Is Foton 1 Ton Truck Good? Price and Notes on Use

foton truck 1 ton
Latest update date: February 18, 06

Foton 1 ton truck is a light truck jointly produced by Truong Giang Dong Phong Automobile Limited (DFG) and Foton Motor Group.

Foton 1-ton trucks are increasingly asserting their position in the freight transport market thanks to the outstanding advantages of: powerful DAM15R 1.5L engine with Japanese technology, sturdy chassis, comfortable cabin, trunk. Versatile, compact size,...

However, this vehicle model has limitations in soundproofing and cargo capacity. The Foton brand is not really popular in Vietnam, causing difficulties in the process of repairing and maintaining vehicles.

With a cost of only about 155 - 210 million VND, the 1-ton Foton truck is suitable for households and small businesses with a waist load to transport small quantities of goods within the city.

When using a light-duty Foton truck, you should not carry oversized or overloaded goods or drive in bad terrain or long distances because it affects the vehicle's performance and longevity. According to statistics, driving properly can save 5-10% of fuel and extend engine life by 2-3 years.

In addition, drivers can try out modern features and technologies that have been integrated into the vehicle to operate more safely and economically. During the repair and maintenance process, attention should also be paid to replacing genuine components, not using fake or floating goods on the market.

To learn more about Foton trucks, refer to the following article!

foton truck 1 ton
Is Foton 1 ton truck good?

Origin of Foton 1 Ton Truck

Foton 1 ton truck belongs to the Foton Gratour T3 light truck line with a load capacity of 1 ton. The vehicle was produced in Vietnam in 2019, under the cooperation of Truong Giang Dong Phong Automobile Limited (DFG) and Foton Motor Group.

Foton Motor is one of China's leading automobile manufacturing brands, founded in 1996. Currently, Foton is present in more than 110 countries and territories around the world and is one of the leading automobile manufacturers. Largest truck in the world.

Foton Gratour T3 is produced on DFG's modern production line at Pho Noi A Industrial Park - National Highway 5 - Giai Pham Commune - Yen My District - Hung Yen Province, ensuring international quality standards. The vehicle has many different body versions, meeting a variety of customers' transportation needs.

Is Foton 1 Ton Truck Review Good?

Foton 1-ton trucks are increasingly asserting their position in the freight transport market thanks to outstanding advantages such as powerful engines, low fuel consumption, sturdy chassis, fully integrated utilities, and a variety of utilities. Types of car bodies...

However, many people are still hesitant to buy this car model because of its poor sound insulation and small load capacity, so it cannot carry heavy or bulky goods...

Currently, Foton 1-ton light trucks are chosen by many households and small businesses that need to transport small quantities of goods in the city, especially those with limited financial resources.

1. What are the advantages of Foton 1 ton trucks?

Foton 1-ton light truck has a powerful engine, low fuel consumption, sturdy chassis system, and fully equipped cabin. Furthermore, the trunk is also quite diverse, meeting the needs of carrying many items. The design is also compact and lightweight, able to run on narrow, crowded roads in inner city areas.

What are the advantages of Foton 1 ton trucks?
What are the advantages of Foton 1 ton trucks?
  • Powerful engine, fuel efficient

Foton 1 ton truck uses a DAM15R 1.5L engine with Japanese technology with a cylinder capacity of 1.498 cm3, producing maximum torque of 142NM. This durable engine block helps the vehicle operate strongly, overcome many difficult terrains and carry large loads.

Besides, Foton engines are also famous for their fuel economy. Combined with a 5-speed gearbox and Common rail electronic fuel injection system, the car has a consumption rate of only 8 liters/100km when unloaded and 11 liters/100km when fully loaded.

With modern engine technology, Foton meets Euro 4 emission standards, significantly reducing harmful emissions, contributing to environmental protection.

- Is Foton 1 Ton Truck Good? Price and Notes on Use
Foton 1 ton truck uses DAM15R 1.5L engine
  • Solid chassis system

Foton trucks use a trapezoidal chassis with a sturdy longitudinal beam - horizontal beam structure. The chassis is made from high-hardness monolithic steel, undergoing rigorous machining, good corrosion and abrasion resistance. Thanks to that, the vehicle ensures rigidity and stability when moving as well as increases the vehicle's lifespan.

In addition, the suspension system of Foton trucks is also very remarkable. The front suspension assembly depends on 2 leaf springs, the rear suspension assembly depends on 13 leaf springs, combined with hydraulic shock absorbers to ensure smooth operation of the vehicle, limiting vibration when carrying goods.

- Is Foton 1 Ton Truck Good? Price and Notes on Use
Solid chassis system
  • Comfortable cabin, enhancing driving experience

Foton trucks have spacious cabins with convenient equipment such as:

  • High-quality felt-covered chair, adjustable tilt.
  • Nodding steering wheel, electric power assist.
  • Large capacity air conditioner.
  • Electric windows.
  • Radio/MP3/USB/AUX entertainment system.
  • The driving meter displays multi-information.

