Is Thaco Towner Truck 750, 800, 990kg Good? Price and Notes on Use

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Thaco Towner truck is a light truck line under the Thaco brand - manufactured by Truong Hai Group.

According to statistics from VAMA, in 2022, Thaco Towner will achieve sales of nearly 2.000 vehicles/month, accounting for 40% of the market share of light trucks under 1 ton in Vietnam. It can be said that Thaco Towner is the top choice in the small truck segment, optimally meeting the flexible cargo transportation needs of Vietnamese people.

Thaco light trucks are so popular thanks to their flexible, compact design, diverse loads, powerful and fuel-efficient engines. Along with that is outstanding load capacity, reasonable price and full integration of utilities in the vehicle interior.

However, Thaco Towner 750, 800, 990kg also causes confusion for buyers because of its limited load, not suitable for transporting large quantities of goods, heavy, bulky goods and moving long distances.

Currently, Thaco 750, 800, 990kg trucks are being used by families, store owners, and small businesses that need to regularly transport light goods in inner-city areas.

In terms of price, Thaco Towner trucks range from approx 105.000.000 - 216.000.000 VND Depending on the vehicle model, vehicle condition, price, etc.

When using Thaco light trucks, you need to pay attention to a number of issues such as: clearly understanding the vehicle and its condition, checking goods carefully (load, arrangement), driving carefully and according to the law, and ensuring safety. Periodic maintenance, quick repair when detecting damage...

All detailed information about Review of Thaco Towner 750, 800, 990kg trucks: quality, price and usage notes are presented in the following article, let's explore!

Is Thaco Towner truck good?
Are Thaco Towner 750, 800, 990kg trucks good?

Origin of Thaco Towner Truck

Thaco Towner trucks originate from Vietnam, manufactured by Truong Hai Group Joint Stock Company (Thaco).

Truong Hai Group Joint Stock Company (Thaco) was established in 1997 in Dong Nai by Mr. Tran Ba ​​Duong. From a used car trading and repair company, Thaco has developed into a multi-industry corporation with 6 member companies operating in the fields of automobiles, agriculture, mechanics, logistics, construction and trade. service.

Thaco Towner was officially introduced to the Vietnamese market by Thaco Truong Hai in 2009. Since its launch, Thaco Towner has quickly become one of the most popular light trucks in Vietnam thanks to its compact design. , flexible, reasonable price and diverse transportation capabilities.

Currently, Thaco Towner has many versions with diverse loads and trunks to meet the needs of many customers:

  • Thaco Towner 800.
  • Thaco Towner 800TB.
  • Thaco Towner 990.
  • Thaco Towner Van.

Thaco Towner trucks are manufactured at Thaco Industrial Park in Chu Lai, Quang Nam on a technology transfer line from Suzuki, ensuring quality and safety.

- Is Thaco Towner Truck 750, 800, 990kg Good? Price and Notes on Use
Truong Hai Group manufacturing factory

Review: Is Thaco Towner 750, 800, 990kg Truck Good?

Thaco Towner 750, 800, 990kg trucks have many outstanding advantages such as compact design, diverse load capacity, powerful engine, good load capacity, reasonable price and fully equipped facilities.

However, this vehicle has a light load and is not suitable for heavy, bulky items or long-distance transportation.

Therefore, Thaco Towner light trucks are the ideal choice for families, shop owners, and small businesses that need to regularly transport goods within the city.

Thaco Towner white closed truck
Thaco Towner white closed truck

1. What are the advantages of Thaco Towner 750, 800, 990kg trucks?

With outstanding advantages of flexible design, diverse load capacity, powerful and economical engine, outstanding load capacity, competitive price and comfortable equipment, Thaco Towner 750, 800, 990kg has been conquering many demanding customers.

  • Compact design, flexible to move in the city

Thaco Towner truck's overall dimensions LxWxH are 3540 x 1400 x 1780 (750kg version), 3570x 1400 x 2105 mm (800kg version), 4400 x 1550 x 1920 mm (990kg version). The car cabin is compact and quite flexible. This size is suitable for the vehicle to wriggle and move in narrow alleys, crowded streets or delivery routes in the inner city.

The turning radius of about 5m also helps the vehicle easily turn and move in limited spaces. This is Thaco Towner's advantage compared to many competitors in the same segment of trucks under 1 ton.

  • Diverse loads, meeting flexible cargo needs

Thaco Towner has many different load capacity versions from 750kg, 800kg, to 990kg, helping customers choose the model that best suits their cargo transport needs:

In addition, Thaco Towner also has many types of containers such as closed containers, canvas-covered containers, open-air containers, and dump containers with many sizes, flexibly meeting different transportation needs.

