Is Jac 1.25 Ton Truck Good? Price and Notes on Use

- Is Jac 1.25 Ton Truck Good? Price and Notes on Use
Latest update date: February 18, 06

Jac 1.25 ton truck is a light truck line produced by Jac Vietnam Automobile Joint Stock Company in joint venture with China's Jac Motors Group.

According to the “Brandz Top 50 Global Brands in China 2021” Report, China Jac Group ranked 40th among global Chinese brands and among the top 20 Chinese star brands.

Currently, the Jac 1.25 ton truck is very popular in the Vietnamese market thanks to its modern design, flexibility to move on narrow roads and powerful 4-stroke diesel engine system, meeting Euro emission standards. 4. The car also impresses with its luxurious interior, fully integrated amenities, sturdy and safe chassis.

However, if you intend to buy a 1.25 ton light-duty Jac truck, you should consider the issue of limited load, not suitable for carrying heavy, large quantity and bulky goods. This brand is not popular enough, with few dealer systems in Vietnam.

Currently, families, small businesses, and small and medium-sized enterprises can consider buying a 1.25 ton Jac truck to transport light goods in inner city areas if they do not have much finance. Because the car price only fluctuates between 245.000.000 - 313.000.000 VND.

When using a 1.25 ton Jac truck, it is necessary to check the vehicle and vehicle information carefully, operate the engine properly, carry the correct allowable load and strictly comply with traffic safety laws. At the same time, you should periodically maintain your vehicle, replace genuine parts and store your vehicle in a safe, covered place.

To understand more about the Jac 1.25 ton truck, don't skip the following article!

Is the Jac 1.25 ton truck good?
Is the Jac 1.25 ton truck good?

Which Country Does the Jac 1.25 Ton Truck Originate From?

The 1.25 ton Jac truck originates from China, manufactured and assembled on Isuzu's advanced technology line at the Jac Vietnam factory (Binh Duong, Hanoi, Da Nang, Can Tho).

The car uses 100% components, equipment and technology from China's Jac Motors group. Jac Vietnam Auto Joint Stock Company is responsible for designing, manufacturing, producing and assembling this vehicle line at factories.

Jac Motors is one of the largest automobile manufacturers in China, founded in 1964. Currently, Jac is present in more than 130 countries around the world and is one of the popular truck brands in China. Vietnam.

Is Jac 1.25 Ton Truck Good?

The 1.25 ton Jac truck stands out with its modern, compact and flexible design combined with a powerful 4-stroke HFC1DA1-4 diesel engine, meeting the needs of carrying a variety of goods. Furthermore, the car's interior is also fully equipped, with a sturdy chassis system with many safety features, helping the car run smoothly even on bad roads.

However, the Jac 1.25 ton vehicle is still quite limited in terms of transport load, not suitable for bulky, heavy goods, moving long distances... The brand is not too popular, with few dealer systems and translation workshops. service.

Therefore, the 1.25 ton Jac truck is only suitable for transporting light goods under 1.25 tons in inner city areas. This is a suitable choice for households, small and medium-sized businesses and businesses with limited car purchasing budgets.

Jac truck 1.24 tons of canvas
Jac truck 1.24 tons of canvas

1. What are the advantages of the 1.25 ton Jac truck?

With outstanding advantages in design, engine, interior and exterior, chassis,... the 1.25 ton light-duty Jac truck is trusted and chosen by many individuals and organizations in Vietnam.

  • Modern, flexible design

Jac 1.25 ton truck impresses with its compact design and eye-catching design. The overall dimensions of the canvas truck are 5335 x 1710 x 2430 mm (LxWxH), the trunk has dimensions of 3200 x 1610 x 1200/1550 mm (LxWxH), suitable for carrying many different types of goods.

Thanks to its compact body with a turning radius of only 6.27m, the 1.25 ton Jac truck can easily move on narrow, crowded roads in the city. This is a great advantage compared to medium and heavy trucks.

  • Outstanding power, fuel economy

The Jac 1.25 ton truck has a HFC4DA1-1 4-stroke diesel engine with Isuzu technology, meeting Euro 4 emission standards. The engine has a capacity of 1.809cc, producing a maximum capacity of 50 kW/ 3200 rpm. This power helps the vehicle operate strongly, meeting the needs of transporting heavy goods.

Jac 1.25 ton truck engine
Jac 1.25 ton truck engine

At the same time, Isuzu engines are also famous for their fuel economy. Jac 1.25 ton truck only consumes about 8-9 liters/100km, down 12% compared to other vehicles in the same segment. This helps businesses save significantly on operating costs.

  • Luxurious furnishings, amenities

Entering the cabin of the 1.25 ton light-duty Jac truck, users will be surprised by a luxurious and comfortable interior space like those on passenger cars. The driver's seat is covered with high-quality leather, integrated with 6-way mechanical adjustment. The steering wheel nods, providing gentle power steering.

Jac 1.25 ton truck interior
Jac 1.25 ton truck interior

The dashboard is scientifically designed with full control buttons and a clock cluster that clearly displays operating parameters. The entertainment system includes convenient radio, music player, USB, and AUX. The car is also equipped with high-capacity air conditioning, providing cool air for the driver and passengers.

