Top 8 Best Small Cargo Trucks: Advantages & Prices

small cargo truck
Latest update date: February 21, 06

Small truck carrying goods is one of the most commonly used vehicles today because of its compact size, easy to move in urban areas, meeting the goods transportation needs of many individuals and businesses.

With the increasingly diverse market for small cargo trucks, choosing a vehicle that suits your needs and budget is not easy. In this article, Thanh Phong Auto introduce to you Top 8 Best Small Cargo Trucks: Price List & Advantages, let's explore now!

The Best Small Cargo Trucks

Jac Truck

JAC truck is a cheap Chinese truck brand that is very popular in Vietnam. With the small truck line, JAC is providing the market with the following products:

Range of vehicle Updated price Quarter 3/2023 (VND)
Jac truck 990kg X99 mezzanine 259.000.000
Jac truck 990kg X99 canvas box 266.000.000
Jac truck 990kg X99 mezzanine 259.000.000
Jac Truck
Jac Truck

Advantages of Jac trucks:

  • Powerful and durable vehicle operation thanks to the use of the HFC4DA-1 engine.
  • The cabin is sturdy, durable and beautiful over time because of the application of welding and electrostatic painting technology.
  • Cabin space is spacious.
  • Jac truck accessories are compatible with Isuzu and Hyundai models so they can be easily replaced when damaged.

Suzuki Trucks

One of the most prestigious small truck manufacturing brands today must be mentioned Suzuki trucks. The vehicle design aims for sophistication and modernity with a high chassis, making it easy to move on many terrains. The engine system applies TECT technology so it operates strongly and lasts a long time.

Suzuki Trucks
Suzuki Trucks

Other advantages:

  • Safe cargo truck with reinforced bars, Mac Pherson front suspension system, radiator brakes, drum brakes...
  • Save fuel effectively, limit emissions into the environment.
  • The chassis is made of sturdy cast steel, covered with electrostatic paint so it can operate well in harsh weather in Vietnam.

Suzuki mini truck models:

Range of vehicle Updated price Quarter 3/2023 (VND)
Suzuki Truck 550kg closed box 263.000.000
Suzuki Pro 490kg sealed box 331.000.000
Suzuki Pro 580kg sealed box 331.000.000
Suzuki Truck 580kg canvas box 263.000.000
Suzuki Pro 600kg canvas box 331.000.000
Suzuki Truck 650kg mezzanine tank 245.000.000
Suzuki Pro 705kg mezzanine tank 309.000.000
Suzuki Blind Van 580kg sliding door 289.000.000

Isuzu Trucks

Isuzu small cargo truck Outstanding with an engine system that operates powerfully, smoothly and consumes little energy.

Isuzu Trucks
Isuzu Trucks

Other advantages:

  • Eye-catching appearance with white cabin and high chassis.
  • The truck body has a sturdy structure, helping to minimize vibration and shock when going through rough roads.
  • However, the car still has some limitations in the driver's seat and seats because they cannot be flexibly adjusted.

Isuzu small truck models:

Range of vehicle Updated price Quarter 3/2023 (VND)
Isuzu 1 ton closed tank – QKR77FE4 468.000.000
Isuzu 990kg closed box – QKR77FE4 468.000.000
Isuzu 990kg insulation tank – QKR77FE4 524.000.000

Dongben Truck

Dongben originates from China, focusing on manufacturing and distributing full lines of small trucks such as open trucks, closed boxes and canvas roofs.

Dongben Truck
Dongben Truck

Characteristics Dongben truck:

  • There are 10 colors for car owners to choose according to their preferences and feng shui.
  • The design is simple, compact but still ensures full convenience.
  • The cabin is spacious and firmly reinforced.
  • The car engine has high durability.

Dongben small truck models:

Range of vehicle Updated price Quarter 3/2023 (VND)
Dongben 770kg sealed box 177.500.000
Dongben 870kg mezzanine tank 156.000.000
Dongben 810kg canvas roof box 163.000.000
Dongben T30 990kg sealed box 236.000.000
Dongben T30 990kg canvas roof box 225.000.000
Dongben T30 990kg insulated barrel 240.000.000

Thaco Truck

Thaco truck Domestic installation should have an affordable price, suitable for many individuals/organizations to invest in.