Foton truck cabin is ergonomically designed, creating a comfortable sitting position for the driver. Wide visibility and low blind spots also help drivers easily observe, improving safety when traveling. Convenient equipment on the vehicle helps make the journey more comfortable, reducing driver fatigue and stress.

- Is Foton 1 Ton Truck Good? Price and Notes on Use
Comfortable and comfortable cabin
  • Multi-purpose trunk, optimizing cargo space

The highlight of the Foton 1 ton truck is its spacious trunk, with many types (closed box, open box, canvas roof...) allowing it to carry a large volume of goods, diverse in size and shape. The truck's trunk is reinforced with sturdy alloy steel, equipped with 8 flexible walls, easily adjusted to suit each type of goods.

Thanks to the advantage of storage space, Foton 1-ton trucks are often used to transport general goods, construction materials, agricultural products...

  • Compact, flexible design for urban roads

Foton 1-ton truck has a compact size, making it easy to move on crowded inner-city roads, limit congestion and conveniently enter small alleys. With a turning radius of only 5.1m, Foton flexibly moves in areas with limited space.

2. What are the disadvantages of Foton 1 ton trucks?

Foton 1 ton trucks have poor sound insulation and limited load, affecting the cargo carrying process. Furthermore, this brand is not too popular in Vietnam, so it is difficult to find replacement parts when needed.

  • Poor sound insulation

The car's soundproofing ability is rated at average level. Noise from the outside environment can enter the car cabin, affecting the driver's concentration.

  • Limited load

With a load capacity of 1 ton, Foton light trucks are only suitable for carrying small quantities of goods within the city. Foton 1-ton trucks cannot be used to carry bulky goods, heavy goods, or large quantities.

  • The brand is not yet popular

Compared to Japanese truck brands, Foton trucks are still not widely popular in Vietnam. This can lead to difficulties in finding replacement parts and maintaining the vehicle.

3. Should I buy a 1-ton light duty Foton truck?

You should buy a Foton 1-ton truck when you need to transport light goods in the city but don't have too much money.

  • When transporting light goods, large tonnage is not required

Foton 1 ton trucks are suitable for transporting light weight goods such as consumer goods, food, household appliances... With a load of about 500 - 900kg, this type of truck meets the needs of transporting goods well. conventional goods without the need to use medium and heavy trucks.

  • When you need a compact, flexible truck to move around the city

Foton 1 ton trucks have a compact size, suitable for moving in narrow alleys, crowded residential areas or small roads in the inner city, where large trucks can hardly travel. With this flexibility, the Foton 1 ton truck is the ideal choice for deliveries within the city.

  • When you want to save on vehicle purchase and operating costs

Compared to larger trucks or Japanese and Korean truck brands with the same load capacity, Foton 1 ton trucks have a significantly cheaper purchase price. Besides, the car also consumes less fuel thanks to its small engine. Thanks to that, the operating costs of Foton 1 ton trucks are quite economical, suitable for individuals or small and medium businesses.

How much does a 1 Ton Foton Truck cost?

The price of a light-duty Foton 1-ton truck ranges from 155 - 210 million VND (depending on version, vehicle condition, time of purchase and purchasing agent).

- Is Foton 1 Ton Truck Good? Price and Notes on Use
How much does a 1 ton Foton truck cost?

1. What factors does the 1 ton light duty Foton truck depend on?

The price of a 1 ton Foton truck depends on the following factors: Version, vehicle condition, time of purchase and dealer.

  • Version: Vehicle price may vary depending on version of mezzanine, canvas roof, closed vehicle...
  • Vehicle condition: 1% new Foton 100-ton truck has a higher price than used vehicles.
  • Time of purchase: Each time of purchase, the car price may vary more or less, especially on occasions with promotions such as Tet holidays.
  • Purchasing agent: Each supplier will have a different quote depending on care service, warranty, reputation...

2. Price list of Foton 1 ton trucks updated in the second quarter of 2

In Vietnam, Foton light 1-ton trucks have prices ranging from 155 - 210 million VND (depending on version). Compared to Japanese and Korean competitors, Foton 1-ton trucks have an advantage in price.

Refer to the detailed price list below:

Foton 1 ton truck version New price (VND) Old price (VND)
Foton 1 ton flatbed truck 195.000.000 155.000.000 - 175.000.000 VND
Foton 1 ton canvas truck 204.000.000 160.000.000 - 180.000.000 VND
Foton 1 ton closed truck 210.000.000 170.000.000 - 190.000.000 VND

What to Note When Using Foton Light Trucks?

When using a 1-ton Foton truck, you should carry goods within the allowable load in urban areas, alleys, and do not drive long distances or in bad terrain. The driving process considers using features and technology to ensure the safest and most economical vehicle operation. If you need to replace parts and components, look for genuine products that are compatible with your vehicle.

