Is Tera 100 Truck Good? Price and Notes on Use

tera 100 truck
Latest update date: February 14, 06

Tera 100 truck is a light truck line in the 1-ton load segment, manufactured by Daehan Motors - a reputable brand from Korea.

Launched in the Vietnamese market in 2017, Tera 100 quickly attracted the attention of customers because of its superior cargo box design, powerful engine, modern interior and reasonable price. For those who don't mind a new brand, this is a good option worth considering.

Quotations for 1 ton Tera trucks depend on condition (new/old) and container version. New cars range from 239 - 264 million VND, used cars range from 180-250 million VND.

According to a report from the National Traffic Safety Committee: "90% of traffic accidents are due to driver error."

Therefore, to use the Tera 100 truck safely and effectively, you need to pay attention before, during and after operation:

  • Before departing the vehicle: check the vehicle carefully, carry the correct load, secure the goods and wear seat belts properly.
  • Vehicle operation process: start the vehicle properly, drive carefully and comply with road traffic laws.
  • After operating the vehicle: turn off the vehicle engine properly, check for leaks and perform regular maintenance.

This article will help you review the Tera 100 truck in more detail, let's refer to it to make the right choice.

tera 100 truck
Is the Tera 100 truck good?

Overview of Tera Car Brand

Tera truck (Teraco) is a famous brand of Daehan Motors, one of the leading automobile manufacturers in Korea. In 2016, Daehan Motors Vietnam's factory was built in Cu Chi district with a large scale and advanced production process.

By 2017, Teraco "launched" and made a strong impression on Vietnamese users thanks to the quality of components imported from Korea, ensuring durability and suitability for terrain conditions in Vietnam. Besides, Daehan Motors continuously updates technology, regularly launching new versions with many outstanding improvements.

Currently, Teraco focuses on light trucks, applying advanced and environmentally friendly technology. Outstanding products include: Tera100, Tera-V, Tera180, Tera150, Tera350, Tera190SL, Tera345SL.

Among them, the 1-ton Tera 100 truck line is Teraco's main product with a big reputation, promising to bring satisfying experiences to individuals and businesses.

Is Tera 100 Truck Good?

The Tera 100 truck is a good suggestion for those who need a compact city truck with the advantages of design, engine, comfort and low price. However, if you are concerned about a new brand or unproven long-term durability, you should consider choosing.

1. What are the advantages of the 1 ton Tera series?

The Tera 100 truck impresses with its superior cargo box design, powerful fuel-efficient engine, impressive exterior and comfortable interior. Not only that, the selling price of the 1-ton Tera truck is quite competitive, suitable for a variety of users.

Superior container design

Tera 100 not only has a superior box design with the largest size in its segment, but also has 6 diverse box versions, meeting many different needs:

  • Has the longest tank design in the segment with a tank length of up to 2,750 meters.
  • Beautiful, meticulous, sturdy box design with good quality.
  • Diversified with 6 versions of the box, providing many options for users: open box, closed box, canvas roof, open canvas top, composite box and batwing box.

Tera 100 Barrels
Tera 100 Barrels
Tera 100 Cartons (Factory Version)
Tera 100 Cartons (Factory Version)
Tera 100 Open Roof
Tera 100 Open Roof
Tera 100 Sealed Containers
Tera 100 Sealed Containers
Tera 100 Composite Barrels
Tera 100 Composite Barrels
Tera 100 Boxes of Bat Wings/Bird Wings
Tera 100 Boxes of Bat Wings/Bird Wings

Powerful and fuel efficient engine

The car is equipped with a powerful, fuel-efficient Mitsubishi engine that meets Euro 4 emission standards and a 5-speed gearbox that operates smoothly.

  • Using Mitsubishi 4G13S1 gasoline engine with Japanese technology, meeting Euro 4 emission standards.
  • Capacity 92 horsepower at 6.000 rpm, maximum torque 109 Nm at 4.800 rpm.
  • MR5 513-speed manual transmission, smooth operation, durability and fuel economy.
  • Hydraulic brake system, vacuum assist, ensures safety.
  • Turning radius is only 5.48m, easy to move on many road conditions.

Impressive exterior design

The exterior design of the Tera 100 is impressive in the style of a passenger car, standing out in the light truck segment under 1 ton.

  • Chrome-plated steering wheel surface, modern Halogen headlight cluster with large size.
  • Solid frame system, cabin body stamped from high quality alloy steel.
  • Strict car painting process ensures rust resistance and color durability.

