Vehicle Reported Airbag Sensor Error: Cause & Solution

Car Airbag Sensor Error: Cause & How to Safely Handle Garage Thanh Phong Auto Hcm 2024
Latest update date: February 07, 06

Like a lifebuoy, air bag It is a great life saver to avoid emergency accidents, limit head injuries from sudden braking or collisions. Therefore, this system is extremely important and should be fixed as soon as it is detected sensor error light glows or flashing.

So what is the cause? Vehicle reports airbag sensor error and how to handle it? Follow the article to better understand this issue in the process of using the car.

Car Airbag Sensor Error: Cause & How to Safely Handle Garage Thanh Phong Auto Hcm 2024
What Causes the Air Bag Warning Light to Come On

Causes of Vehicle Reporting Airbag Sensor Error

When the airbag system fails, the warning light will continuously illuminate so that the user knows and identifies the cause. So what is the cause of this system failure? Specifically, consider the following reasons:

  • Back-up battery pack when depleted due to previously exhausted car battery, This case is handled by fully recharging the battery.
  • One of the sensor components is faulty or bumping into each other causing the light to stay on. The airbag system consists of many components with sensors located in many locations, which are controlled by the ECU.
  • Airbag meter springs naturally wear out due to continuous operation for a long time, causing poor connection and causing errors.
  • The airbag module is short-circuited or corroded by exposure to moisture. This will generate a diagnostic trouble code and the light will start to come on.
  • The process of using a car, if not wearing a seat belt or using it incorrectly, also causes the airbag sensor error light to continuously illuminate. In case the seat belt is fastened but it still indicates that the buckle is not fastened.

when the The car reported an error of the airbag sensor, users should not drive but must find out the causes to handle the root of the problem. Because the airbag is a passive safety system, it helps to minimize injuries and bumps during car use. Except for the case where the ECU may not warn correctly, the remaining cases must be checked and corrected, which may affect the safety of the driver and occupants.

How to Handle When the Vehicle Reported an Airbag Sensor Error

When encountering an airbag sensor error warning light, car owners need to perform the following actions:

Car Airbag Sensor Error: Cause & How to Safely Handle Garage Thanh Phong Auto Hcm 2024
Steps to Handle When the Vehicle Reports an Airbag Sensor Error

Step 1: Check all parts that may report airbag sensor error

  • Turn off and restart the vehicle to see if the airbag warning light goes off on its own. Repeat 3 to 4 times.
  • Restart the vehicle and take a short test drive if the airbag light flashes continuously. The purpose of this is to help the vehicle restart an energy cycle. Before starting, check whether the wiring under the seat is loose, the plug is not damaged.
  • Check that the seat belt system is loose or unfastened, or improperly fastened in the occupied position.
  • Check if the passenger seat airbag switch is off. This situation only occurs in some vehicles fitted with an on/off button for the airbag in the passenger seat.
  • Check the sensor in the passenger seat. If the weight placed on the chair is too large (usually objects), the sensor system mistakenly thinks the person is sitting and lights up. To solve this situation one is to remove the object from the passenger seat and fasten the seat belt for the object. If you have followed the above steps and still report that the sensor is damaged, it needs to be replaced.
  • Check the clock spring. If broken or damaged, proceed to replace.

Step 2: After checking, if the sensor system is faulty and can be rectified at home, use the SRS reset scanner to reset the airbag light. It is necessary to choose a machine with the feature of displaying error codes to help solve the problem at the root.

Step 3: If after trying everything, the sensor light still shows an error, bring it to the center, auto repair garage to perform the test, give the most optimal and fastest solution. Avoid the case where it takes a long time or does not completely solve the error, causing inconvenience and unsafety during use.

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Car Airbag Sensor Error: Cause & How to Safely Handle Garage Thanh Phong Auto Hcm 2024
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