causes of Cars Consuming Gas and How to Fix It 1
Latest update date: February 06, 11

The fact that an old car uses too much fuel is always an obsession for car owners. How to solve this situation thoroughly is a huge question for many people. Please with Thanh Phong Auto catch sick "eating gasoline" for old cars through this article!

Causes of Cars Consuming Gas and How to Fix It 1
What Causes Gas Consumption in Cars?

Causes Of Depleted Cars And How To Repair

Sharing comes from drivers who have to spend money to buy a used car, and have a headache of "losing money" due to gasoline

Mr. Nguyen Dinh Hiep (with a household registration in Cau Giay District, Hanoi Capital) said that since he owned an old Kia Sorento car of 2012, he had lost a lot of money because of the large amount of gasoline consumed. The same Sorento car only drank about 8 liters / 100km, while his Kia Sorento is more than 20 liters / 100km, it is really a "horrible" thing for him. 

Not only does each month provide a few million more gasoline money for "drivers", but with that, the engine of the car always emits louder sounds and cries. Mr. Hiep also said that he also brought a car to a few garages to repair, the repair cost was up to tens of millions but the condition of the car drinking gasoline has not improved much.  

Mr. Nguyen Dinh Hiep confided that: "It is one thing, but when you drive, you do not know what the car is" sick ", it is very uncomfortable and frustrating". 

Causes of Cars Consuming Gas and How to Fix It 2

Mr. Duong Ngoc Quy (resident in District 7, Ho Chi Minh City) also had a similar case with Mr. Hiep, but for an old 3 Mazda 2011. He said he bought this car 2 years ago from an old car salon. Mr. Quy also admits that he is a car user but has little interest in the car. 

After a period of use, he found that his car encountered quite difficult conditions to move and also "eat gasoline" a lot.

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Mr. Quy also shared that: “Once I was with a group of friends on a picnic, I noticed the difference of my car when I was driving a Mazda 3 with the life of a close friend. That car only poured 500 thousand dong of gasoline and could drive 300km, while his car also poured it like that, but it did not go to 200km ”.

Soon after, quite annoyed because he did not understand why, Mr. Quy took the car to the garage to repair and discovered "dozens" of engine and combustion engine failures. All these faults come mainly from the use process without paying attention to the need for periodic car maintenance, leading to undetectable and timely handling.

Causes of Cars Consuming Gas and How to Fix It 3

The situation of "crying and unloading and laughing" like Hiep and Quy's cars is not too strange and will even be encountered in almost all new cars, including new ones. Some people just focus on the outside but rarely pay attention to the inside of the car, so the fuel consumption is also a matter of course. 

If you know how to take care of and deal with the damage and abnormalities of the driver more often, your car will be more durable.

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So how to treat "drinking gasoline" of the car?

Some of the causes that make cars "drink gasoline" include: 

  • Error due to ignition system and combustion chamber.
  • Engine error.
  • Error due to sensor.
  • Tire error.
  • Drive system error.
  • Engine error.
  • Error of air filter.

However, besides some of those objective reasons, there is an extremely subjective reason that is because the car owner is "lazy" to take the car to the garage for regular maintenance, and has poor experience in using the car and driving. . See details: The secret to improving fuel consumption on gasoline engines

Causes of Cars Consuming Gas and How to Fix It 4
How to detect the cause of car fuel consumption and how to fix it?

Excessive fuel consumption also proves that your vehicle is likely to show signs of serious damage. To be able to detect and timely treat the situation of "drinking gasoline" is quite a complicated job, requiring skilled technicians, high experience as well as advanced and modern support machines.

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Therefore, in order to avoid the situation like the cars of Mr. Hiep and Mr. Quy mentioned above, Thanh Phong Auto advises car owners to take some time to bring their "love cars" to the intended car maintenance garage. period offline. Thanh Phong Auto - a reputable and quality car maintenance garage address in Ho Chi Minh today, we are ready to serve you when you have needs. 

Do not let the status of your car is "drinking" as in the above cases. Thanh Phong Auto ensures that your old car will not encounter such a lot of "gas consumption".

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