Is Kenbo 1 Ton Truck Good? Quotation and Usage Notes

Is the 1 ton Kenbo truck good?
Latest update date: February 18, 06

Kenbo 1 ton truck is a light truck line produced by Chien Thang Auto in a joint venture with Beijing Automobile Corporation (BAIC).

By the end of 2022, there have been more than 5.000 1-ton Kenbo trucks sold on the market. This vehicle line is increasingly proving its quality and ability to meet the diverse transportation needs of Vietnamese customers.

The Kenbo 1-ton light truck is popular thanks to its powerful BAIC BJ413A engine, low fuel consumption, compact, flexible design and modern, fully-equipped interior space. In particular, this vehicle line also has a wide, sturdy trunk, spring wheel system, and tubed tires to help improve cargo transportation efficiency and vehicle longevity. The car price is also much cheaper than other brands in the same segment such as Thaco Towner, Veam VT200...

Regarding disadvantages, Kenbo 1 ton trucks are not appreciated for their quality like imported Japanese and Korean vehicles. The gearbox design and load capacity are limited, especially not suitable for carrying heavy, bulky goods or traveling long distances.

If businesses, small businesses or families need a light truck to transport goods within the city at a reasonable cost, they should consider buying a 1-ton Kenbo truck.

Currently, 1-ton Kenbo trucks range from 150-250 million, which can vary more or less depending on the version, vehicle equipment, vehicle condition, time of purchase and purchasing unit.

When using a 1-ton Kenbo truck, you need to clearly understand the vehicle's condition, how to operate and maintain it, and plan in detail for each leg of the journey. In addition, when driving, you must obey Road Traffic Safety laws, be careful, pay close attention and carry out vehicle maintenance according to the manufacturer's recommendations.

For detailed information about the Kenbo 1 ton light truck, please explore the details in the following article!

Is the 1 ton Kenbo truck good?
Is the 1 ton Kenbo truck good?

Origin of Kenbo 1 Ton Truck

The 1 ton Kenbo truck is a 990kg Kenbo light truck with a load capacity of 1 ton. The vehicle is researched, developed and produced by Chien Thang Auto with Beijing Automobile Corporation (BAIC). Launched in late 2017 and early 2018, in addition to serving the domestic market, the car has been exported to more than 20 countries across the continent.

Kenbo is a truck brand belonging to Beijing Automobile Corporation (BAIC) - one of the largest automobile manufacturers in China, headquartered in Liaoning province (near Beijing).

In Vietnam, Kenbo 1 ton trucks are manufactured and assembled by Chien Thang Auto Factory - a unit with more than 10 years of experience in commercial vehicle manufacturing, located at 251 Tran Tat Van Street, Trang Minh Ward, Kien An district, Hai Phong.

Chien Thang Factory imports synchronous components from BAIC (China) and carries out assembly using modern lines, ensuring vehicle quality according to international standards.

Is Kenbo 1 Ton Truck Review Good?

The 1-ton Kenbo truck has a powerful engine, low fuel consumption, flexible design and a relatively comfortable interior. Furthermore, the spacious trunk combined with spring wheels and tubed tires helps the vehicle have the ability to carry a variety of light items while still ensuring longevity. The car price is also relatively competitive compared to the general market level.

However, this vehicle line still has many limitations in quality, gearbox equipment and load capacity.

Therefore, the Kenbo 990kg truck is only suitable for transporting light goods weighing no more than 1 ton within the city. Customers suitable for using this type of vehicle include small and medium-sized enterprises, small-scale business units, and households with low car purchasing budgets.

Kenbo truck with white flat bed
Kenbo truck with white flat bed

1. What are the advantages of Kenbo 1 ton trucks?

Kenbo 1 ton trucks possess many advantages in terms of operating power, flexible design, comfortable interior and exterior, sustainability and affordable price.

  • BAIC BJ413A engine is powerful and fuel efficient

Kenbo 1-ton truck integrates BAIC BJ413A gasoline engine, manufactured by Beijing Automobile Corporation (BAIC). The engine has a capacity of 1.342cc, producing maximum power of 69Kw at 6.000 rpm and maximum torque of 110 Nm at 4.200 rpm.

Using electronic fuel injection technology, the engine meets Euro 4 emission standards, ensuring both operating power and optimal fuel economy. According to the manufacturer's announcement, the vehicle's average fuel consumption is only about 7 liters/100km.

