Is Isuzu 1 Ton Truck Good? Price and Notes When Using

isuzu 1 ton truck
Latest update date: February 14, 06

Isuzu 1 ton truck is a light truck line in the 1-ton load segment, manufactured by the Japanese brand Isuzu. This car line is popular because of its durability, fuel economy, reasonable price and flexible transportation within the city.

In the book “Urban Logistics: Challenges and Opportunities” by Peter Smith, it is mentioned: “1-ton trucks play an important role in the transport of small and flexible goods in urban areas.”

Understanding that, many truck brands are trying to improve and enhance the quality of 1-ton vehicles, including Isuzu.

Not only possessing the highlights of the Japanese brand, the Isuzu 1 ton also focuses on many outstanding advantages such as: compact size, powerful engine, gentle power steering system, modern interior and exterior, Low energy consumption and competitive price.

Although it is not highly appreciated for its smoothness when traveling on hills or long distances, this is considered a worthy choice for those who are looking for a quality 1-ton truck.

The price of Isuzu 1 ton trucks on the market today fluctuates with many prices, depending on the type of truck body, load, time of purchase, condition of new and old vehicle, etc. The price range ranges from 500.000.000 to 560.000.000. 250.000.000 million VND for new cars and 450.000.000 to XNUMX million VND for used cars.

To achieve performance and increase the life of the truck, during use, do not forget to carry the correct load, operate properly, use the correct function of the parts and comply with the regular vehicle maintenance period.

Choosing a truck that suits your needs and is durable is extremely important for individuals/businesses. This article will help readers have an overview of vehicle lines, prices as well as notes when using 1-ton Isuzu vehicles, thereby providing another choice worth considering.

isuzu 1 ton truck
Is the 1 ton Isuzu truck good?

Is Isuzu 1 Ton Truck Good?

The Isuzu 1-ton truck is considered a light-duty vehicle at the top of the list of 1-ton trucks to own. This vehicle line carries all the inherent advantages of the brand in terms of durability, fuel economy and strong performance. With many outstanding improvements, Isuzu 1-ton trucks are currently the top choice for freight transportation needs in inner-city areas.

1. What are the advantages of Isuzu 1 ton trucks?

Isuzu 1 ton trucks have many outstanding advantages in terms of size, engine, power steering system, exterior and interior. This is a car with low energy consumption and the lowest cost compared to current cars in the same segment. Specifically:

Compact size, high load

The Isuzu 1-ton truck has a compact size and can flexibly move in cities and small alleys with the following parameters:

  • Overall dimensions Length x Width x Height are 5080 mm x 1860 mm x 2120 mm. The vehicle's ground clearance is only 190mm, helping the vehicle operate comfortably on rough terrain with many potholes.
  • Minimum turning radius: Only 5,8 m, helping the vehicle maneuver flexibly in narrow areas.

Powerful, durable engine

  • Using powerful 4JB1 diesel engine, durable operation. Applying direct fuel injection technology, comes with a turbocharger system and intake air cooling system.
  • Producing maximum power of 91 Ps at 3400 rpm. Maximum torque reaches 196 Nm at 2000 rpm.
  • Reaching maximum torque early helps the vehicle carry loads and transport optimally with strong and flexible operation in all terrain conditions.

The power steering system is light and flexible

The vehicle is equipped with power steering, providing a lighter and more flexible driving experience, especially useful when traveling in densely populated areas or narrow roads. Thanks to that, controlling the steering wheel becomes easier, reducing the burden on the driver, while increasing control and steering ability, contributing to improving driving safety.

