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Kenbo 1 ton truck
Latest update date: February 14, 06

1 ton trucks are small vehicles, suitable for the needs of transporting goods within the suburbs or on rural roads. With small size and payload, the vehicle can carry a variety of goods and items from food, household appliances, construction materials, machinery and equipment,... flexibly.

There are many 1-ton trucks from many brands, are you wondering which type is suitable to buy? To help you make the best choice, Thanh Phong Auto We would like to introduce some good 1-ton trucks that are widely purchased today.

Review of 7 Best 1 Ton Cargo Trucks: Advantages, Price

JAC X99 Truck 990kg

Jac X99 990kg is a 1-ton truck from China, manufactured and assembled by JAC Motors group. This vehicle line is equipped with a Japanese Isuzu engine, meeting Euro 4 emission standards with 2 standards for gasoline and diesel engines.

JAC X99 Truck 990kg
JAC X99 Truck 990kg


  • Eye-catching and attractive exterior design; Comfortable interior with spacious cabin and clear view.
  • Strong capacity, smooth operation.
  • High durability, good overload capacity, suitable for car owners who want to make a long-term investment.
  • There are 3 types of boxes to choose from: closed boxes, canvas boxes, and open boxes.

Disadvantages: The price is a bit high compared to other car models.

Reference price: 308.000.000 – 317.000.000 VND.

Suzuki Carry Pro truck

Suzuki Carry Pro truck is a 1-ton truck line from the prestigious Suzuki corporation - Japan. This product line is famous for its smooth operation, strong power and good fuel economy.

Suzuki Carry Pro 1 ton truck
Suzuki Carry Pro 1 ton truck


  • Prestigious brand with a wide distribution and warranty system nationwide.
  • The truck's trunk is low and large in size, helping to optimize loading, unloading and transporting goods.
  • The interior is equipped with modern and comfortable equipment, bringing the most comfort to the driver.


  • The selling price is a bit high.
  • The design is not too eye-catching.

Price: 318.000.000 – 354.000.000 VND.

Tera 100 Truck

Tera 100 is a 1-ton truck line from Korea, with a factory installed in Cu Chi - HCM. The car is equipped with a Mitsubishi Technology engine, meeting Euro emission standards, operating strongly, durable and fuel efficient.

Tera 100 Truck weighs 1 ton
Tera 100 Truck has a capacity of 1 ton


  • Modern exterior, comfortable interior.
  • Quick maintenance and replacement of spare parts thanks to the domestic installation factory.
  • Diverse types of containers: closed containers, canvas-covered containers, mezzanine containers, bird-wing containers, composite containers.
  • 2.75m tank design - longest in the segment.

Disadvantages: The factory is in the South, so the warranty and maintenance system in the North is not strong.

Reference price: 214.000.000 VND.

Dongben T30 Truck

Dongben T30 truck has a tonnage of 990 kg to 1.2 tons, imported components and assembled domestically at Shineray Vietnam factory. This vehicle line uses a DLCG14 engine with a cylinder capacity of 1.5 liters, meeting EURO 4 standards for emissions standards and fuel economy.

Dongben T30 Truck with load capacity of 990kg


  • The trunk is large and can carry many different types of goods.
  • Durable exterior design, comfortable interior.
  • There are many designs for customers to choose from: mezzanine containers, canvas-top containers, galvanized sealed containers, composite containers, stainless steel sealed containers.


  • Operation is not smooth, especially when the road is steep.
  • The factory is in the North, so the warranty and maintenance system in the South is not strong.

Reference price: 187.000.000 – 218.000.000 VND.

Kenbo 1 ton truck

Kenbo 1 ton truck comes from Chinese BAIC group, manufactured and assembled by Chien Thang factory. With a compact, modern design with many choices of designs and colors, this car line is favored by many customers.

Kenbo 1 ton truck
Kenbo 1 ton truck


  • Spacious cabin with long head, many amenities, ensuring comfort and increasing safety for the driver.
  • Low price.

Disadvantages: Not yet highly rated for warranty policy.

Reference price: 212.000.000 – 223.000.000 VND.

TaTa Super ACE Truck 990Kg

TaTa Super ACE 990Kg is a famous 1 ton load line from the Tata brand - India, assembled and distributed through TMT Motors - Vietnam. This vehicle line is highly appreciated for its sophisticated design, stable operation and high flexibility.

TaTa Super ACE Truck 990Kg
TaTa Super ACE Truck 990Kg


  • Beautiful appearance, designed to operate effectively in urban areas.
  • Comfortable interior with many smart features.
  • The system of components, spare parts, engines, gearboxes, etc. are all supplied genuine, so the level of synchronization is high.
  • There are many options for containers: closed containers, open containers, canvas roofs,... with diverse designs.


  • The brand is not popular, the distribution and warranty system is not much, so it is difficult to repair and maintain.
  • The engine is not too powerful compared to the load.

Price: 270.000.000 – 336.000.000 VND.

Thaco Towner 990 Truck

The last name that you should not ignore is Thaco Towner 990 of the Vietnamese brand - Thaco. The product is manufactured using Suzuki technology with a powerful, fuel-efficient engine.

Thaco Towner 990 Truck
Thaco Towner 990 Truck


  • Strong brand with distribution and warranty system spread across the country so it is easy to maintain - repair - replace genuine spare parts.
  • Stable operation with high durability.
  • There are 3 options: open box, canvas roof, and closed box.

Disadvantages: Aesthetics and comfort do not stand out compared to other car models on the market.

Reference price: 215.000.000 – 234.000.000 VND.

Thanh Phong Auto: Reputable Address for Buying and Selling Used and New Trucks in HCM

Each truck line has its own advantages and disadvantages, suitable for different user criteria. If you are not too familiar with the vehicle's parameters and features, finding a reputable and professional consulting unit is necessary.

With more than 10 years of experience in the industry of repairing - maintaining - buying and selling used/new cars, Thanh Phong Auto is proud to support many customers in choosing to buy the right car - at the right price - for the right need.

Our commitment:

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  • Transparency in selling prices (old trucks, new trucks).
  • Attractive warranty policy for customers buying cars at Thanh Phong Auto.
  • All used trucks are meticulously inspected by the team of experts at Thanh Phong Auto before handover.

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Hope information about these Quality 1 ton truck model The above will help you make better choices when you need to buy a car. If you need support or advice on choosing to buy a 1-ton cargo truck, contact us immediately for attentive service.

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