  • Suzuki engine (Japan) is powerful and fuel efficient

Providing power for the Thaco Towner truck is the Japanese CN Suzuki engine block, famous for its durability, strong performance and fuel economy.

According to announcement from Thaco, the average fuel consumption of the car is only about 5 liters/100km, saving more than 20% compared to many cars in the same segment. The engine also meets Euro 4 emission standards, contributing to environmental protection.

  • Outstanding load capacity with sturdy chassis

Thaco Towner's chassis is made from thicker steel than many other car models with a monolithic stamped structure. This helps increase load-bearing capacity, carry heavy goods while still ensuring the vehicle's rigidity and safety.

The vehicle's suspension system includes an independent MacPherson front part and a leaf spring rear part with 6 leaf springs to help the vehicle operate stably and smoothly even when carrying heavy loads. Tires also contribute to improving load-carrying capacity.

  • Competitive prices, saving investment costs

Another outstanding advantage of Thaco Towner trucks is that the price is quite competitive compared to imported models in the same segment. Along with the ability to save fuel and low maintenance and repair costs, Thaco light trucks help users save significantly on investment and operating costs.

  • Comfortable, fully equipped, enhancing driving experience

Even though it is a truck, Thaco Towner's cabin interior is still fully equipped with amenities. Nodding steering wheel, felt seat with headrest, electric windows, air conditioning vents, rear window dryer, radio, USB port, clothes hanger... help make the driving space more comfortable.

In addition, the car also has Halogen headlights for good lighting, convenient electric rearview mirrors, and many safety equipment such as belts, central door locks, fog lights, reverse warning, and braking system. ABS/EBD…

Thaco Towner truck with white canvas roof
Thaco Towner truck with white canvas roof

2. What are the disadvantages of 750, 800, 990kg Thaco Towner trucks?

The disadvantage of 750, 800, 990kg Thaco Towner trucks is their limited load capacity, only suitable for carrying light goods. The vehicle is not capable of carrying heavy, large quantities, or bulky items... With its compact size and low load capacity, light-duty Thaco trucks are also not suitable for long-distance transportation.

3. When should you buy Thaco Towner 750, 800, 990kg light trucks?

You should buy a Thaco Towner light truck when you need to transport goods regularly but not too much. At the same time, I want to own a cheap, fuel-efficient truck that is easy to move in the inner city area.

Thaco light trucks are suitable for:

  • Store owners and small businesses: Thaco Towner is the suitable choice for transporting goods within the inner city or surrounding areas at a reasonable price.
  • Individuals doing online business: With its compact size, Thaco Towner can easily move in narrow alleys, suitable for door-to-door delivery of goods.
  • Family: Thaco Towner can be used as a tourist car combined with cargo transport for family outings, picnics, etc.
Thaco Towner blue flatbed truck
Thaco Towner blue flatbed truck

What is the price of Thaco Towner Truck?

Thaco Towner truck prices range from 105.000.000 - 216.000.000 VND. This price can flexibly change depending on load level, box style, vehicle model (old, new), supplier, market...

Refer to Thaco light truck price list updated in Quarter 2/2024:

Range of vehicle New price Old price
Thaco Towner 800 Sealed Container – 850kg VND XNX 105.000.000 - 140.000.000 VND
Thaco Towner 800 Container – Load capacity 990kg VND XNX 110.000.000 - 150.000.000 VND
Thaco Towner 800 Tarpaulin Box – Load capacity 900 kg VND XNX 105.000.000 - 140.000.000 VND
Thaco Towner 800TB – 750kg Dump Box (0.89 Cubic) VND XNX 150.000.000 - 180.000.000 VND
Thaco Towner 990 Mezzanine – 990 kg VND XNX 180.000.000 - 200.000.000 VND
Thaco Towner 990 Canopy – Load capacity 990kg VND XNX 180.000.000 - 200.000.000 VND
Thaco Towner 990 Truck – Closed Container – Load capacity 990 kg VND XNX 180.000.000 - 200.000.000 VND

What to Note When Using Thaco Towner Trucks?

Before driving a Thaco Towner truck, read the manual carefully and check the vehicle thoroughly, carry the correct load and distribute goods scientifically to ensure safety. When using, pay attention to driving carefully, obey traffic laws and perform periodic maintenance along with timely repairs.

1. Before use

Before using a Thaco Towner truck, you need to clearly understand the vehicle and its condition, and consider whether the goods are transported appropriately to ensure safety.