The exterior is highly applicable, optimizing operational efficiency

The car's appearance is compact according to Japanese standards, demonstrating the sophistication and class of the Isuzu brand. The cabin is designed in harmony with the main color white and black accents to create strength. The exterior of the Isuzu 1 ton is cared for with the following details:

  • Chassis: Sturdy, high load-bearing chassis, combined with a variety of steel carton boxes to meet different transportation needs.
  • Lights and rearview mirrors:
  • The halogen light cluster is arranged neatly and firmly, providing good lighting and ensuring driver safety when driving in low light conditions.
  • Large rearview mirrors assist in observing both sides of the vehicle, helping the driver observe a wide angle, limiting blind spots.
  • Aerodynamic design: Aerodynamic design with rounded cabin, reduced edges, rigorously tested, reduces wind resistance, saves fuel and operates smoothly.
  • Effective noise-reducing suspension: Fine-tuned front suspension reduces noise, providing a smooth and comfortable driving experience.

Comfortable interior, providing a comfortable driving experience

The interior of the Isuzu 1 ton car is designed to be flexible, with every detail such as the cabin, utility system, steering wheel, and windshield fully equipped to create a comfortable space for the driver.

  • The cabin space is designed to be spacious, enough room for 3 people to sit comfortably. Soft cushioned seats, covered with high-quality leather, bring a comfortable feeling when driving.
  • Utility system:
  • Multimedia system with optional 6.2-inch screen, puts the ultimate entertainment experience at your fingertips.
  • CD, MP3, Radio entertainment systems help drivers relax on long trips.
  • Using Blue Power technology helps reduce fuel consumption and meet Euro 4 emissions standards.
  • Electric glass adjustment is convenient and easy to operate.
  • The air conditioning system cools quickly and deeply, providing a cool feeling in all weather conditions.
  • The 4-way steering wheel easily adjusts to all driving positions, providing smooth power when changing direction.
  • The large windshield provides a wide front viewing angle, helping the driver see well and ensuring safety.
ISUZU 1 ton truck interior is comfortable and modern
ISUZU 1 ton truck interior is comfortable and modern

Low fuel consumption, environmental protection

The fuel consumption of the Isuzu 1 ton is low, helping to save operating costs. Not only that, the vehicle's emissions also meet Euro 2 emissions standards, contributing to environmental protection.

Cheap, competitive price

Isuzu 1 ton trucks are imported trucks with competitive costs compared to other vehicles in the same market segment.

2. What are the disadvantages of Isuzu 1 ton vehicles?

Although it has many outstanding advantages, the 1-ton Isuzu truck is only suitable for transporting compact goods because of its relatively small cargo box size and a few disadvantages:

  • Using leaf springs instead of air suspension causes the car to experience shock when traveling on rough, gravel roads.
  • The rear seat is relatively straight, with few adjustment modes, making passengers uncomfortable when traveling long distances.
  • Diesel engines emit noise and a characteristic smell of smoke, not suitable for sensitive people.

It can be seen that the Isuzu 1 ton truck is the perfect choice for individual businesses and small and medium-sized transport enterprises. With the advantages of compact, flexible design, powerful engine, fuel economy, durability and reasonable price, Isuzu 1 ton promises to bring high economic efficiency to users.

Isuzu 1 Ton Truck Price Quote

1. What factors does the purchase price of a 1 ton Isuzu truck depend on?

The price of Isuzu 1 ton trucks on the market today fluctuates with many prices, depending on the type of truck body, size and load, time of purchase as well as place of purchase, and vehicle condition. Specifically:

  • Type of car body: Closed box, open box, canvas box or refrigerated box will have different prices.
  • Size and load: Isuzu 1 ton trucks have a allowable load from 950kg to 1.9 tons as well as many different sizes, corresponding to different prices.
  • Time of purchase: Vehicle prices may change from time to time, depending on dealer promotions and the general market.
  • Where to buy: Each Isuzu authorized dealer may have its own pricing policy and incentives.
  • Vehicle condition: New cars are always more expensive than older or used cars.

To know the exact price of each 1-ton Isuzu truck model at the present time, you should contact the authorized dealer directly to receive an accurate quote.

