5 Experiences Effectively Removing Car Scratches

5 Experiences in Effective Car Scratch Removal Guaranteed Garage Thanh Phong Auto Hcm 2024
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When owning a car, everyone wants to maintain its luxurious beauty and always be as new and perfect as its original appearance. Therefore, everyone feels uncomfortable when scratches appear on their "car" box.

However, for some unexpected reason, scratching your beloved car will make you worry and struggle to find ways to remove the scratches. You can rest assured 5 experiences in removing car scratches Below will help the scratches on your car quickly disappear.

Scratches Reduce the Aesthetic Value of Cars
Scratches Reduce the Aesthetic Value of Cars

1. Check for scratches on the car

  • Determine whether there is a scratch or not, due to some foreign objects on the paint surface.
  • Determine the depth of the scratches to know whether they are deep or just a small scratch so that you can find an appropriate solution to repair them. Your vehicle has a main class 4: paint, paint, primer and steel. If the scratch is only a deep mark on the paint layer will be easily removed. If you see a different color of paint or steel, the scratch is deep and can be difficult to repair at home.
  • You need to find all the scratches on the car to make repairs at once to save you time.

2. Clean the car before removing scratches

The first stitch is that you should clean for scratches and the surrounding area. Because when the scratches appear but you have not dealt with them promptly, during the process of walking on the dirt the dirt will cling and freeze. If not cleaned, it will be difficult to erase the scratch effectively.

Clean the Vehicle Before Removing Scratches
Clean the Vehicle Before Removing Scratches

3. In case the car has minor scratches

In the case of minor scratches, you can refresh at home in the following ways:

Polished with fine grinding stone

  • Use a fine woodstone to grind small pieces of wood, smooth the edges.
  • Then gently rub your hands on the edges of the scratches.
  • Get even more smooth stone and water, sharpen the ball.
  • Scrape scratches with paint brushes or chicken feathers. Any place scratched too much, use your finger to move lightly.
  • After more than 1 hours you will see incredible changes in your beloved driver.
You Will See Amazing Changes In Your Loved Car
Images Before and After Scratch Removal Treatment (Illustration)

Use sandpaper

  • Buy the thinnest sandpaper.
  • Then dip sandpaper in water, dab lightly on the scratches.
  • Get out the cana hit hard, as strong as possible then exposed to the sun, after drying bring into the next hit, as strong as possible.
  • Note that you have to hit continuously, hit hard to get rid of scratches.

Use a pen to erase car paint

Use a scratch removal pen in the case of shallow scratches that only touch the outer glossy paint. Use a scratch eraser pen of the same color, clean the scratches and then brush on. But the scratch removal pen can only work effectively for a very short time, so this is only a temporary solution.

Use car scratch removal cream

After cleaning the scratched area, use a sponge to add a little cream and then beat your hands in a circular motion on the scratch. Then wipe with a towel, perform this operation 3-5 times until the scratch is gone. Finally, to protect yourself, use a protective wax brushed up like when brushing cream erase.

Using Car Scratch Removal Cream
Car Scratch Removal Cream

4. In case the car is severely scratched

Large scratches are often caused by strong bumps, or accidents, causing serious loss of aesthetics to the surface of the car.You should remove scratches on cars as soon as possible. For severe scratches, it requires more equipment and technology. You need the car scratch polishing method that most professional car care places are using. So now you need to go to professional garage to handle.

Severe Scratches Require Extensive Equipment and Techniques
Severe Scratches Require Extensive Equipment and Techniques

5. Choose a reputable garage to remove scratches

When severe scratches you can not handle themselves, you should bring the car to a professional and reputable garage to achieve the best effect. Come here, your beloved driver will be taken care of with high-quality materials, poker and scratches. Each stage of scratch removal is performed correctly and with absolute efficiency.

You should note that when the car has small scratches, it is necessary to handle it as soon as possible to avoid getting scratched bigger and harder to handle. With our experience in car scratch removal, we share hope that it will be helpful for you in the best care and maintenance of your car.

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