Kenbo light truck engine
Kenbo light truck engine
  • Compact, flexible design

The 1-ton Kenbo truck has a compact design, with dimensions of 4665 x 1660 x 2280 (length X width x height), so it is easy to move into the city during the day without being banned from loading like other large trucks. The small size helps the vehicle maneuver on narrow, rural roads without obstacles.

  • Fully integrated amenities

Although it is a truck, the interior of the 1-ton Kenbo is not inferior to mid-range passenger cars. The car's cabin is designed to be spacious and airy with high-quality leather seats. The power steering wheel incorporates convenient buttons, along with a powerful 2-way air conditioning system.

Power steering wheel
Power steering wheel

In addition, the car is also equipped with amenities such as:

  • Electric windows.
  • AM/FM/MP3/AUX entertainment system.
  • Ceiling lights, step lights.
  • Dry the rear glass.
  • Electric rearview mirror…
  • ...
  • The trunk is spacious and sturdy

The truck has a variety of types (closed box, open box, canvas roof) up to 2m6 long and has a large area, so it can accommodate a diverse and flexible volume of goods.

The container material is made from 1.2 mm thick anti-rust alloy steel, powder coated. The vehicle floor is also firmly reinforced, ensuring safety for goods when traveling on all roads.

  • Spring wheels, tires with tubes

Kenbo 1 ton trucks are highly appreciated for using shoulder springs on the bridge, helping to increase the volume of goods loaded. Furthermore, installing tubed tires is also more durable than tubeless tires.

Kenbo truck tires
Kenbo truck tires
  • Affordable price, good support policy

Another advantage of the Kenbo 1 ton truck is its competitive price. In the Vietnamese market, the price of Kenbo light trucks is much cheaper than competitors in the same segment such as Thaco Towner, Veam VT200...

In addition, customers who buy 1-ton Kenbo vehicles also receive a warranty package of up to 3 years or 100.000 km and an installment payment support policy with preferential interest rates.

2. What are the disadvantages of the Kenbo 1 ton light truck?

The light-duty 1-ton Kenbo truck still makes consumers confused when choosing because the vehicle quality is not really outstanding, the gearbox is equipped and the vehicle load is still limited when carrying goods.

Kenbo red closed truck
Kenbo red closed truck
  • The quality is not really outstanding

According to a survey by Vietnamese automobile magazine AutoPro in October 10 with 2022 truck owners of all types, the quality of Kenbo 500-ton trucks only achieved an average score of 1/6,8, lower than other brands. Japanese trucks such as Isuzu (10/8,5), Hino (10/8,2) and Korean cars Hyundai (10/7,9).

The main reason for the low quality of Kenbo cars is because the car is assembled from 100% imported components from China. Although the manufacturer is committed to using advanced materials and technology, the durability and quality of the parts are still not comparable to genuine components of Japanese and Korean cars.

  • Gearbox equipment is limited

Compared to many 1-1,9 ton truck models in the same segment in Vietnam such as Kia K200 or Thaco Towner, the 1 ton Kenbo is only equipped with a 5-speed manual transmission, 1 gear less than its competitors.

This can be detrimental to the vehicle when operating on steep mountain passes, requiring multiple gears to optimize engine power and torque. Besides, the lack of gears also makes the vehicle's acceleration ability more limited at high speed ranges.

  • Low load

Kenbo 1 ton trucks have a cargo load limit of no more than 1 ton, so they are only suitable for carrying light goods in small quantities in inner city areas. The vehicle is not suitable for carrying bulky goods, heavy goods...

Should I buy a 1 ton Kenbo truck?

Deciding whether to buy a 1-ton Kenbo truck or not depends on many factors, including your usage needs, financial situation and personal views.

You should buy a car in the following cases:

  • There is a need to transport light goods such as food, household appliances, garments, etc. regularly.
  • Mainly used for driving in inner city areas, short travel distances.
  • Finances are not too much but need a truck with good performance and fully integrated with necessary amenities.

Light-duty Kenbo trucks are suitable for small and medium-sized businesses operating in the field of transportation, freight forwarding, small businesses (grocery store owners, bottle warehouse owners...), households .

