Why Cars Can't Start

Why Can't The Car Start? Quality Garage Thanh Phong Auto Hcm 2024

The "baby car" suddenly failed to start, causing you to fall into a situation of half-crying and laughing, even worse if there is no repair address nearby. Therefore, it is very important to understand the causes of the car not starting to have timely solutions. Let's Thanh Phong Auto Go find out in the following article.

Case: Engine Not Working

When you start the car but the engine still does not explode, there is no signal, the car's electrical system may have problems, due to a number of reasons such as:

Need for wrong position

When starting the car but the lights on the dashboard are not lit, the cause may be that the gear lever has not been changed to the P position of the automatic transmission vehicle and the gear is being set and the clutch is not depressed with the manual transmission. In addition, with models that use the start / stop button when starting the vehicle does not explode, it may be due to the brake pedal not being depressed.

Why Can't The Car Start? Quality Garage Thanh Phong Auto Hcm 2024
Move the gear lever to P

The battery is damaged or weak

Battery failure or weakness is caused by reduced charge when some electronic devices still have to use a small amount of electricity to maintain operation or the owner forgets to turn off the headlights. This is a fairly normal phenomenon for vehicles that are used regularly and the battery will be refilled during daily use.

However, with cars that are less active, the generator cannot compensate for the lost charge, so the battery is weak or damaged, leading to the car can not start.

Reasons Why Cars Don't Start
Battery Check

Defective anti-theft system

Similar to other electronic devices, after using the anti-theft system, there may be an error or mistake that prevents you from starting the car. To avoid this, check and maintain the system regularly and, above all, replace the key batteries periodically.

The battery terminals are poorly connected

Through a process of use, the battery terminals will be dirty and corroded. This has a great effect on the ability of the terminals to conduct electricity poorly, so that the car does not receive the amount of electricity needed to start.

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The system is faulty

When doing thread operation, if there is a click sound emanating inside, the system may be faulty, electromagnet turns on and off immediately.

Case: The Engine Starts But Then Turns Off

In the case that the engine starts but then immediately turns off, the cause is often related to technical factors such as:

The car is running out of fuel

When the fuel tank is depleted, the system still allows the engine to start the engine, but there is no burning of fuel, so the car will not be able to operate. Using the car until the fuel runs out is extremely dangerous, it greatly affects the gas, filter and engine life. Should regularly check the fuel level, to promptly replenish it to avoid unnecessary damage or annoyance when using it.

Causes of Cars Not Starting
Regularly Check Fuel Level To Timely Add

Faulty relay or fuel pump

This is also one of the reasons causing the engine to start, but the engine does not continue to work due to not getting enough fuel, the engine overheats, causing the gas pump to fail quickly.

To avoid this situation, the owner should equip a fuel pressure gauge to facilitate control and monitor whether the engine is getting enough fuel or not.

Broken thread (mechanical fault)

Why Can't The Car Start?
The Car Cannot Start Due to a Broken Starter

Starter gear components such as gears, bearings or bearings that will be damaged after a period of use also cause the engine to start but fail to maintain operation.

You can identify this case by turning the key off, leaving the headlights on and then turning on the Acc / on position. If you see the headlights are dim, then make sure the problem of your vehicle needs to be repaired or replaced promptly.

No electric spark

When the ignition fails, the inability to generate sparks or the improper appearance with sufficient voltage will prevent the vehicle from working. If you find that the car is difficult to start, this will be a warning sign that the spark plug or ignition system has trouble. ( Guide to check and maintain spark plugs garage standards ensure long-lasting operation)

Car Cannot Start
Faulty Ignition System

The system or fuel injector is clogged

After a period of use, the fuel system may become clogged with dirt or sediment in the pipeline. This makes the fuel not supply enough for the engine so the car can only explode and not work. Should check, replace the fuel filter according to the milestones given by the manufacturer.

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Thanh Phong Auto has just sent to readers the What causes the car to not start?. Hopefully the article will be useful to car owners when encountering the above problem.

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