2. Latest Isuzu 1 ton truck price list for reference

You can refer to the latest updated Isuzu 1 ton truck price list below:

Range of vehicle Weight Size (cm) New ISUZU 1 Ton Truck Price (VND/vehicle) Price of Used ISUZU 1 Ton Truck (VND/vehicle)
Isuzu 780 kg QLR 100 (QLR77FE4A) 3m65 closed box on wheels 780 kg 3.650 x 1.790 x 1.990 About 534.673.000 About 350.000.000
Isuzu 940 kg QKR 100 (QKR77FE4A) 3m3 closed box on wheels 940 kg 3.300 x 1.790 x 1.990 About 525.400.000 About 320.000.000
Isuzu 940 kg QKR 100 (QKR77FE4A) 3m3 rolling insulation box 940 kg 3.300 x 1.790 x 1.990 About 552.673.000 About 365.000.000
Isuzu 950kg QKR 100 (QKR77FE4A) 3m6 rolling canvas roof box 950 kg 3.600 x 1.790 x 1.990 About 524.400.000 About 345.000.000
Isuzu 950kg QKR 100 (QKR77FE4A) canvas roof box with 3m5 rolling platform 950 kg 3.500 x 1.790 x 1.990 About 565.900.000 About 380.000.000
Isuzu 990kg QKR 100 (QKR77FE4A) closed box without side door 3m5 on wheels 990 kg 3.500 x 1.790 x 1.990 About 525.400.000 About 345.000.000
Isuzu 1 ton QKR 100 (QKR77FE4A) 3m5 rolling canvas roof box 1 tons 3.500 x 1.790 x 1.990 About 524.400.000 About 345.000.000
Isuzu 1 ton QKR 100 (QKR77FE4A) 3m6 closed box on wheels 1 tons 3.650 x 1.790 x 1.990 About 525.400.000 About 345.000.000
Isuzu 1.05 ton QKR 100 (QKR77FE4A) 3m5 closed box on wheels 1.05 tons 3.500 x 1.790 x 1.990 About 525.400.000 About 345.000.000
Isuzu 1.1 ton QKR 100 (QKR77FE4A) 3m5 rolling aluminum canvas roof box 1.1 tons 3.500 x 1.790 x 1.990 About 556.900.000 About 370.000.000
Isuzu 1.2 ton QKR 100 (QKR77FE4A) 3m5 rolling composite closed box 1.2 tons 3.500 x 1.790 x 1.990 About 552.673.000 About 365.000.000

Isuzu closed truck
Isuzu closed truck
Isuzu 1 ton mezzanine tank
Isuzu 1 ton mezzanine tank

What to Note When Using Isuzu 1 Ton Truck?

When using a 1-ton Isuzu truck, you should remember important points such as: carrying the correct load, starting the vehicle and shifting gears appropriately, using the correct functions of the parts, and adhering to regular vehicle maintenance times.

1. Carry the correct load

Isuzu 1-ton trucks have a load capacity of 950kg to 1.990kg, depending on the specific version. Therefore, you should not carry too much weight, as it will not only affect the vehicle's engine but also pose a danger to you and other vehicles participating in traffic.

2. Start the vehicle and shift into the appropriate gear

It is necessary to confirm the level of fuel, oil, coolant and other important parameters before starting the vehicle. After starting, wait for the engine to operate stably before moving.

Use gear appropriate for speed and road conditions. When moving, you should change gears gently, coordinate the accelerator and clutch pedals smoothly, and avoid sudden gear changes that can damage the vehicle over time.

3. Use the correct functions of the parts

The 1-ton Isuzu vehicle does not have an ABS braking system, so avoid using the brakes too hard, but use the foot brake and handbrake at the same time when stopping the vehicle completely, and press the brake gently to avoid skidding.

During use, you should use a suitable lighting system and check regularly to ensure the lights are bright enough and function properly.

4. Comply with regular vehicle maintenance times

To maintain engine stability as well as increase vehicle life, periodic maintenance is required every 5.000km or 3 months of use. Prioritize maintenance at authorized Isuzu dealers or reputable addresses.

Maintenance items that should be noted are: Change lubricant oil and oil filter periodically as recommended by the manufacturer, check and maintain important parts such as brakes, tires, suspension system...

In addition, when using the vehicle, it is necessary to comply with road traffic laws.