Kenbo truck with blue batwing box
Kenbo truck with blue batwing box

How much does a 1 Ton Kenbo Truck cost?

Kenbo 1-ton trucks fluctuate around 150-250 million, depending on version, vehicle equipment, old/new condition, time of purchase,...

1. What factors does the price of a 1-ton Kenbo light truck depend on?

Kenbo 1 ton truck prices vary based on vehicle version and equipment, vehicle condition, time of purchase and dealer support policy.

  • Version and equipment

Kenbo 1 ton trucks have many versions such as flat trucks, closed trucks, canvas tanks, etc. with different equipment and amenities. More advanced versions with more equipment such as air conditioning, electric windows, electric locks, and leather seats will cost more than the standard versions.

  • Vehicle condition

The price of a used 1-ton Kenbo truck is also much cheaper than a new one, depending on the vehicle's condition and number of kilometers traveled.

  • Time to buy a car

Kenbo light truck prices also fluctuate over time, depending on incentives and promotions of dealers and vehicle manufacturers. On holidays, Tet or the end of the year, car prices are often lower than normal days.

  • Agent support policy

Different dealers will have different support policies and selling prices. Some units can support installment payments with preferential interest rates, or give gifts and accessories when buying a car. Therefore, you should consult and compare prices from many dealers to get the best price.

2. Kenbo 1 ton truck price list

The price of a 1-ton Kenbo truck ranges from about 150-250 million VND depending on the version, much lower than other vehicles in the same segment thanks to the use of cheap components.

Refer to the updated price quote for Quarter 2/2024:

Kenbo 1 ton truck version New price (VND) Old price (VND)
Kenbo flatbed truck 217.000.000 155.000.000 - 200.000.000 VND
Kenbo canvas truck 220.000.000 150.000.000 - 195.000.000 VND
Kenbo truck with batwing box 233.000.000 165.000.000 - 215.000.000 VND
Kenbo truck with galvanized closed box 228.000.000 160.000.000 - 210.000.000 VND
Kenbo stainless steel sealed truck 233.000.000 165.000.000 - 215.000.000 VND
Kenbo semi-mobile truck 236.000.000 175.000.000 - 220.000.000 VND

What should you keep in mind when using a 1-ton Kenbo truck?

To ensure safety, improve efficiency and prolong the life of Kenbo 1-ton trucks, drivers need to clearly understand the vehicle's situation and plan specifically for each trip. At the same time, strictly comply with regulations when traveling on the road and conduct regular vehicle maintenance.

1. Before operation

Before operating the Kenbo 1 ton truck, it is necessary to thoroughly check the entire vehicle and read the user manual to know how to operate and maintain it correctly. At the same time, comply with load regulations and make detailed plans for each leg of the journey.

  • Thoroughly check important vehicle parts such as tires, brakes, lights, coolant, and engine oil. According to statistics, more than 30% of accidents involving trucks are due to technical errors that can be prevented if checked carefully before hitting the road.
  • Carefully read the user manual that comes with each Kenbo vehicle model to understand the most standard operation and maintenance.
  • Strictly comply with the permissible load. Overloading can cause vehicle damage, traffic safety and reduce the vehicle's lifespan by 30-40% compared to normal.
  • Plan in detail for each journey in terms of route, travel time, prepare enough fuel, water, and food.
Kenbo truck with white batwing box
Kenbo truck with white batwing box

2. During driving

Throughout the process of driving a 1-ton Kenbo truck, you should pay attention to traffic and drive at the appropriate speed and gear to avoid sudden braking. Furthermore, it is necessary to pay attention to regular maintenance to ensure that the vehicle always operates smoothly and quietly.

  • Always pay attention, obey traffic laws and keep a safe distance. More than 90% of truck accidents are due to driver error (According to a report from the National Traffic Safety Committee).
  • Keep a reasonable speed, not too fast or too slow compared to road and weather conditions. The ideal speed when driving a truck is 40-60km/h.
  • Using the correct gear suitable for speed and terrain helps save 5-10% fuel.
  • Avoid sudden braking, brake slowly and use engine braking if necessary to avoid damage.
  • Regular maintenance every 5.000 - 10.000 km according to the manufacturer's recommendations.