1. Avoid carrying excess load

Overloading will cause the 1-ton Foton vehicle to operate inefficiently, fuel consumption will increase by 10-20% and the engine and transmission system will degrade more quickly. In addition, brakes and tires are also under great pressure, easily causing unsafety.

Especially when going downhill, drivers need to be very careful and avoid letting the vehicle go downhill at high speed because it is very difficult to control.

However, reality shows that overloading is quite common. A survey shows that up to 60% of trucks are overloaded by 20-200%.

2. Use a vehicle suitable for road conditions

Foton 1 ton truck has a compact size suitable for moving in urban areas and alleys. However, the car is not suitable for long distance driving or bad terrain.

On roads with many steep passes and curves, drivers should choose a car with a more powerful engine such as the Hyundai Porter H150 (150 horsepower), Kia K200 (140 horsepower)... And when driving offroad, a vehicle with a high chassis clearance is needed. , 2-wheel drive system like Suzuki Carry Pro, Thaco Towner 990...

3. Take advantage of technology and support features

Foton 1 ton truck is equipped with many technologies such as:

  • Electronic fuel injection system helps optimize fuel supply, reducing consumption by 10%.
  • The ABS anti-lock braking system helps the vehicle still steer when braking suddenly.
  • Airbags protect the driver in the event of a strong collision.
  • Reverse sensor and reverse camera support safe parking.

Drivers need to make the most of and properly use the above features. At the same time, pay attention to adjusting the driver's seat and steering wheel for maximum comfort, and adjust the mirrors and headlights for good visibility.

4. Practice safe and economical driving

Some things to note when driving a Foton 1 ton truck to ensure safety include:

  • Do not carry bulky or easily falling goods. Arrange and tie goods neatly and balancedly.
  • Keep a steady speed, avoid accelerating or braking suddenly. This both saves fuel and reduces wear and tear on the engine and brake system.
  • Turn off the engine when stopping for more than 3 minutes to avoid wasting fuel.

5. Use genuine parts and accessories

When maintaining and repairing, priority should be given to using genuine spare parts or meeting quality standards to ensure compatibility and durability. Using poor quality spare parts can cause frequent damage and even lead to accidents.

In addition, installing necessary accessories such as rainproof trunk cover, reversing camera, tire pressure sensor... will help improve safety and efficiency of vehicle use.

Questions Related to Foton 1 Ton Truck

1. What type of gearbox is on the Foton 1 ton truck and what are its characteristics?

Foton 1 ton truck is equipped with a 5-speed manual transmission, rear-wheel drive. The gearbox has appropriate gear ratios, helping the vehicle accelerate quickly and operate strongly when carrying a load.

2. What's special about the brake system on the Foton 1-ton light truck?

The vehicle is equipped with a vacuum-assisted oil brake system, including:

  • Front brake: Ventilated disc.
  • Rear brake: Drum.
  • Handbrake: Acts on the rear wheel.

In addition, the car also has an ABS anti-lock braking system to help stabilize the car body when braking suddenly. Read more articles: These damage to the car brake system & the safest, simplest, and most effective treatment methods are updated on the website.

3. What type of fuel does the Foton 1 ton truck use and how much fuel consumption does it have?

The car uses diesel fuel, with an average consumption of about 5.5L/100 km.

4. How long is the warranty period for Foton light duty 1-ton trucks?

Foton 1 ton trucks have a genuine warranty for 2 years.

5. What driver's license is required to drive a Foton 1 ton truck?

To operate a 1-ton Foton truck, the driver needs to have a class B1 driver's license or higher.

6. Which 1 ton cargo truck is good?

8 lines 1 ton cargo truck The best today include: JAC .

7. Should I buy a used 1-ton Foton truck?

Have. If your finances are not too much but you still need to regularly carry light goods within the city and need a truck with good capacity and full amenities, you should consider buying a used 1-ton Foton truck.

when the buy used trucks, it is necessary to pay attention to the vehicle's origin, operating status, price and purchasing procedures.

8. Where to buy quality used 1 ton trucks at good prices?

Thanh Phong Auto is a reputable unit specializing in trading used trucks, guaranteeing that the vehicles are crash-free, flood-proof, and have original engines and transmissions. Vehicles are quality inspected by a professional technical team.

We provide a variety of used trucks like Foton, Kia, Dongben... versions with open trucks, closed trucks, canvas roofs... from light to medium and large loads.

Customer benefits when buying a car at Thanh Phong Auto:

  • There is a preferential warranty policy, maintenance and repair support by a team of professional technicians.
  • Consulting on choosing a car model that suits your needs and finances.
  • Support customers to change ownership and upgrade vehicles.
  • Quick car buying procedure.

In addition to used trucks, Thanh Phong Auto also does business China Wuiling truck. Contact for more details!

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