Equipped with modern amenities and entertainment

Tera 100's interior is modern and comfortable with many high-end equipment such as:

  • Chrome-plated interior in important positions, modern central clock cluster.
  • Electric power steering wheel, electric windows, air conditioning system, high quality felt seats.
  • MP3/radio entertainment system, ashtray, document compartment.

Competitive selling price

The selling price of the Tera 100 series is around 250 million (depending on the model), quite competitive compared to the market. This vehicle line is suitable for individuals, households and businesses that need to transport light goods.

tera 100 truck price list
Tera 100 truck technical specifications table

2. What are the disadvantages of the 1 ton Tera truck?

The Tera brand is still quite new in Vietnam, so the quality of the car when used for a long time has not been clearly verified.

Even though the car has been launched for about 6 years, Tera is still difficult to reach demanding customers, especially those who need certainty about long-term durability.

Latest Price Quote for Tera 100 Series

Quotations for 1 ton Tera trucks depend on condition (new/old) and container version. Below is the latest price list summary (updated May 5):

Version New purchase price (VND) Price range for buying a used car (VND)
Tera 100 Barrels 239.000.000 180.000.000 – 220.000.000
Tera 100 Sealed Containers 249.000.000 185.000.000 – 225.000.000
Tera 100 Cartons 246.500.000 190.000.000 – 230.000.000
Tera 100 Composite Barrels 252.000.000 195.000.000 – 235.000.000
Tera 100 Open Roof 252.000.000 190.000.000 – 230.000.000
Tera 100 Boxes of Bat Wings/Bird Wings 264.000.000 215.000.000 – 250.000.000

Note, used car prices may vary depending on vehicle condition, year of manufacture, number of kilometers driven, etc.

What to Note When Using Tera 100 Truck?

To ensure safety and efficiency when using the Tera 100 truck, you need to pay attention from before departure, operation until after stopping.

1. Before departure

Before departing the vehicle, it is necessary to check the vehicle thoroughly, ensure the correct load is carried, secure the goods carefully and wear seat belts properly.

  • Inspect the vehicle thoroughly

Tera car parts that need to be carefully checked include: oil level, coolant, brake fluid; tire pressure; status of vehicle lights, brakes, wipers; operation of the engine and gearbox.

  • Carry goods with the correct load

Xe loader Tera 100 has a allowable load of 990 kg. Do not exceed this load to ensure safety and longevity of the vehicle.

According to Decree 123/2021/ND-CP amending and supplementing a number of articles of Decree 100/2019/ND-CP, overloaded cargo vehicles may be subject to an administrative fine of 2-40 million VND.

  • Fixing goods

Goods should be securely fixed with straps, bars, or safety nets to avoid shifting during transportation. Moving goods can cause vehicle imbalance, leading to serious accidents.

  • Đảm bảo an toàn cho bản thân

Always wear your seat belt and close the car door carefully when sitting in the car. According to data from the National Transportation Safety Board, wearing a seat belt properly can reduce the risk of death by 45% and the risk of serious injury in an accident by 50%.

2. During operation

It is necessary to start the vehicle properly and be careful throughout the driving process to ensure that no risks occur.

  • Start the car properly

Do not start the engine too long before departure. This not only wastes fuel but also affects the life of the engine. You should only start the car about 30 seconds to 1 minute before starting to move.

  • Drive carefully and obey road traffic laws

Driving carefully and legally helps you minimize risks while participating in traffic. According to a report from the National Traffic Safety Committee, 90% of traffic accidents are due to driver error.

Notes for careful driving:

  • Always obey traffic rules such as speed limits, stopping at red lights, not using phones while driving, etc.
  • Keep a safe distance from other vehicles, especially when traveling on the highway. The minimum safe distance should be 2 times the vehicle body length.
  • Do not speed and overtake recklessly, especially on curves or places with many vehicles.
  • Use the brakes properly, avoid braking suddenly or continuously braking.
  • Always look around carefully before starting, changing lanes, stopping, etc. to avoid collisions with other vehicles. Pay special attention to "blind" spots such as the undercarriage and sides of the vehicle.
  • Use headlights when it's dark or in bad weather (fog, heavy rain), high beams when traveling during the day, turn signals when changing direction,...
  • You should avoid going on steep, slippery roads, especially when it's raining or foggy. If you must travel through these roads, slow down and increase observation.

