Top 8 Best 1.15 Ton Trucks for Cargo: Advantages & Price List

Best 1.15 Ton Cargo Truck
Latest update date: February 07, 06

The 1.15 ton truck is a light-duty truck that allows carrying goods under 1.15 tons, suitable for transporting goods within the city, short distances, where large trucks are prohibited from moving. 

Currently on the market there are many highly rated 1.15 ton trucks such as Dongben K9, Hyundai Porter H150, Isuzu NHR55E-FL... Each vehicle model has its own advantages and disadvantages, depending on needs and finances to consider. Reminds you to choose the right product. 

1.15 ton trucks are often used to transport light items such as food, household appliances, construction materials... in densely populated areas, inner and outer alleys. When buying a 1.15 ton truck, you need to clearly determine your needs, research and choose the appropriate used/new vehicle model, what to pay attention to when buying a vehicle and buy from a reputable dealer.

If you still don't know what type of 1.15 ton truck to buy and where to buy it, don't skip the next article!

Best 1.15 Ton Cargo Truck
Best 1.15 Ton Cargo Truck

Individuals and small business units are very fond of the following 1.15 ton truck models: Dongben K9, Hyundai Porter H150, Isuzu NHR55E-FL... or refer to other 1-1.5 ton truck models such as China Wuling N300P 1.05 tons, Suzuki Carry Pro 1 ton, Kenbo 1 ton, Veam VT150 ​​1.5 tons, Kia 150 1.5 tons.

Dongben K9 Tank Truck 1.15 Ton

If you are in need of a cheap, fuel-efficient truck, suitable for moving within the city, you cannot ignore the Dongben K9 1.115-ton mezzanine truck. This is a product of a reputable Chinese brand, with a low price compared to other trucks in the same segment.


  • Integrated SWB11M 4-stroke 4-cylinder in-line engine with capacity of 1.051 cm3, maximum power of 45kW/5.600 rpm helps low fuel consumption, only about 5.5 liters/100 km.
  • The vehicle operates smoothly and stably with shock-absorbing steering wheels.
  • The mezzanine box, with dimensions of 2.450 x 1.410 x 340 mm, helps carry a variety of fruits, stationery, aluminum and glass...
  • Spacious cabin, creating a comfortable feeling for the driver when operating.
  • Integrates many useful features such as brake force balance system, wide original mirrors, EPS electronic power steering system... 


  • Dongben trucks have loud engine noise when operating.
  • Only the mezzanine version has a load capacity of 1.15 tons, closed containers, canvas roofs, and batwing containers can only carry a maximum of 990kg.
Dongben K9 Tank Truck 1.15 Ton
Dongben K9 Tank Truck 1.15 Ton

Dongben K9 truck price list (updated Q2/2024):


Price (VND)

Dongben K9 1150kg mezzanine tank


Dongben K9 990kg canvas roof box


Dongben K9 990kg sealed box


Dongben K9 990kg batwing sealed box (mobile sales)


Hyundai Porter H150 Refrigerated Truck 1.15 Ton

If you are looking for a 1.15 ton refrigerated truck, the Hyundai Porter H150 is the top choice you should consider. Hyundai offers the A2 2.5 cm3 engine version equipped with CRDi direct fuel injection technology, thanks to which the car has the ability to operate strongly and smoothly.

Other advantages:

  • The interior integrates many amenities such as electric windows, power steering wheel, 2-way air conditioning, audio entertainment system... providing a good driving experience.
  • The 4-layer freezer structure ensures good heat and sound insulation. 
  • Using a Dymos bridge helps the transmission ratio be more accurate, better load-bearing, more stable and durable.
  • Single cabin design, non-overturning, high bearing capacity, good sound and heat insulation. 
  • The freezer can maintain good temperatures, at 15 to -18 degrees Celsius


  • High price.
  • Causes discomfort when traveling on rough roads due to the stiff suspension system. 
Hyundai Porter H150 Refrigerated Truck 1.15 Ton
Hyundai Porter H150 Refrigerated Truck 1.15 Ton

Hyundai Porter H150 refrigerated box price list (updated Q2/2024): 


Price (VND)

Hyundai Porter 150 frozen Panel box model


Hyundai Porter 150 frozen Composite container model


Hyundai Porter 150 refrigerated box model newly launched, transporting ice cream


Isuzu NHR55E-FL Closed Truck 1.15 Ton

Isuzu NHR55E-FL 1.15 Ton Closed Truck is one of the most popular light trucks in Vietnam recently. The car is highly appreciated for its durable quality, fuel economy, reasonable price and flexible operation.


  • Manufactured on modern technology lines of Isuzu Japan, ensuring durable quality and little damage.
  • The car chassis is made from solid, solid steel.
  • Powerful, fuel-efficient Isuzu Blue Power engine.
  • The vehicle's turning circle is small, helping to move flexibly on narrow roads.


