Is Thaco 1 Ton Truck Good? Price and Notes on Use

Thaco 1 ton truck
Latest update date: February 17, 06

Thaco 1 ton truck is a prominent light truck line on the market, produced by Truong Hai Auto Joint Stock Company (Thaco). The vehicle belongs to the 990kg Thaco Towner series with a load capacity of 1 ton, meeting the needs of transporting goods in inner-city areas.

Thaco brand 1-ton trucks are highly appreciated for their powerful, fuel-efficient engines, precise transmission systems, and long life. This helps the vehicle operate stably, durable and flexible. The car design stands out with a modern, dynamic design, fully integrated with necessary utilities.

However, Thaco 1 ton trucks only allow carrying goods of 1 ton or less, so they are not suitable for transporting large volumes and long distances. If you need to transport light goods, within the city and don't have too much money, this truck is a choice worth considering.

Dr. Bui Ngoc Hung, transportation expert, said: “Light trucks are very suitable for flexible transportation of goods in urban areas. It is necessary to pay attention to the allowable load to ensure safety and vehicle longevity."

Thaco 1 ton truck price ranges from approx 130.000.000 ~ 253.600.000 VND, depending on the vehicle version (body type), vehicle condition (old, new), time of purchase, vehicle color...

To ensure the safety and longevity of Thaco trucks, it is necessary to perform periodic maintenance as recommended by the manufacturer (every 5.000km or 3 months), do not overload and check the vehicle condition before each trip. .

In addition, neat and balanced loading of goods along with compliance with traffic laws and safe driving are also important factors that contribute to ensuring safety and efficiency when using Thaco trucks.

To better understand Thaco 1 ton trucks, please refer to the following article!

Thaco 1 ton truck
Xe tải Thaco 1 tấn có tốt không?

Origin of Thaco 1 Ton Truck

Thaco 1 ton truck belongs to the Thaco Towner 990 light truck line, lifting 1 ton. The car is manufactured by Truong Hai Group Joint Stock Company (Thaco) - One of the leading reputable car manufacturers in Vietnam with more than 20 years of operation.

Thaco 1-ton truck components are imported from reputable suppliers in the world such as Japan, Korea, Germany... Some other parts are produced directly at Thaco factories.

Thaco 1 ton trucks are completely assembled at Thaco factories according to European standards in Vietnam with a commitment to quality, safety and outstanding durability.

Is Thaco 1 Ton Truck Review Good?

Thaco 1 ton light trucks are highly appreciated for their strong performance, fuel economy and good load capacity. The car's interior and exterior are modern and comfortable, suitable for Vietnamese tastes. However, this vehicle cannot carry large quantities of goods or long distances, so you need to consider carefully before buying.

Thaco 1-ton trucks provide a great solution for transporting light goods within the city for small businesses and business households.

xe tải thaco 1 tấn có tốt không
Thaco 1 ton truck

1. What are the advantages of Thaco 1 ton trucks?

Thaco light trucks have powerful engines, low fuel consumption, and smooth, durable transmissions that help the vehicle operate and carry goods flexibly. In addition, modern and comfortable interior and exterior are also plus points for this car line.

  • Powerful engine, fuel efficient

Thaco 1-ton truck is equipped with a Japanese CN Suzuki multi-point electronic fuel injection engine, with a turbocharger to cool the intake air, helping to ensure durable, stable operation and fuel economy.

According to Thaco's announcement, the fuel consumption of a 1-ton Thaco truck is only about 5 liters/100km. The engine meets Euro 4 emission standards and is environmentally friendly.

  • The gearbox shifts accurately, smoothly and is durable

Thaco 1 ton light truck uses a dry friction clutch transmission, mechanical drive, highly synchronized and durable. The gearbox provides smooth, gentle and precise gear shifting.

  • Stable operation, good load capacity

Thaco Towner 990 lifts 1 ton with an independent suspension system, tie rod springs and a sturdy chassis, with good load capacity, providing a smooth, safe and stable driving experience on all terrains.

  • Flexible carrying capacity

Thaco 1 ton trucks provide a variety of container options, including: open containers, closed containers, and tarpaulin containers. Each type of box is suitable for each different item, ensuring optimal safety during transportation.

