Cars Reported Emission Sensor Error: Causes, Effects, How to Fix

Cars Reported Emission Sensor Error: Causes, Effects, How to Fix

Exhaust sensor error is a common problem in cars, if not detected and handled in time, it will affect the performance of the vehicle and cause environmental pollution. So what are the causes of the car's faulty emissions sensor? Is there a way to avoid/handle the problem?

In this article, let's Thanh Phong Auto Learn about the causes and effects of exhaust sensor errors on cars and how to fix this situation.

What is an Automotive Emission Sensor?

The exhaust sensor (or car oxygen sensor) is designed to measure the amount of residual oxygen in the engine exhaust. The measured information is then transferred to the central electronic control unit (ECU) to calculate – adjust the amount of air, fuel loaded into the engine.

Check Engine Indicator Light Will Activate If There Are Engine Problems
Check Engine Indicator Light Will Activate If There Are Engine Problems

If any problem is detected in the system, the Check engine light will be activated, allowing the driver to easily check for the problem without having to disassemble the entire engine system. . See more articles: Warning signs of car engine health.

Cause of Exhaust Sensor Error

Emission sensor errors in cars can stem from many causes, here are some common causes you need to pay attention to:

Quality of fuel used by automobiles

The quality of fuel that a car is using greatly affects the durability of the emissions sensor. In case your car uses clean fuel, the emission sensor can work well for about 80.000 to 100.000 km. However, in Vietnam, most fuels have high ethanol content along with many impurities. This causes the engine to not be able to burn all the components in the fuel, thereby producing harmful emissions and damaging the exhaust sensor.

Excessive fuel consumption

Excessive fuel consumption also causes a failure of the exhaust sensor in the car, because it increases the level of operation of the sensor.

Engine Excessive Fuel Consumption
Engine Excessive Fuel Consumption

Lots of soot in the engine

After the incomplete combustion of fuel in the combustion chamber (due to gasoline fuel, oil and impurities), carbon black will be generated and adhere to the details in the engine system. If not cleaned regularly, carbon soot will build up and cause damage to important components in the vehicle, including the emissions sensor.

Effects of Emissions Sensor Failure

Faulty emissions sensors on cars cause many disadvantages to the vehicle itself, the driver and the surrounding environment:

Consumes a lot of fuel

In most cases, when the exhaust sensor fails, fuel consumption will increase significantly from normal levels, from 20% to 30%.

The car runs sluggishly, the engine sounds - shakes

In the absence of this sensor, the engine control unit can only estimate the amount of fuel based on the sensor in terms of total air flow into the engine, and cannot accurately analyze the amount of oxygen burned. As a result, the car will have signs such as not running smoothly, the engine is loud and may vibrate.

Car Emissions Cause Environmental Pollution
Car Emissions Cause Environmental Pollution

Polluting the environment

Exhaust sensor error also makes environmental pollution more serious. The reason is that the emissions from the engine are not controlled when the sensor fails, the vehicle will directly discharge harmful emissions into the environment.

Error message "Check engine" affects the driver's psychology

If the oxygen sensor fails, the “Check engine” light will always come on. This can cause confusion and insecurity for drivers; distract them while driving and do not handle incidents well.

Fixing Emissions Sensor Errors in Cars

Emission sensor error appears in many models such as Nissan, Toyota, Ford Escape, Kia Morning, Matiz, Bosch… To overcome this situation, you need to note:

  • Watch for relevant signs, such as the “Check Engine” light coming on.
  • Use a clean fuel source – no/lowest possible impurities to keep your car running smoothly, avoiding damage and causing air pollution.
  • Should drive properly, do not increase the throttle excessively, causing increased pressure on the exhaust system. It is best to read the manuals given by the car manufacturer carefully to know how to operate the vehicle properly and ensure the safety of the vehicle.
  • When detecting a car with a faulty emission sensor, it is necessary to bring the car for maintenance, cleaning, and replacement of the sensor device. Choose a professional service center to have good technicians check your vehicle thoroughly and replace the quality emission sensor.
Thanhphong Auto - Prestigious Auto Repair and Maintenance Address in Hcm
Thanhphong Auto – Prestigious Auto Repair and Maintenance Address in Hcm

Fully implementing the above methods will help your weak driver avoid emissions sensor errors, ensure vehicle performance and protect the environment.

The article has just shared information about causes, effects, and solutions Exhaust sensor error in car. When you need professional car cleaning, maintenance and repair, come to Thanh Phong Auto to be served!

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