Top 7 Best Batwing Trucks for Cargo: Price List & Advantages

Bat-wing truck carrying goods
Latest update date: February 17, 06

Batwing truck (bat-wing closed-box truck) is a closed-box truck with a box design that opens on both sides, shaped like a bat's wing when opened. Batwing boxes make loading and unloading goods easier and more convenient, especially for large or bulky items.

According to the Vietnam Transportation Research Institute: "Bat-wing boxes can reduce loading and unloading time by up to 40% compared to closed boxes."

With today's diverse truck market, choosing a quality, suitable batwing truck is not easy.

You can refer to some outstanding batwing trucks from Suzuki, Dongben, Kenbo, SRM, Tera, Hyundai, Isuzu... The selling price of these companies' trucks ranges from 180.000.000 - 630.000.000 VND / 1 PC.

Each car model has its own outstanding advantages, depending on your needs and finances, you will have the right choice for yourself.

For more information and options, see the article now Top best batwing trucks for transporting goodst below!

Bat-wing truck carrying goods
Xe tải cánh dơi chở hàng tốt nhất

Suzuki Carry Pro Truck Batwing Box 490kg, 750kg

Suzuki Carry Pro 490kg, 750kg trucks are imported from Indonesia with improved batwing design, 2-side or 3-side opening doors.

Advantages of the car:

  • Integrated with an exclusive 16-valve 1.6-liter aluminum-coated engine block with Euro 4 emission standards, low fuel consumption.
  • The car moves stably through crowded areas or narrow streets thanks to its 6-speed manual transmission and rear active axle.
  • The body of the car is sturdy with reinforcement bars that reduce force from both sides.
  • The car's interior is luxurious and comfortable, integrating many useful features such as electric windows, sound, air conditioning, EPS power steering, etc.

Reference car selling price updated in Quarter 2/2024:

Range of vehicle Quotation (VND)
Suzuki Carry Pro truck 490kg closed box batwing 330.000.000
Suzuki Carry Pro truck 750kg closed box batwing 347.500.000
Suzuki Carry Pro Truck Batwing Box 490kg, 750kg
Xe tải Suzuki Carry Pro thùng cánh dơi 490kg, 750kg

Dongben T30 Batwing Truck 990kg

Launched in 2017, Dongben batwing truck is loved by many customers thanks to its simple, compact and flexible design.

Reasons to choose Dongben T30 batwing truck:

  • Maximum capacity can reach 80Kw/ 5.200 rpm.
  • Easily move through narrow roads, difficult terrain, and densely populated places thanks to its compact design.
  • Able to bear up to 990kg, suitable for mobile sales.
  • Integrated engine that meets Euro 4 emission standards, both protecting the environment and saving fuel.

Reasonable price, updated Q2/2024 about 257.000.000 VND.

Xe tải cánh dơi Dongben T30 990kg
Xe tải cánh dơi Dongben T30 990kg

Kenbo Batwing Box Truck 900kg

The Kenbo batwing box truck has a closed box structure that can be opened on both sides and tail, often used for mobile sales.

Outstanding advantages of the car:

  • The exterior has a strong, sporty image with the hood rising high forward.
  • The cabin space is large, full of entertainment features, and the driver's seat is high for clear visibility and a comfortable feeling for the driver.
  • Integrated Baic BJ413A engine with 1342 cylinder capacity, 5-speed manual transmission... helps the vehicle operate strongly and save fuel on all roads.
  • The vehicle's body structure includes an outer wall of galvanized steel, a layer of insulating foam in the middle, and a sturdy zinc-coated corrugated iron inside.

Reference selling price updated in Quarter 2/2024: 196.000.000 VND.

Xe tải Kenbo thùng cánh dơi 900kg
Xe tải Kenbo thùng cánh dơi 900kg

SRM K9 Canh Bat truck 920kg

One of the prominent bat-wing cargo trucks must mention the name SRM K9. This product is manufactured on modern production lines imported from Europe, providing high precision and sophistication.

Specific advantages of SRM K9:

  • Integrated SWB11M 4-stroke, 4-cylinder in-line engine, 1.051 CC capacity, for powerful, durable operation, consuming about 5,6 liters of fuel per 100km.
  • The large chassis has good bearing capacity and high durability.
  • The body and shell are electrostatically painted with nano technology for beautiful paint colors that are difficult to rust.
  • The batwing box design helps car owners flexibly use it to transport goods, sell mobile goods at markets, parks...