  • The interior is simple, the trunk is not equipped with a lift.
  • The car has been discontinued so you can only buy a used car.
Isuzu NHR55E-FL Closed Truck 1.15 Ton
Isuzu NHR55E-FL Closed Truck 1.15 Ton

Price list of used trucks Isuzu NHR55E-FL: Updating. 

In addition, you can also refer to many vehicle models with equivalent load capacities from 1 ton to 1 tons.

Chinese truck Wuling N300P 1.05 tons

China Wuling N300P is a new light truck line introduced in the Vietnamese market in 2023. Outstanding with modern design, flexible transport capabilities and competitive price, N300P quickly becomes a favorite choice. for businesses and individuals doing transportation business.


  • Assembled in Vietnam using Japanese technology, meeting quality standards at an affordable price.
  • GM engine, Euro 5 emission standards.
  • Powerful, durable, fuel-efficient operation.
  • Electric power steering, ABS brakes, ensuring safety.
  • Spacious, comfortable cabin: air conditioning, felt seats, electric lock, camera, touch screen...
  • The frame is solid, grips the road well, and moves smoothly.


  • The brand is new, so some customers may still be concerned about product reliability and quality.
  • Wuling's dealer network in Vietnam is currently not widespread, which may cause difficulties for customers in warranty and vehicle maintenance. (In Ho Chi Minh, you can experience, warranty, and maintain vehicles at Thanh Phong Auto - China Wuling South Saigon Truck Dealer).
Chinese truck Wuling N300P with all 3 versions to choose from
Chinese truck Wuling N300P with all 3 versions to choose from

Price list of Chinese Truck Wuling N300P (updated Q2/2024): 

Vehicle name

Price (VND)

China Wuling N300P 1.05 tons mezzanine tank

  • Standard version: 209.000.000 
  • Premium version: 219.000.000

China Wuling N300P 1.05 tons of canvas

  • Standard version: 209.000.000
  • Premium version: 223.000.000 

China Wuling N300P 1.05 tons sealed tank

  • Standard version: 219.000.000 VND
  • Premium version: 227.000.000 VND

Suzuki Carry Pro 1 ton Truck

The Suzuki Carry Pro truck originates from Japan and is widely used thanks to its smooth and durable engine.


  • Safe operation thanks to modern TECT technology and Mac Pherson front suspension system.
  • The trunk opens and closes flexibly with cast steel safety latches. 
  • Low fuel consumption thanks to large engine capacity with multi-point electronic fuel injection system.
  • Visibility is more comprehensive with high-mounted headlights and good windshield wipers. 


  • Entertainment equipment is limited.
  • The steering wheel and driver's seat cannot be adjusted. 
Suzuki Carry Pro 1 ton Truck
Suzuki Carry Pro 1 ton Truck

Suzuki Carry Pro 1 ton truck price list (updated Q2/2024):


Price (VND)

Suzuki Carry Pro truck with flat bed


Suzuki Carry Pro truck with canvas box


Suzuki Carry Pro truck with closed box


Kenbo 1 Ton Truck

Kenbo trucks import components directly from China and assembled in Vietnam by Chien Thang company. 


  • Cheap price due to many tax incentives. 
  • Diverse designs and styles of containers (tarpaulin containers, sealed containers...) help customers easily choose products that suit their needs. 
  • Beautiful, modern exterior. 
  • Equipped with many attractive entertainment amenities: memory card slot, radio, FM radio...
  • Powerful engine, capacity reaches 94ps at 6000 rpm.


  • Short warranty period, easy to break. 
Kenbo 1 Ton Truck
Kenbo 1 Ton Truck

Quotation for Kenbo 1 ton truck (updated Q2/2024): 

Range of vehicle

Price (VND)

Kenbo flatbed truck


Kenbo canvas truck


Kenbo closed truck


Veam VT150 ​​1.5 Ton Truck

Veam trucks stand out with their light, sophisticated design and good ability to transport goods on many types of terrain. This is considered a new generation truck line of VEAM Motor that brings high economic efficiency to businesses.


  • Transport a variety of goods thanks to optimal vehicle body size. 
  • Good driving experience thanks to the powerful and smooth engine.
  • Integrated advanced engine with many breakthrough features.
  • Manufactured from high quality materials, ensuring durability and luxury for the vehicle. 


  • It's a new brand so recognition is not high.
Veam VT150 ​​1.5 Ton Truck
Veam VT150 ​​1.5 Ton Truck

Price quote for Veam VT150 ​​1.5 ton truck (updated Q2/2024): 


Price (VND)

Veam VT150 ​​canvas truck


Veam VT150 ​​closed truck


Kia 150 1.5 Ton Truck

The Kia 150 truck inherits the inherent advantages of the Kia brand - eye-catching design, fuel economy while integrating many new features, meeting market needs well.