  1. Mezzanine box: Suitable for transporting bulky goods, easy to load and unload.
  2. Sealed box: Protects goods from the effects of weather and the outside environment.
  3. Tarpaulin box: Combines the advantages of open and closed boxes, the canvas can be opened for loading and unloading.
  • Modern design, comfortable

Thaco 1 ton trucks have a modern, dynamic design, suitable for the tastes of Vietnamese consumers. Wide visibility, helping drivers easily observe.

Halogen lighting system has high brightness, ensuring safety when traveling at night. The rearview mirror and front view mirror have a wide viewing angle, helping to eliminate blind spots.

Comfortable interior, including spacious, airy cabin, power steering, vacuum-assisted hydraulic brakes, air conditioning, audio system such as radio, MP3, CD.

2. What are the disadvantages of Thaco 1 ton trucks?

Thaco 1-ton trucks have limited load capacity and are not suitable for long-distance transport.

  • Limited load: 1 ton load is not suitable for the need to transport large volumes of goods.
  • Not suitable for long-distance transport: Compact size and low load make the vehicle unsuitable for long-distance trips.

3. When should you buy a 1 ton Thaco truck?

You should buy Thaco trucks when you need to transport goods under 1 ton in inner city areas with a moderate financial investment.

  • Transport activities mainly in the inner city: The compact and flexible size of Thaco 1-ton trucks helps move easily in the inner city, especially on narrow and crowded roads.
  • Need to transport goods weighing less than 1 ton: The vehicle's 1-ton load capacity is suitable for transporting items such as food, household appliances, garments, etc.
  • Pay attention to reasonable prices: Thaco 1-ton trucks have competitive prices compared to other light trucks on the market, suitable for the financial capabilities of many small businesses and business households.

Thaco 1 ton truck is suitable for small businesses and business households that need to carry goods for exchange, go to the market, picnic...

giá xe tải thaco 1 tấn
Tiêu cho chọn xe tải Thaco 1 tấn

How much does a 1 Ton Thaco Truck cost?

Thaco 1 ton truck price ranges from 219.000.000 ~ 253.600.000 VND.

This price depends on many factors, including: vehicle version (box type), vehicle condition (old, new), time of purchase, vehicle color, accompanying accessories, car dealer...

Refer to Thaco truck price list updated in Quarter 2/2024:

Range of vehicle New purchase price (VND) Old purchase price (VND)
Thaco Towner 990 flatbed truck 219.000.000 130.000.000 – 180.000.000
Thaco Towner 990 canvas roof car 233.200.000 to 236.700.000 150.000.000 – 200.000.000
Thaco Towner 990 sealed truck 244.300.000 to 253.600.000 150.000.000 – 210.000.000

What to Note When Using Thaco 1 Ton Truck?

When using Thaco trucks, it is necessary to perform periodic maintenance as recommended by the manufacturer (after every 5.000km or 3 months of use), complying with regulations on allowable load. At the same time, pay attention to checking the vehicle, carrying goods properly, obeying traffic safety laws... to ensure safety.

1. Periodic maintenance

Periodic maintenance is the inspection, replacement and adjustment of vehicle parts and details according to the manufacturer's regulations. Regular maintenance helps Thaco light trucks operate stably, durably and save fuel.

Manufacturer's recommendations on periodic maintenance for Thaco 1 ton trucks:

  • Change engine oil: Every 5.000km or 3 months of use.
  • Change oil filter: Every 5.000km or 3 months of use.
  • Check and replace engine air filter: Every 10.000km or 6 months of use.
  • Check and replace fuel air filter: Every 20.000km or 12 months of use.
  • Check and adjust the brake system: After every 10.000km or 6 months of use.
  • Check and replace tires: When tires are worn or damaged.

2. Pay attention to load regulations

According to Vietnamese law, Thaco 1-ton trucks have a maximum load of 1 ton. However, in reality, many vehicle owners often overload vehicles to increase economic efficiency.

Overloading can lead to many risks such as:

  • Causes damage to the vehicle.
  • Loss of traffic safety.
  • Violates the law and is fined.

