Cars Using Poor Quality Gasoline: A Danger to Engines

Cars Using Poor Quality Gasoline: A Danger to Quality Engines Thanh Phong Auto Garage Hcm 2024
Latest update date: February 22, 12

Problem fake gasolinePoor quality gasoline is rampant in the mass media, causing panic among users. Not only does it stop at the problem of spending money but not receiving the right product, pouring the wrong gasoline also causes damage Car engine user.

This paragraph Thanh Phong Auto clarify the problem: the consequences when the car is poured with poor quality gasoline, the signs that the car uses poor quality gasoline ... Please follow along.

Poor Quality Gasoline Harms Engines

Mr. Tran Van Vinh - Director General of the General Department of Standards, Metrology and Quality, Ministry of Science and Technology said: The system of Vietnamese standards and Vietnamese standards on petrol and oil have been promulgated. However, the status of commercial fraud - adding solvents to gasoline, reducing the quality of gasoline still occurs in many places.

Cars Use Poor Quality Gasoline
What dangers does poor quality gasoline cause to the engine?

Using poor quality gasoline causes cars to encounter the following consequences:

  • Poor quality car gasoline often contains substances that are harmful to engine: make mechanical parts wear out quickly, reduce engine power, affect related systems such as intake and exhaust systems, exhaust gas treatment systems....
  • Gasoline is mixed with chemicals, additives – if these substances do not ensure heat resistance, creating abrasive particles will cause the inner cylinder wall The engine wear is very fast, the clearance inside the engine increases, affecting the operation and reducing the engine life.
  • Using poor quality gasoline, the car engine is at risk of detonating at the wrong time - not controlling the explosion time, easily damaging the engine.
  • Solvents and chemicals mixed with gasoline can form a mixture Flammable, explosive when exposed to high temperature.
  • Floating-source gasoline often has a high lead content: the lead released can be hazardous to family health (in the case of an indoor car dump) and to the environment.

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Recognizing Cars Using Unsecured Gasoline

1. Car is difficult to start

If the car is difficult to start, excluding causes such as running out of battery, damaged candles... it may be due to a problem with the fuel filter and fuel quality. Because if you use gasoline with impurities, the car's fuel filter system will be clogged by impurities in the gasoline.

Harmful effects when a car is filled with poor quality gasoline
Poor quality gasoline makes it difficult for cars to start

2. When accelerating the car, there is a jerky phenomenon

Car jerks when accelerating is also a sign that the car is using poor quality gasoline. The cause may be that the engine fuel filter does not block impurities from entering the injectors in the engine combustion chamber.

These impurities that the combustion chamber cannot ignite, causing a reduction in the power of the car when increasing the throttle.

3. Car stalls in the middle of the road

Only when loaded with the right fuel can a car's engine run efficiently and smoothly. Therefore, in the case of using gasoline with many impurities and not meeting the standards, when it is pumped into the combustion chamber, it will not burn all or even burn. This causes the car engine to stop working, the car may stall while on the road. (Refer to the Common Engine Problems In Modern Cars).

How to Handle a Car Filled with Poor Quality Gasoline
Poor quality gasoline causes cars to stall in the middle of the road

4. Car's engine performance is getting weaker

If using poor quality gasoline, the car can still work if the fuel ratio is qualified, overwhelming the amount of impurities. However, when this situation is prolonged, the car's engine performance will gradually weaken, affecting the driving experience and reducing the vehicle's life.

Signs to Recognize a Car Filled with Poor Quality Gasoline
Poor quality gasoline causes engine performance to weaken

Detecting Cars Using Poor Quality Gasoline – How to deal with it?

When you notice that your car shows strange symptoms, you should stop using it if you suspect that you have been contaminated with unsatisfactory gasoline. At the same time, take the car to the repair center to drain poor quality gasoline from the fuel tank, flush the fuel pump and fuel injectors.

In Ho Chi Minh City, you can bring your car to Thanh Phong Auto. A team of experienced, professional and attentive technicians of Thanh phong will help you check the car, give directions when the pump has poor quality gasoline (depending on the condition of the vehicle). Contact hotline 0934 22 27 63.

In addition, it is best to try to buy gasoline at reputable gas stations with extensive branch systems to avoid pumping mixed gasoline, causing serious consequences for cars. (Refer to the notes when changing Car Fuel Filter).

Here is the information about the problem Cars that use gasoline are not of good quality. Hope the article will help you have more experience to avoid buying Fuel is not guaranteed, can check and effectively handle when buying poor quality gasoline.

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