Reference selling price updated in Quarter 2/2024: 181.000.000 VND.

Xe tải SRM K9 cánh dơi 920kg
Xe tải SRM K9 cánh dơi 920kg

Tera Truck 100 Batwing Boxes 990kg

Thanks to the advantages of compact and flexible design, the Tera 100 batwing truck has become the choice of many Vietnamese drivers. This vehicle line is equipped with a Mitsubishi Tech engine that is highly durable, runs smoothly and stably.

Other advantages:

  • The vehicle body design is 2.750mm long, well serving the needs of transporting many items.
  • The box design is beautiful, meticulous, and sturdy.
  • With a turning radius of only 5.8m, the car can easily move through high traffic areas and turn around easily when entering alleys.
  • Travel safely at night or in bad weather thanks to the large, modern Halogen headlight cluster.
  • The sturdy frame and cabin system are made from steel alloy and anti-rust powder coated.
  • Comfortable, standard entertainment equipment: MP3/radio entertainment system, ashtray, document compartment...

Reference car selling price updated in Quarter 2/2024: 264.000.000 VND.

Xe tải Tera 100 thùng cánh dơi 990kg
Xe tải Tera 100 thùng cánh dơi 990kg

Hyundai New Porter H150 Batwing Truck 1.5 Ton

When talking about the best batwing trucks today, we cannot ignore the Hyundai New Porter H150.

The advantages of this car line are:

  • Modern and sophisticated design, equipped with outstanding halogen lighting system to help drive safely in bad weather or at night.
  • Possessing a D4CB-D 2.5L CRDi engine with maximum torque of 26 kgm and maximum capacity of up to 130 horsepower, helps the vehicle operate strongly, stably and with low fuel consumption.
  • The current car interior integrates many useful features such as an adjustable steering wheel, air conditioning system, power steering...
  • The vehicle operates smoothly and stably on many types of terrain thanks to the independent front suspension and dependent rear suspension, and compact vehicle size.
  • Hyundai is a long-standing, reputable truck brand in the world.

Reference car selling price updated in Quarter 2/2024: 450.000.000 VND.

Xe tải Hyundai New Porter H150 cánh dơi 1.5 tấn
Xe tải Hyundai New Porter H150 cánh dơi 1.5 tấn

Isuzu QKR Truck Batwing Box 1.9 tons, 1.95 tons, 2.8 tons

The Isuzu QKR batwing truck stands out with its main color design of white, luxurious and beautiful silver square head.

Vehicle characteristics:

  • Integrated engine with 2.999cc cylinder capacity, maximum capacity up to 103ps, integrated Common Rail electronic fuel injection ensures level 4 emission standards, low fuel consumption.
  • The interior is airy, spacious and comfortable with full functions such as ashtray, air conditioner, cigarette lighter, CD, FM, Radio.
  • The vehicle's cabin is raised to limit collisions with the engine below and the chassis.
  • There is a halogen vehicle light system that provides good lighting for drivers traveling at night.

Reference car prices updated in Quarter 2/2024:

Range of vehicle Price list (VND)
Isuzu QKR 210 1.9 ton batwing truck 598.000.000
Isuzu QKR 230 1.95 ton batwing truck 600.000.000
Isuzu QKR 270 2.8 ton batwing truck 625.000.000
Xe tải Isuzu QKR thùng cánh dơi 1.9 tấn, 1.95 tấn, 2.8 tấn
Xe tải Isuzu QKR thùng cánh dơi 1.9 tấn, 1.95 tấn, 2.8 tấn

Questions revolving around the topic of Batwing Trucks

1. What factors does the price of a cargo truck depend on?

The price of a cargo truck depends on many factors from load, brand, size, style, engine, technology, market and geographical region.

  • Tonnage: Trucks capable of carrying heavier loads usually cost more.
  • Brand and quality: Brands that are famous and appreciated for their quality often have higher prices.
  • Size and style: Trucks that are larger, have more cargo capacity, or have special designs may cost more.
  • Engine and fuel efficiency: Batwing trucks with powerful and fuel-efficient engines often cost more.
  • Technology and features: Advanced features and technology built into batwing trucks can increase the price. For example, safety features, monitoring systems, driver assists and other amenities can increase the value of the truck.
  • Market and geographical region: Batwing truck prices also depend on the market and geographical region where they are sold. Factors such as import taxes, excise taxes, competition and local supply and demand can affect prices.

2. What are the advantages of batwing trucks?

The advantage of batwing trucks is that they are easy to load and unload goods, can carry many types of goods, save time and costs for businesses as well as increase accessibility to customers.