3. After operation

You should turn off the truck engine properly, check the vehicle carefully after operation and maintain it regularly to ensure vehicle durability and longevity.

  • Turn off the vehicle properly

Do not turn off the engine suddenly immediately after stopping the vehicle. Let the engine idle for 1-2 minutes before turning off the engine to help the engine cool down slowly, avoiding damage.

  • Check the vehicle after operation

Check to see if the vehicle is leaking lubricant or coolant. If you detect any problems, take the car to the garage for timely inspection and repair.

  • Regular vehicle maintenance

Perform regular vehicle maintenance according to the manufacturer's recommendations to ensure the vehicle operates stably and prolongs its life. Tera 100 trucks should be periodically maintained every 5.000 km or 3 months (whichever comes first).

Tera 100 Truck Frequently Asked Questions

1. What color options are available for the Tera 100 truck?

The Tera 100 truck currently has 3 main color options: white, blue and moss green. All are painted using modern powder coating technology, ensuring optimal gloss and rust resistance.

2. What is special about the suspension system of the 1 ton Tera truck?

The Tera 100 uses an independent suspension system on both the front and rear axles, with springs and hydraulic shock absorbers designed specifically for each axle. Thanks to that, the vehicle operates more smoothly, reduces vibration when traveling on rough terrain, and increases the durability of chassis details.

3. In what terrain can the Tera 100 run well?

With a ground clearance of 190mm and an independent shock absorber system, the Tera 100 can operate well on many different terrains such as asphalt roads, dirt roads, hilly roads, etc. The turning radius of only 5,48m also helps the car Easily move in crowded, narrow areas like in the city.

4. Are Tera truck maintenance costs high?

Thanks to the use of many high-quality and durable components, the Tera 100 truck has quite reasonable maintenance costs compared to other vehicles in the same segment.

Details such as oil filter, air filter, brake fluid, etc. are all affordable and easy to find.

5. What are the advantages of the composite vehicle body on the Tera 100?

The composite trunk is a highlight of the Tera 100, with many outstanding advantages compared to traditional metal trunks such as:

  • The weight is 30-40% lighter, helping the vehicle operate more flexibly and save fuel.
  • High durability, no corrosion or rust like regular iron barrels.
  • Easy to shape into many different designs, increasing aesthetics and diverse cargo carrying capacity.
  • Better heat and sound insulation, limiting the impact of weather on goods.

6. Is Teraco's dealer and garage network wide?

Teraco is increasingly expanding its dealer and garage network nationwide, with more than 50 Dealers and 60 sales points nationwide. This helps customers easily access, experience and own Teraco products, and receive quick support when needing maintenance and repair.

Teraco also continuously trains staff and technicians to improve service quality, bringing maximum satisfaction to customers.

7. Should I buy a new or used 1 ton Tera truck?

You should buy a new car if you have enough finances and need genuine warranty and guaranteed quality. If you need a cheap Tera 100 car, accept the potential risks and have experience in vehicle inspection, you can choose to buy a used car. Refer to the article From A – Z Buy Used Cars and Trucks to avoid "losing money" is updated on the website.

8. Where to sell reputable, quality used and new light-duty Tera cars?

Thanh Phong Auto with more than 10 years of experience in the field Buy and sell used/new cars and trucks, proud to be a reputable and quality supplier of light-duty Tera trucks in Ho Chi Minh City.

- Is Tera 100 Truck Good? Price and Notes on Use
Address to buy/sell used and new trucks with good reputation and good prices in HCM

Strengths of Thanh Phong Auto:

  • Dedicated team of consultants: Knowledgeable about truck models, ready to assist customers in choosing the most suitable product.
  • Providing a variety of light trucks: (990kg-1.5 tons) of many brands, meeting the diverse freight transport needs of customers.
  • Competitive and transparent selling price: Used trucks are thoroughly inspected and maintained, ensuring quality and complete paperwork.
  • Attractive, long-term warranty policy: Supports quick handling of car buying and selling procedures.
  • Providing new and used trucks of many brands: Thanh Phong Auto provides a variety of used trucks from Kia, JAC, Suzuki, Hyundai, Isuzu, Thaco, TaTa, Dongben,... and is a China Wuling South Saigon Dealer, specializing in distribution China Wuling truck Genuine with many attractive offers.

Hope the above information will be useful. To be Quotation for 1 ton trucks (old and new) best and compare, choose the right one, contact Thanh Phong Auto immediately.

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