Thaco Truck
Thaco Truck

Vehicle characteristics:

  • The lightweight vehicle helps save fuel during travel.
  • Fast bridge (small transmission ratio), suitable for normal travel conditions.
  • High durability, little damage.

Thaco small truck lines:

Range of vehicle Updated price Quarter 3/2023 (VND)
Thaco Towner 990 216.000.000
Thaco Towner 800 158.500.000
Thaco Towner 800-TB 191.000.000

Kia Truck

Kia is one of the reliable brands for those who want to buy light trucks because of its reasonable price and good fuel economy.

Kia Truck
Kia Truck

Characteristics Kia truck:

  • Originated from Korea.
  • Compact, modern and dynamic design.
  • Large interior space, ensuring safety for vehicle users.
  • Easy to replace components in case of damage.

Kia mini truck models:

Range of vehicle Updated price Quarter 3/2023 (VND)
Thaco Towner 990 216.000.000
Thaco Towner 800 158.500.000
Thaco Towner 800-TB 191.000.000

Teraco Trucks

Teraco trucks are a vehicle line of Daehan Motor brand, Korea. The car design is beautiful and relatively diverse, the most prominent being the two versions, blue and white. In terms of engine, the car uses engines from Isuzu and Hyundai, so it operates smoothly, is powerful, and has high durability.

Teraco Trucks
Teraco Trucks

Other features:

  • The car cover is coated with electrostatic paint to help the color appear evenly and beautifully.
  • Chasis system, tweezers, solid chassis.

Teraco small truck lines:

Range of vehicle Updated price Quarter 3/2023 (VND)
Teraco 1T9 Sealed Container – Tera 190 318.000.000
Teraco 1T9 Tarpaulin Box – Tera 190 305.000.000
Teraco 1T9 Tank – Tera 190 327.000.000
Teraco 2T4 Tank – Tera 240 340.000.000

China Wuling Truck

Just released not long ago but China Wuiling truck is considered a safe - durable - economical transportation option, promising to bring a new breeze to the truck market. This vehicle line is the result of cooperation between two famous brands Wuling Motors (SGMW - China) and Truckquip (Tan Chong - Malaysia), assembled at TCIE Vietnam Co., Ltd. factory with standard production process. Japanese technology, committed to comprehensive vehicle quality.

China Wuling Truck
China Wuling Truck

Outstanding advantages:

  • Able to reach maximum traction immediately upon departure.
  • Drive safely thanks to the ABS anti-lock braking system and electric power steering.
  • Components (air intake and exhaust system, electronic fuel injection system, engine) imported from Bosch (Germany) ensure the vehicle operates strong, durable and economical.
  • Environmentally friendly, meets Euro 5 emission standard conditions.
  • Many amenities make the rolling process more comfortable, easier and safer.
  • Rugged appearance and flexible and adjustable lighting system ensure safety and convenience during use.

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Quotation for TQ Wuling small truck:

Range of vehicle Updated price Quarter 3/2023 (VND)
TQ Wuling mezzanine
  • Standard: 209.000.000.
  • High-end: 219.000.000.
TQ Wuling sealed box
  • Standard: 227.000.000.
  • High-end: 232.000.000.
TQ Wuling canvas hood
  • Standard: 223.000.000.
  • High-end: 228.000.000.

Thanh Phong Auto: Specializing in Buying and Selling High Quality New and Used Cars in Ho Chi Minh

Thanh Phong Auto specialized Buy and sell used/new cars from many reputable brands such as China Wuiling, Thaco, Kia, Dongben... with many loads from small to large.

Purchasing at Thanh Phong Auto, customers are guaranteed:

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  • Thoughtful warranty (maintenance, repair, take care of cars).
  • Consulting on choosing a car model that suits customers' needs and financial capabilities.
Address for buying and selling used/new trucks with good reputation and good prices in HCM
Address for buying and selling used/new trucks with good reputation and good prices in HCM

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Hope the article Top 8 best small cargo trucks: price list & advantages will be useful to you. See more information about cars and trucks on our website.

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