  • The chassis is sturdy and durable under the impact of external forces.
  • The cabin system is relatively spacious, integrating many interesting utilities to help drivers feel comfortable when using the vehicle.
  • The vehicle's performance is strong and can move on many types of terrain.
  • Low fuel consumption. 


  • Small size box. 
Kia 150 1.5 Ton Truck
Kia 150 1.5 Ton Truck

Kia 150 1.5 ton truck price quote (updated Q2/2024): 


Price (VND)

Kia K150 Chassis truck


Kia K150 Chassis flatbed truck


Kia K150 Chassis truck with canvas box


Kia K150 Chassis closed truck


Kia K150 Chassis refrigerated truck


Frequently asked questions when buying a 1.15 ton cargo truck

1. In what cases are 1.15 ton trucks commonly used?

The 1.15 ton cargo truck has a compact size, making it easy to move in small alleys, densely populated areas, short roads, inner cities, and areas where large loads are prohibited. The vehicle load is suitable for transporting common goods such as food, household appliances, and construction materials.

2. Should I buy a new or used 1.15 ton truck?

You should buy a used 1.15 ton truck when finances are limited, there is a need to use the vehicle in the short term, for transportation activities and accept potential risks. If you are financially comfortable and want to own a high-quality vehicle with little damage and a thoughtful warranty, you should buy a new 1.15 ton truck. 

Comparison when buying old and new 1.15 ton trucks:


New 1.15 ton truck

Old 1.15 ton truck


  • Equipped with 100% new engines and spare parts, ensuring stable operation and few failures.
  • Enjoy a warranty from the manufacturer, giving you peace of mind during use.
  • Equipped with advanced technologies such as fuel-efficient engines, modern safety systems,...
  • New cars have a higher commercial value than used cars, making it easier for you to resell if needed.
  • Used cars are cheaper than new cars, suitable for people with a limited budget.
  • A used car has passed its initial useful life, so it will depreciate less than a new car.
  • The used truck market has many options in terms of brands, models, and prices.


  • High price.
  • Loses value quickly after initial use. 
  • Usually do not enjoy a warranty from the manufacturer, or the warranty period is shorter than that of a new car.
  • There is a risk of buying a vehicle that is damaged, has an accident, or has invalid documents.

3. What should you keep in mind when buying a 1.15 ton cargo truck?

When buying a 1.15 ton truck, you need to determine your usage needs, research the appropriate vehicle model, choose a reputable dealer, inspect the vehicle thoroughly, negotiate the price and complete the purchase and sale procedures.

Experience in buying 1.15 ton trucks to transport quality goods at good prices:

  • Identify your usage needs: You need to clearly determine your needs such as what type of goods to carry, how far to travel, required load... to choose the right vehicle. For example, if you carry heavy, bulky goods, you need to choose a vehicle with a large load capacity and spacious trunk. If you carry light goods and move within the city, you can choose a compact, fuel-efficient truck.
  • Learn about 1.15 ton trucks: On the market today there are many 1.15 ton trucks of different brands such as Dongfeng, Huyndai, Isuzu... Each vehicle model has its own advantages and disadvantages, you need to research carefully to choose the right vehicle for your needs. your needs. Information about 1.15 ton trucks can be found on reputable car buying and selling websites or at authorized dealers of car manufacturers.
  • Choose a reputable dealer: You should choose to buy a car at a reputable dealer to ensure car quality and a good warranty. 
  • Inspect the car thoroughly before buying: Thoroughly inspect the vehicle's exterior, interior and engine to ensure the vehicle is not damaged (especially when buying a used car). You should test drive the car to feel the vehicle's performance.
  • Bargaining: You should consult the market price before buying a car to be able to negotiate the best price with the dealer.
  • Complete the buying and selling procedure: After choosing the car and negotiating the price, you need to complete the car buying and selling procedure with the dealer. Vehicle buying and selling procedures include: Vehicle purchase and sale contract, vehicle registration, warranty certificate... 

4. Where is a reputable and quality address to buy and sell new and used trucks in HCM? 

With many years of experience in the field of repair - maintenance - car trading, Thanh Phong Auto Trusted by many individual and business customers to buy and sell new and used trucks with good quality and good prices.

There are a variety of trucks with closed trucks, open trucks, canvas roofs, etc., with many load levels from reputable brands, meeting a variety of people's needs. 

Advantages of buying and selling new and used trucks at Thanh Phong Auto:

  • Enthusiastic consultants, providing complete information about the vehicle, warranty policy and guiding customers to choose the type of vehicle that suits their needs and financial ability.
  • Transparency in used and new car selling prices.
  • Attractive warranty policy, implemented by a team of highly specialized technicians and modern machinery.
  • Ensuring vehicle quality before delivering to customers, even used vehicles.
  • Support customers to carry out procedures for transferring names, changing owners, registering vehicle documents, car insurance... Reference Process/procedure for buying and selling used trucks latest current according to state regulations.

Contact Thanh Phong Auto now for advice and support in buying the most optimal truck!

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