Therefore, drivers need to comply with load regulations when using 1-ton Thaco trucks.

3. Ensure safety when operating

You need to pay attention to safety when operating a 1 ton Thaco truck by checking the vehicle carefully before driving, carrying goods properly, and following road traffic safety laws...

  • Inspect the vehicle thoroughly before departure: Including checking tires, brakes, vehicle lights, steering system,...
  • Carry goods properly: Goods must be neatly stacked, balanced, and not overloaded.
  • Obey traffic rules: Go in the right lane, at the right speed, do not swerve or overtake recklessly.
  • Be careful when participating in traffic: Give way to pedestrians, motorbikes, children,...
  • Do not use your phone while driving: Concentrate on driving to ensure safety.
  • Get enough rest when driving long distances: Avoid driving when drowsy or tired.
lưu ý khi mua xe tải thaco 1 tấn
Mua xe tải Thaco 1 tấn cần lưu ý gì?

Questions Related to Thaco 1 Ton Truck

1. What equipment does the Thaco 1 ton truck have to ensure the safety of the driver and passengers?

Safety equipment for Thaco 1-ton trucks can vary depending on version such as hydraulic brakes, hand brakes, seat belts, rearview mirrors...

2. What driver's license is required to drive a 1-ton Thaco light truck?

To drive a 1-ton Thaco truck, the driver needs to have a class B1 driver's license or higher.

3. Can Thaco 1 ton trucks move on the highway?

Thaco 1-ton trucks can travel on the highway if the vehicle is fully registered, the vehicle's weight does not exceed the allowable load of each highway section, and the driver strictly obeys traffic safety laws.

4. Should I buy a 1 ton Thaco truck in installments?

You should buy a 1 ton Thaco truck in installments when you need to carry goods under 1 ton a lot, continuously and have enough financial capacity to pay the amount needed in the future.

Buying a truck in installments helps reduce financial pressure. Instead of paying the entire car purchase price at once, you can split the payment into several months, reducing the financial burden on yourself. At the same time, you can own and use a car immediately to serve business or personal needs, instead of having to wait until you have enough money to buy a car.

However, when buying a car in installments, you will have to pay additional interest to the bank or finance company, ranging from 7% to 12% per year. If you do not fully pay the loan according to the contract, the bank or finance company has the right to repossess the vehicle.

5. Should I buy a used 1 ton Thaco truck?

Have. In case you have limited finances, cannot afford to buy a car in installments and want to own a high-capacity vehicle, you should buy a used Thaco light truck.

To buy used trucks good, reasonable price, you need to pay attention to the following issues:

  • Origin of vehicle.
  • Vehicle condition.
  • Car buying and selling prices.
  • Process and procedures for buying and selling used cars in accordance with regulations.

6. What should you keep in mind when buying a new 1-ton Thaco truck?

If you want to own a genuine new 1 ton Thaco truck at a good price, please refer to some Experience when buying a new truck or:

  • Clearly determine your transportation needs (load, container size, etc.) and the budget you are willing to pay.
  • Carefully research Thaco 1-ton trucks on the market, compare prices, features and advantages and disadvantages of each vehicle model to choose the appropriate product.
  • Buy a car from a reputable dealer, test drive it and read the contract carefully before signing.

7. Where to buy used Thaco 1 ton trucks with good quality and good prices?

With many years of experience in the industry, Thanh Phong Auto Proud to be the address providing quality used 1-ton Thaco trucks at good prices.

At Thanh Phong Auto, you can be completely assured about:

  • Vehicle quality: Thanh Phong Auto only provides genuine Thaco trucks, which have been thoroughly checked for quality before being handed over to customers.
  • Competitive prices: Thanh Phong Auto is always committed to providing customers with products at the best prices in the market.
  • Professional service: A team of enthusiastic and experienced consultants will always be ready to help customers choose the car that best suits their needs.
  • Reputable warranty and maintenance policy: Thanh Phong Auto has a quick and thoughtful warranty policy. Customers are supported with professional vehicle inspection, maintenance, repair and refurbishment.

Contact for more details!

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