Other notes:

  • Kenbo trucks should not be used to transport passengers: Kenbo trucks are designed to carry goods, not to transport passengers. Carrying passengers on a Kenbo truck is a violation of traffic laws and can endanger passengers.
  • Do not repair your car at unreliable facilities: When your car has a problem, take it to a reputable car repair facility to have it repaired properly.
  • Raise traffic safety awareness: Always obey traffic rules and drive with a high sense of responsibility to ensure the safety of yourself and others.
Kenbo truck, white with canvas roof
Kenbo truck, white with canvas roof

Questions Related to Kenbo 1 Ton Truck

1. What type of gearbox does the Kenbo 1 ton truck use?

The car is equipped with a 5-speed manual transmission, 1 speed less than some competitors in the same segment.

2. Does the Kenbo 1 ton truck steering wheel have power assistance?

The steering wheel is equipped with oil power assist to help steer smoothly and accurately. The sporty 3-spoke design, leather upholstery, and integrated function buttons also bring a comfortable driving experience to the user.

3. What suspension and shock absorber system does the Kenbo 1 ton light truck use?

The vehicle uses a dependent suspension system, hydraulic shock absorbers on the front axle and spring springs, hydraulic shock absorbers on the rear axle. This suspension system helps the vehicle operate stably and smoothly whether loaded or unloaded.

4. Are Kenbo 1 ton light truck brakes safe?

Kenbo trucks are equipped with vacuum-assisted oil brakes on both the front and rear wheels, ensuring strong and safe braking force. In addition, the car also has a mechanical handbrake that acts on the rear wheel to help increase safety when stopping and parking.

5. What is outstanding about the lights of the Kenbo 1 ton truck?

The car uses Halogen headlights for long-range lighting, LED headlights and fog lights to help increase visibility when driving at night or in bad weather conditions. In addition, the turn signals, brake lights and reverse lights all use energy-saving, long-lasting LED bulbs.

6. What material is the Kenbo 1 ton truck body made from?

The vehicle's cargo box is made from 1.2 mm thick anti-rust alloy steel, powder coated. The vehicle floor is also reinforced with 2.5 mm thick steel plates, ensuring strength and resistance to strong impacts when carrying goods.

7. Can Kenbo 1 ton trucks wade in deep water?

Kenbo 1 ton trucks are not designed for deep water wading. Therefore, you should not drive through deeply flooded roads because it can lead to serious consequences such as: Water entering the engine, electrical short circuit, loss of control...

8. What is the tire size of the Kenbo 1 ton light truck?

Kenbo 1 ton truck tire size is 5.50-13, both front and rear. This is a common tire size for small trucks, suitable for the vehicle's load and performance.

Tires 5.50-13 have the following parameters:

  • 5.50: Width of the tire tread in inches (1 inch = 2.54 cm).
  • -: Indicates radial structure (steel radial tire).
  • 13: Tire rim diameter in inches.

9. Which 1-ton truck is the best today?

Here are the 7 best 1 ton trucks today: Jac X99 truck, Suzuki Carry Pro truck, Tera 100 truck, Dongben T30 truck, Kenbo 1 ton truck, Tata Super ACE truck, Thaco truck Towner.

10. Should I buy a used Kenbo truck?

You should only buy a used Kenbo truck if your finances are tight, you have experience checking the quality and origin of the vehicle, and know how to negotiate the price.

Some notes when buy used trucks Avoid losing money:

  • It is necessary to clearly define needs, budget and thoroughly research the market.
  • You can buy a car in many places such as showrooms, websites, used car markets or acquaintances, but you should choose a reputable address to ensure quality.
  • Check the vehicle's condition from exterior, interior, engine, transmission to documents.
  • You should test drive it to feel the actual performance.
  • Carefully price the car based on many factors such as newness, number of kilometers traveled, condition, brand and market price reference.
  • Buying and selling transactions need to comply with legal processes and procedures with clear contracts, payment of taxes and change of ownership.

11. Where to buy quality used Kenbo trucks at good prices?

One of the reputable dealers to buy used Kenbo trucks is Thanh Phong Auto. With more than 10 years of experience in the used truck business, we always have the source Kenbo truck Diverse, quality is carefully tested before sale. Customers who buy a car here will receive support in completing title transfer procedures, registration, warranty and a flexible installment payment policy.

In addition to used trucks, Thanh Phong Auto also cooperates and distributes new truck TQ Wuiling. Contact us for more detailed information!

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