  • Read the user manual carefully: Before starting to use the Thaco Towner truck, the first thing everyone needs to do is read the user manual carefully. This is not only a regulation, but also the most important source of information for you to understand the structure, proper operation and maintenance of your vehicle.
  • Check the vehicle before departure: Before each trip, perform a thorough check on the truck, including tires, oil, coolant, brakes, lights... Make sure all parts are in good condition. Best for safe and durable vehicle operation.
  • Carry the correct load: When using a truck, always remember that overloading will not only damage the vehicle but also create a great risk when participating in traffic. Always comply with the prescribed load to ensure everyone's safety.
  • Reasonable distribution of goods: Avoid concentrating the weight of goods in one place, they should be evenly distributed on the vehicle trunk to ensure safety during transportation.

2. When used

You should drive Thaco trucks carefully and obey traffic regulations. At the same time, carry out periodic maintenance and promptly repair the vehicle when detecting damage.

  • Drive carefully: When driving a Thaco Towner truck, be careful and strictly follow road traffic laws. Keep a safe distance from other vehicles, avoid sudden braking and do not drive at too high a speed to ensure the safety of yourself and others.
  • Periodic vehicle maintenance: Perform vehicle maintenance according to the manufacturer's recommendations to ensure the vehicle always operates well and safely.
  • Repair the car promptly: When the car has any damage, it is necessary to take the car to a reputable repair shop for timely repair, to avoid leaving it too long and causing more serious damage.

In addition, you also need to note the following points:

  • Use the correct type of fuel: Use the correct type of fuel as recommended by the manufacturer to ensure the best engine performance.
  • Avoid overloading the vehicle: Overloading will damage the engine, chassis and suspension, and is also dangerous when participating in traffic.
  • Do not carry dangerous substances: Thaco Towner trucks are not designed to carry dangerous substances, so you absolutely should not carry these substances on the vehicle.

By following the above notes, you can use Thaco Towner trucks safely and effectively.

Questions Related to Thaco Towner Trucks 750, 800, 990kg

1. What items are Thaco Towner 750, 800, 990kg trucks suitable for carrying?

Thaco Towner 750, 800 and 990kg trucks are suitable for carrying light goods, ranging from consumer goods, construction materials, household appliances to small manufacturing goods.

2. What driver's license is needed to drive a Thaco Towner truck?

To operate Thaco Towner 750kg, 800kg and 990kg trucks, drivers need to have a class B2 or class C driver's license.

3. What should you keep in mind when buying a new Thaco Towner light truck?

When buying a new Thaco Towner light truck, you need to pay attention to the origin, quality, features, after-sales support service and warranty commitment from the manufacturer or dealer. Refer to the article for more details New truck buying experience.

4. Should I buy a used Thaco Towner truck?

You should buy a used Thaco Towner truck if you have experience with trucks, are able to check the quality of the vehicle yourself and need to buy a vehicle at a cheap price.

Should not buy used trucks If you have little experience with trucks, are not able to check the vehicle quality yourself and need a truck with guaranteed quality

5. What are the risks of buying a used 750, 800, 990kg Thaco Towner truck?

When buying used Thaco Towner 750, 800, 990kg trucks, buyers often encounter risks such as poor vehicle condition, unclear usage history, difficulties in warranty...

  • Poor technical condition: The vehicle has problems with the engine, suspension, brakes or other parts due to long-term use.
  • Unclear usage history: The vehicle may have experienced incidents or collisions that were not fully reported, affecting performance and safety of use.
  • Warranty and after-sales support: When buying a used car, you will have difficulty ensuring warranty and technical support after the purchase.
  • Vehicle residual value: Used vehicles may have lower residual values ​​than new vehicles, especially if not properly maintained and used.

Before deciding to buy Thaco Towner truck used, it is important to carry out a thorough inspection and discuss with the seller to ensure that you are buying a vehicle that is reliable and suitable for your needs.

6. Where to buy used Thaco Towner trucks with good quality and good prices?

With many years of experience in the industry, Thanh Phong Auto Proud to be the supplier Old Thaco Towner truck Quality, good price in Ho Chi Minh. We have a full range of Thaco light trucks with load levels of 750, 800, 990kg for customers to freely choose from.

Advantages of buying used trucks at Thanh Phong Auto:

  • Committed to providing quality used Thaco Towner trucks, ensuring safety and good operating performance.
  • Used trucks have clear documents, guaranteed to be the original owner, have never experienced a serious accident...
  • Support for title transfer and vehicle owner change.
  • Reasonable price, suitable for investment budget.
  • Providing after-sales support services such as warranty, maintenance, and repair to ensure the vehicle always operates well.

In addition to Thaco, Thanh Phong Auto also sells China Wuiling truck and many other used truck brands such as: Kia, Dongben...
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