  • Chassis is sturdy and safe

The Jac 1.25 ton truck uses a tempered alloy steel chassis, 5mm thick, with good load-bearing and impact resistance. Front suspension system is dependent, spring leaf and hydraulic shock absorbers. Leaf spring rear suspension system combined with hydraulic shock absorbers.

Thanks to that, the vehicle operates stably and smoothly even when transporting heavy goods on rough and potholed roads. Front/rear drum brake system with hydraulic assistance provides high braking efficiency and safety.

In addition, the car is also equipped with many safety features such as: anti-lock braking ABS, electronic brake force distribution EBD, emergency brake assist BA, anti-theft system...

2. What are the disadvantages of the Jac 1.25 ton truck?

The 1.25 ton Jac truck has a limited load capacity, the brand is not really popular, and the dealer system and repair workshop are not many, so you need to consider when choosing.

  • Limited load

Jac 1.25 ton trucks only allow carrying goods with a load of 1.25 tons, not suitable for heavy, bulky items or large quantities of goods.

  • The brand is not reputable enough

According to some 2022 surveys, only about 15% of Vietnamese customers trust and choose truck brands from China, including Jac. Meanwhile, other imported car brands such as Isuzu, Hino or Mitsubishi account for 60% of consumer trust.

  • The system of agents and service workshops is not much

As of 2023, Jac only has about 30 authorized agents and service workshops nationwide. Meanwhile, long-standing auto brands such as Isuzu, Hino, and Hyundai all own over 70 dealerships and service workshops.

The after-sales network is still limited, causing many inconveniences for customers when wanting to maintain and repair their vehicles. Spare parts and replacement components for Jac vehicles are also more difficult to find than popular brands. Therefore, waiting time for repairs may be prolonged, affecting transportation business operations.

Jac 1.25 ton truck blue version
Jac 1.25 ton truck blue version

3. Should I buy a 1.25 ton Jac truck?

The Jac 1. 25 light ton truck is a suitable choice for small and medium-sized business owners who want to find an affordable light truck that meets the needs of transporting goods in the city. As follows:

  • Low finances but need a fully equipped, stable operating truck.
  • There is often a need to transport small quantities of light goods such as garments, household appliances, food, etc.
  • Mainly transporting goods within the city and surrounding areas with travel distances not too far.
Jac 1.25 ton closed tank truck
Jac 1.25 ton closed tank truck

What is the price of Jac 1.25 Ton Truck?

The price of the light-duty Jac 1.25 ton truck ranges from about 245.000.000 - 313.000.000 VND, flexible to adjust according to the body type, box size, accompanying features, price policy and promotions of the company. physical.

1. What factors does the price of a 1.25 ton light-duty Jac truck depend on?

The price of a Jac 1.25 ton truck will fluctuate depending on the body type, vehicle condition, included equipment and features, as well as the dealer's pricing and promotion policies. Customers should carefully review the information and contact the dealer to get the most accurate price for their needs.

  • Body type: The price of a 1.25 ton light-duty Jac truck will vary depending on the type of box such as open box, canvas box, closed box, batwing box.
  • Vehicle condition: Buying a used car will be much more economical than a new car.
  • Equipment and features: Vehicle price also depends on accompanying equipment and features such as air conditioning, sound system, sunroof...
  • Dealer's price policy and promotions: The price of the 1.25 ton Jac truck also depends on the price policy and promotion programs of each vehicle dealer. Customers should contact the dealer directly to receive the best quote.

2. Jac 1.25 ton truck price list updated in Quarter 2/2025

The price of a 1.25 ton light-duty Jac truck ranges from about 245.000.000 - 285.000.000 million VND for used cars and from 311.000.000 - 313.000.000 VND for new cars, much lower than other cars in the same segment. .

Kenbo 1 ton truck version New price (VND) Old price (VND)
Jac 1.25 ton truck with canvas roof 312.000.000 250.000.000 – 290.000.000
Jac 1.25 ton closed tank truck 313.000.000 255.000.000 – 295.000.000
Jac 1.25 ton flatbed truck 311.000.000 245.000.000 – 285.000.000

What to Note When Using a 1.25 Ton Light Duty Jac Truck?

Before using the Jac 1.25 ton truck, you should carefully check the vehicle's condition and find out information about the vehicle.

Throughout the travel process, pay attention to operating the engine properly with a reasonable load, drive the vehicle carefully and obey traffic safety laws.

In particular, you need to take your car for regular maintenance, replace genuine parts and choose to park in a garage or covered place.

1. Before use

According to recommendations from the manufacturer, before each trip, it is necessary to check tire pressure, brake pad wear, light operation, engine oil and coolant levels. This helps detect potential problems early, avoiding problems during operation.

At the same time, get opinions from people who have experience using this car model through forums and online reviews. This helps you have an overview of the vehicle's pros and cons, durability and operating costs.

2. During use

Jac trucks are equipped with powerful, fuel-efficient Turbo diesel engines. However, be sure to operate the engine at 70-80% capacity to achieve optimal efficiency.

