10 Things To Do When Cars Are Flooded, Shattered

- 10 Things to Do When Your Car is Flooded or Flooded
Latest update date: February 28, 06

Flooded cars can cause a lot of damage, in addition to damaging the interior, the engine and electrical system are also severely affected. According to car experts, when the car is flooded to the bonnet, it is considered as a completely damaged car.

Therefore, it is best to avoid deep flooded areas, and when the water is over half a wheel, we need to immediately do the 10 things below to fix and determine the extent of the damage.

How to handle when the car is flooded
How to handle when the car is flooded

Consequences when cars are flooded

  • Affects the engine, generator, propellers, bearings, bearings under the car, electrical components, sensors ...
  • When water flooded capo to capo will cause the phenomenon of water damage to the machine and cause sudden death.
  • Short-circuit the electrical system on the vehicle, failing the control system when water penetrates from under the car floor. At this time, the error of parts or many functions of the car may malfunction.
  • Causing fuel consumption due to cylinder cylinder may rust. If water only spills into the cylinder, it is still dangerous.

How to handle flooded cars safely

Do not attempt to start the vehicle

Use the open car key to see if the car is still in operation or not but never start the car. The more you try to cause the car to start, the more serious the damage will be, the water will easily get into the engine causing a water attack. So push the cart to a dry place and call for help.

Do not start the car when the car is flooded
Do not start the car when the car is flooded

Contact the insurer immediately

The insurer will depend on the level of damage, whether or not it is damaged to solve the problem for you. So when having a problem, please immediately contact the insurer to conduct the procedures to prove the incident, compensate, repair or replace as soon as possible to help your beloved driver operate smoothly.

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Determine submerged vehicle water level

Determine the submerged vehicle water level for convenient handling
Determine the submerged vehicle water level for convenient handling

When cars are flooded, sandy soil or small debris will cling to the body of the car to create a marker line, people often rely on this marker line to determine the maximum depth of water the car is submerged. Typically, when the water level hits the car's dashboard, insurance companies will begin to calculate the damage.

Dry, clean the interior

After taking the car out of the flooded area, the immediate thing to do is to open all the doors to let water out. At the same time, pull out the carpet, use dry towels to absorb water on the floor. Then use a fan, large dryer to dry basic furniture before waiting for rescue teams to arrive.

Check and clean oil and gas system

Check oil and gas lines
Oil and gas pipeline inspection

For those who do not understand the engine, wait for the technician to handle it. However, with the skilled car owners, they can change the oil and filter the wind themselves, but still have to make sure other parts of the engine certainly not overflowing.

Check all types of vehicle solutions

Check all fluid tanks on the vehicle
Check all fluid tanks on the vehicle

For the most part, newer car manufacturers will not have to worry about this issue. However, older cars are still at risk of leakage. So, in addition to motor oil, do not forget to check other fluids such as brake fluid, power steering oil, cool water.

Check the entire electrical system

Check the car's electrical system
Check the car's electrical system

If the vehicle can start, check all electrical components. Any details that do not work smoothly are a sign because the flooding caused the electrical system to flick and should pull the car to the repair site.

Check around wheels and tires

Before moving, do not forget to check around the wheels and tires, and remove the debris and mud stuck there. This will prevent your car from reducing braking performance and damage over extended periods of time.

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Psychological preparation for the case of vehicles can be completely damaged

If you encounter a situation where a technician cannot find fault or cannot repair the car, consider the option to agree that the vehicle is completely broken and cannot be used by the insurer.

Mark ever flooded into the history of the car

Record the vehicle's submerged history
Record the vehicle's submerged history

If your car has been flooded do not forget to record the history for the car. The receiving establishment can rely on it to find errors and make it easier to correct them.

Some notes when calling the vehicle rescue center

When unfortunately your car is flooded, please call for help immediately, thanks to professional assistance is the smartest and most accurate job. Therefore, always keep the phone number of the rescue center, for quick assistance to save time, and help your car can be rescued earlier.

Thanh Phong Auto - Car garage is highly appreciated by customers in HCM
Thanh Phong Auto – Car garage is highly appreciated by customers in HCM

Note: Calling a rescue center also needs to consider and select a reputable and professional service provider so that your driver can be repaired and correct the problem properly. Thanh Phong Auto is one of the addresses specializing in providing rescue services with many years of experience, reputable in Ho Chi Minh City, which will surely help solve the problems of cars encountered by flood easily, quickly and effectively. most fruit. Please contact for support offline.

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