Common Questions About Isuzu 1 Ton Trucks

1. What types of 1 ton Isuzu trucks are there?

Currently, on the market there are 4 types of 1-ton Isuzu trucks: refrigerated copper truck, Composite insulated truck, canvas truck and open truck.

2. In what cases are Isuzu 1 ton trucks commonly used?

Due to its compact size, flexibility and suitable load capacity, Isuzu 1 ton trucks are widely used in intra-city freight transportation, goods distribution or in home and office moving services. rescue and repair.

3. What to note when buying a new Isuzu 1 ton truck?

To own the most suitable and optimal 1-ton Isuzu truck, you should determine your needs; At the same time, find out the costs of car registration procedures, check the car carefully before buying and find a reputable car buying address. Specifically:

– Choose the appropriate type of vehicle body: The first step is to determine the type of goods you want to transport. Each type of goods will fit a different type of vehicle such as closed containers, refrigerated containers, and tarpaulin containers. You should consider choosing the appropriate trunk size to ensure optimal use efficiency.

– Find out the cost of vehicle registration procedures: The cost of registering a 1-ton Isuzu truck can vary depending on the province. Therefore, you should carefully learn about related fees such as vehicle registration fees, registration fees, civil insurance fees, registration fees, etc. to compare prices after adding up all costs. to ensure compliance with the estimated budget.

– Check the car carefully before buying:

  • Exterior: Check for scratches, dents or damage.
  • Interior: Check seats, dashboard, steering wheel, air conditioning system,...
  • Engine: Start the engine and check for noise, vibration and performance.
  • Gears: Change gears and check that they are smooth.
  • Chassis: Check for rust or damage.

– Choose a reputable dealer: Choosing a reputable dealer will help you own a quality car at a good price and thoughtful after-sales service.

Memorizing the notes as well New truck buying experience will ensure you own a quality car at an economical price.

4. What other 1-ton trucks are selling well today?

In addition to the 1-ton Isuzu, there are currently quite a few lines on the market 1 ton truck transporting goods received good reviews such as:

  • JAC X99 Truck 990kg.
  • Suzuki Carry Pro truck.
  • Tera 100 Truck.
  • Dongben T30 Truck.
  • Kenbo 1 ton truck.
  • TaTa Super ACE Truck 990Kg.
  • Thaco Towner 990 Truck.

5. Should I buy a used 1-ton Isuzu truck?

Buying a used Isuzu 1-ton truck can be a good choice if you have a limited budget.

Before buying a used car or truck, you need to determine your needs, finances as well as carefully research information about the used car market to make the best choices. At the same time, prepare all necessary documents to complete the procedures for quickly changing ownership.

You can also refer to the experiences in the article Experiences from A - Z Buy used cars and trucks Avoid "wasting money" to ensure ownership of a stable and sturdy used car.

6. Address for buying and selling reputable and quality new and used trucks in HCM?

With more than 10 years of experience in the industry of repairing - maintaining - buying and selling used/new cars, Thanh Phong Auto is proud to be trusted and chosen by many customers in the Southern region.

We understand that each truck model has its own advantages and disadvantages to suit the unique needs of each individual/business. Choosing the right type of vehicle not only saves costs but also ensures profits.

- Is Isuzu 1 Ton Truck Good? Price and Notes When Using
Address for buying and selling used and new trucks with good reputation and good prices in HCM

Therefore, every customer coming to Thanh Phong is committed to:

  • Dedicated advice: Provides detailed information about the parameters, features, advantages and disadvantages of each car model, helping you make the most accurate choice.
  • Transparent prices: Selling prices for used and new trucks are public and the most competitive in the market.
  • Attractive warranty policy: Support clear warranty policy for customers buying cars at Thanh Phong Auto.
  • Guaranteed quality: A team of experienced experts thoroughly inspects used vehicles before handing over.

Cooperating with Thanh Phong Auto, in addition to receiving a suitable car, customers are also assured of quality - price along with a great experience in service. If you have any questions about trucks or cars, contact Thanh Phong Auto's hotline for thoughtful support.

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