At the same time, avoid overloading for long periods of time because it negatively affects the vehicle's longevity, stability and is dangerous when moving. With a allowable load of 1.250 kg, the vehicle is only allowed to carry goods weighing less than 1.250 kg, and should not carry more than 10% of the allowed load.

Although the Jac truck has a sturdy reinforced chassis and cabin, you still need to be careful when driving, especially on bad roads or crowded areas.

According to statistics, 70% of accidents involving trucks are due to collisions with other vehicles. Therefore, drivers should keep a safe distance, pay attention and obey traffic laws.

Jac 1.25 ton orange truck
Jac 1.25 ton orange truck

3. After use

To keep your vehicle in the best condition, it is necessary to perform periodic maintenance according to the manufacturer's recommendations. Specifically, you should change the engine oil and oil filter every 5.000 km, change the air filter and check the brake system every 10.000 km. Proper maintenance helps save repair costs and prolongs the life of the vehicle.

When it is necessary to replace parts such as brake pads, tires, batteries, genuine spare parts should be used to ensure quality and compatibility.

According to data from Jac, using genuine spare parts helps reduce the risk of failure by 30% compared to fake or counterfeit goods.

In particular, you should store your car in a garage or covered place, away from direct sunlight and prolonged rain. This helps limit paint fading, rust and deterioration of details.

Questions Regarding 1.25 Ton Light Duty Jac Truck

1. What type of gearbox does the 1.25 ton Jac use? How many levels are there?

The Jac 1.25 ton truck is equipped with a 5-speed manual transmission, allowing for smooth and accurate gear shifting. Fully synchronous gearbox, helping to operate smoothly and quietly.

2. What type of rear axle does the 1.25 ton Jac truck use? What is the transmission ratio?

The rear axle on the Jac 1.25 ton truck is a separate axle, using mechanical transmission. The density of the rear axle is 1045 kg, suitable for transporting goods on many different terrains.

3. What size is the 1.25 ton Jac light truck tire?

Jac 1.25 ton truck uses tires sized 6.50-16, 10PR for both front and rear wheels. The tire has a wide surface and deep tread, increasing traction.

4. How many liters does the fuel tank of the Jac 1.25 ton truck have?

The fuel tank of the 1.25 ton light-duty Jac truck has a capacity of 100 liters, enough for the vehicle to operate long distances without needing to refuel regularly.

5. How long is the warranty period for Jac 1.25 ton trucks?

The 1.25 ton Jac truck has a genuine warranty for 3 years or 100.000 km, whichever comes first. Warranty items include engine, gearbox, rear axle, electrical system.

6. Is the 1.25 ton light Jac truck easy to maintain and repair?

Jac 1.25 ton truck has a simple structure, easy to maintain and repair. Replacement parts and components are available at affordable prices.

Vehicle maintenance costs are quite reasonable, ranging from 2-4 million VND for each periodic maintenance (depending on the number of kilometers traveled). Compared to other trucks in the same segment, maintenance costs for Jac 1.25 ton trucks are about 10-15% lower.

7. What paint colors are available for Jac 1.25 ton trucks?

The 1.25 ton Jac truck has 3 main paint color options: white, blue and silver. Among them, white is the most popular paint color due to its high aesthetics and low stain resistance. White also helps the car look more luxurious and eye-catching. Besides, customers can order custom color paint at a cost of about 5-7 million VND.

8. Which small cargo truck is the best today?

8 Lines small cargo truck The best today include: Jac trucks, Suzuki trucks, Isuzu trucks, Dongben truck, Thaco truck, Kia truck, Teraco trucks, TQ Wuiling trucks.

9. Should I buy a used Jac truck?

If you have experience with cars, know how to check and choose a used car with good quality at a reasonable price, buying a used Jac truck is a choice worth considering. However, if you want to feel more secure about quality and warranty, you should buy a new car.

Some ideas when buy used trucks Avoiding "lost money" includes:

  • Learn about the market and prepare necessary documents before buying a car.
  • Choose to buy a car at reputable showrooms, used car buying and selling websites, used car markets, used car buying and selling groups...
  • Carefully check the interior and exterior, engine, transmission, and vehicle documents.
  • Vehicle valuation is based on vehicle depreciation, year of manufacture, number of kilometers, condition, version, brand, origin, vehicle color...
  • Complete purchase and sale procedures including making and notarizing contracts, paying registration tax and changing ownership.
  • ...

10. Where to buy used Jac trucks with good quality and good prices?

Thanh Phong Auto specializes in trading high quality used trucks, including many lines Jac truck New life, affordable price. We have a team of enthusiastic consultants, helping customers choose the right car for their needs.

Other advantages:

  • Support procedures for changing vehicle ownership.
  • Used trucks are guaranteed to operate well and have been thoroughly inspected by a team of professional experts.
  • The vehicle's origin is clear, no illegal vehicles are provided, or vehicles have a history of serious accidents...
  • Attentive warranty, support for vehicle maintenance and repair if any damage occurs.

In addition to old trucks, Thanh Phong also owns Chinese truck dealer Wuling, contact for more details!

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