Check Engine Light Error: Causes And How To Fix It

Check Engine Light Error: Causes And How To Fix It
Latest update date: February 11, 04

The Check Engine light is an error notification device when the car engine or related systems have problems. If unfortunately the Check Engine light is on, it is very likely that the car is having a problem that needs repair.

To be able to handle this situation best, immediately refer to the article Car Error Check Engine Light: Causes and How to Fix it.

Reasons Why Cars Report Error Check Engine Lights

When starting the car, the Check Engine light system located on the central instrument cluster will light up and turn off. This process takes place to prove that the vehicle system has started and operates normally. If the Check Engine light is blinking or flashing continuously, it is likely that the engine is faulty.

Check Engine Light Error: Causes And How To Fix It
Vehicle Check Engine Light Error

Here are some reasons why cars report a Check Engine light error:

Fuel tank cap

When the car does not close the fuel tank cap, the Check Engine light will show an error. So if you see the Check Engine light on, you need to check the fuel tank cap first.

Spark plug

If the car's spark plugs are worn, dirty, the high-voltage wires or connectors are damaged, the Check Engine light will light up. This error affects the combustion of fuel and gas mixture because the spark plug is weak or does not light at the right time.

Signs of a spark plug problem: the car stalls while running, the car jerks when accelerating, the engine vibrates...

The engine ignited

The spark plug is responsible for producing high voltage current to help spark the spark plug. Broken boiler the spark plugs also do not work properly, this causes the Check Engine light to light up.

Fuel injectors

The fuel injector is the part that helps to feed the fuel to the combustion chamber. If not cleaned for many days, the injectors may become clogged due to rust, deposits ... and affect the operation of the engine. At this time, ECM detects that the fuel injector has a problem, the Check Engine light system will light up. Reference fuel injector cleaning service in Thanh Phong.

Exhaust gas recirculation system

The exhaust gas recirculation system helps to mix the intake air with the exhaust gas to lower NOx levels. After being put into use for a while, this system was covered with soot, causing pipe blockage and making the Check Engine light illuminate to indicate an error.

Causes of Car Engine Check Engine Error
Causes of Car Engine Check Engine Error

Catalytic converter

The catalytic converter helps to purge harmful components in the exhaust gas before being discharged to the outside. In case this part is damaged, the Check Engine light will show an error.

Intake air flow sensor (MAF)

MAF is a part that helps measure the volume of air intake into the engine, transmits information to the ECM to calculate, change the amount of fuel and the appropriate ignition timing.

A dusty MAF can affect the signal transmission and affect the entire engine system. At this time, the Check Engine light is on.

Oxygen Sensor

The Oxygen Sensor is a tool that measures the amount of oxygen in the exhaust gas and transmits information to the ECM. As a result, the ECM can re-adjust the gas, fuel and ignition timing for optimal performance. If the oxygen sensor has a problem, it will lead to incorrect information transmission, inefficient combustion, and more fuel consumption.

So, damaged oxygen sensor may cause the vehicle to display an error of the Check Engine light.

Gasoline steam control system

Gasoline vapor control system has the role of bringing gasoline vapor through the filter to the combustion chamber and avoid escaping from the fuel tank to the environment. The Check Engine light shows an error when this system has a problem.

Thermostatic valve

The thermostatic valve works to maintain the engine temperature from 80 to 95 degrees Celsius by regulating the cooling water circulation system. When the valve encounters a problem, it will affect the cooling effect, causing the car engine to heat up. If this is not resolved in time, the device may be locked.

Therefore, the taplo will show the Check Engine light on when this error is detected.

How to handle when the car shows an error with the Check Engine light

The vehicle that reported an error with the Check Engine light but still worked normally was because the car had minor, insignificant damage. However, vehicle owners must not be subjective, but bring the car to the garage to be checked and repaired because:

  • Mild damage for a long time can become more serious.
  • Damage to one part will affect other parts of the vehicle because the engine operates in a unified manner.
  • In the process of taking the car to the garage for inspection, vehicle owners should run at a low speed, below 40km/h and regularly observe car activities for timely handling.

If the vehicle shows an error with the Check Engine light but cannot work, contact the car rescue service at home for the best support.

Thanh Phong Auto – Top Quality, Prestigious Auto Repair Center in Ho Chi Minh City

If there is a need to check and repair errors that cause the Check Engine light to light up, Thanh Phong Auto is one of the options not to be missed. With many years of operation in the profession, we are confident to bring prestigious - professional - quality - competitive price car service packages, including:

Vehicle Check Engine Light Error: Genuine Causes and Fixes Garage Thanh Phong Auto Hcm 2024

Advantages of Thanh Phong Auto:

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Hope the article about the cause and how to fix it Check Engine light error will be useful to you. Contact us if you have any questions or need to clean - repair - maintain - rescue cars.

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