As follows:

  • Easy loading and unloading of goods: The trunk opens on both sides, making loading and unloading goods by forklift, crane or manually easier than with conventional trucks.
  • Suitable for many types of goods and industries: Bat-wing trucks can carry many different types of goods, suitable for many business lines such as mobile sales, transporting goods, distributing goods, and collecting goods. waste…
  • Save time and costs: Quick loading and unloading of goods saves time and costs for businesses.
  • Increase customer accessibility:
  • Bat-wing trucks can move flexibly into small and narrow areas, helping businesses reach more customers.
  • The trunk opens on both sides to help display goods easily, attracting customers' attention.

3. What are the disadvantages of batwing trucks?

Disadvantages of batwing trucks include high cost, need for regular maintenance, difficulty in repair and easy theft of goods. Specifically:

  • High cost: Bat-wing trucks have a higher price than conventional trucks due to their more complex structure.
  • Needs regular maintenance: The structure of a car body that opens on both sides is more complex than a conventional car body, so it requires more frequent maintenance and repair.
  • Difficulty in repair: Complex structures can also make vehicle repairs more difficult.
  • Risk of cargo theft: Because the trunk opens on both sides, batwing trucks have a higher risk of cargo theft than conventional trucks.

4. What should you keep in mind when buying a new batwing truck?

When buying a new batwing truck, you need to choose a vehicle that suits your needs, compare prices, inspect the vehicle carefully and choose a reputable dealer to ensure quality and warranty.

There are many reasons to get vaccinated, here are ten obvious ones, but there are more New truck buying experience For your reference:

  • Determine usage needs: Clearly determine vehicle usage needs to choose the appropriate vehicle type with load, trunk size and necessary equipment. For example: If you need to carry bulky goods, you should choose a vehicle with a large and expandable trunk.
  • Choose a reputable brand: Choose to buy trucks from reputable brands to ensure vehicle quality and the best warranty.
    Compare prices: You can refer to car prices on reputable car buying and selling websites such as: Cho Tot, Bonbanh... to be able to compare and make financial choices.
  • Inspect the vehicle thoroughly: Inspect the vehicle thoroughly before purchasing to ensure the vehicle has no technical defects. You should check factors such as: engine, gearbox, brake system, electrical system, tires...
  • Choose a reputable dealer: Choose to buy a car at a reputable dealer to enjoy the best warranty and professional customer care service.

5. Should I buy a used batwing truck or a new one?

You should buy a used batwing truck if you have a limited budget, buy a vehicle for short-term use and accept quality risks.

If you want to own a modern car with many advanced features, good warranty, long-term use and comfortable finances, you should buy a new batwing car.

Some Experience when buying used trucks You should note: clearly determine your usage needs, carefully check the vehicle's condition and vehicle documents, test drive the vehicle, consult with experts and find a reputable supplier.

6. How many steps are there in the procedure for buying and selling used trucks?

Procedures for buying and selling used cars includes 3 steps:

  • Step 1: Prepare and notarize a truck purchase and sale contract.

Prepare all documents for the buyer and seller, and the agreed vehicle purchase and sale contract and bring them to the notary office for proper notarization.

  • Step 2: Pay old truck registration tax

The buyer is obliged to pay registration tax on the old truck at the Tax Department where the vehicle is registered.

  • Step 3: Transfer to car owner's name

After completing the tax payment, the buyer proceeds to change the name to the owner at the vehicle registration agency.

7. Quality and reputable seller of new and used trucks in Ho Chi Minh?

With many years of experience in the industry, Thanh Phong Auto Proud to become one of the reputable, quality, and good price sellers of new and used trucks.

With old trucks, we have a full range of small, medium and large tonnage vehicles with open trucks, canvas roofs, closed trucks, batwing trucks... from Isuzu, Suzuki, Dongben... With new trucks, Thanh Phong Auto are cooperating in distribution China Wuiling truck.

Advantages of buying new used trucks at Thanh Phong Auto:

  • Providing new and used trucks with competitive prices on the market.
  • A team of professional consultants, knowledgeable about trucks, help customers choose the vehicle that suits their needs.
  • Procedures for buying and selling new and used trucks are quick and convenient.
  • Support for title change, vehicle registration and inspection.
  • Ensuring that trucks reach customers in good working order, with quality worthy of the price.
  • Warranty is thoughtful, duration and commitment depend on vehicle type.

Contact Thanh Phong for more details!

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