9 Common Brake System Failures & Simple Repairs

9 Common Failures of the Brake System & Simple, Reputable Repair Ways at Thanh Phong Auto Garage Hcm 2023

Like other car parts, brake system Every time there is a problem, you need to find a way to fix it, or even replace the details. The following article Thanh Phong Auto Please send to you the 9 common damage of the brakes and the simplest way to repair, to achieve the best performance. Along track the following article!

Common Failure of the Brake System

1. Low brake oil level

The case when the level phenomenon occurs Car brake fluid The low may be due to an internal leak of the system or a worn-out brake pad. If it is caused by a leak, the brake light on the tap will light up at this time. In the brake system when a leak occurs, it is dangerous because the worst case scenario that can happen while the vehicle is in motion is the brake not eating.

Automobile Brake Oil
Keep Brake Fluid Levels Safe

The details that need to be checked now are the cylinders, brake lines, brake cylinders on the wheels and brake shackles. Damaged parts should be replaced if leaks are found. Never use a vehicle before the problems are fixed and repaired.

2. Low brake pedal

Brake pedal
Brake Pedal Too Low Brake Will Not Apply

When the brake pedal adjustment bar is stuck on the rear wheels or the brake pads are adjusted incorrectly, a low brake pedal phenomenon may occur. Now to restore the height of the brake pedal, you just need to reinstall the brake pad adjustment bar.

3. Light brake pedal

Reasons Why The Brake Pedal Is Too Light
There are many causes of a brake pedal that is too light

Some causes of light brake pedals include:

  • The exhaust procedure in the brake system is not correct
  • Brake fluid is low
  • In the brake system contains air

To be able to fix the pedal error quickly and easily, simply add a little brake fluid to the system or take steps to release the wind again.

4. Pedal journey is large brake

Some possible causes for a large pedal pedal include:

  • Incorrect setting of brake pads height in the rear wheels
  • In the brake system contains air
  • The rear brake pads and front brake pads are worn

If this is the case, you can tell very simply because your brakes will not eat, or if the brakes do eat, you need to step on the Pedal brake more.

5. Vibration brake pedal

If you feel the vibration of the brake pedal while you are driving, it could be due to the irregularity of the brake pads and disc. Now you just need to review the brake discs or immediately replace the brake pads to make them fit together.

6. When the brakes are emitted noise

Car Brakes Make Noise
Brakes Make Noise Due to Worn Brake Pads

Once the brake lining has worn out and the brake pads only remain hard material inside, it shows that the brake pads are worn out. At this time you apply the brake pedal, the brake disc and the brake pads will rub against each other and emit an extremely hard to hear. In order for the brake disc not to wear quickly and do not appear scratches, you should immediately replace the brake pads.

7. When the brakes are thrown aside

Car Brakes
The car's brakes are shifting to one side due to uneven wear on both sides

When the feeding of the two front wheels is not equal, the phenomenon of causing the car to crash aside when braking will occur. This may be because the brakes on the right wheel eat more than the left and vice versa. The height of the brake pads of the two front wheels you adjust are not equal or when braking a wheel is stuck, it will cause the car to be pushed aside.

It is not too difficult to fix and fix this problem, you just need to check if the wheel cylinder is stuck (Instructions for replacing child cylinders in brake system), or adjust the brake shoe height of the two front wheels.

8. The brake pedal is hard

In order to help support the braking force, there is usually a brake assist mechanism, so you do not need to exert too much force on the brake pedal, but now the brake is still eating and operating normally.

When the pedal has a stiffer phenomenon, the brake force is broken. When this happens, you may need to immediately replace the new brake force or should check whether the vacuum hose of the brake force is good.

9. Brake Bundle

Braking occurs due to problems in brake operation such as: incorrect adjustment of the handbrake, incorrect foot brake, damaged brake pad springs, cylinder jam, master cylinder failure, dry battery oil, etc. Although the driver has Stop applying force on the brake pedal but the brake still won't release.

The condition of locking brakes is quite common, so car drivers need to grasp the signs to have quick and effective solutions. See details: Causes of hardened parts and how to fix them

Note when repairing car brake system

Brake pads are one of the most important parts in a car's braking system, they help the braking process safely and make a big decision on the car's stopping speed. After a period of use, the brake pads will gradually wear, damage and need to be replaced in time. So, there are a few points to keep in mind:

Knowledge About Car Brake Pads
Car Brake Pads

Bad habits cause brake pads to wear quickly

  • The brake is folding and the brake is jerky, which causes the brake pads to wear quickly, and damage the brake clamp.
  • Checking the brake on a slope will cause the brake temperature to rise and cause damage. In particular, when the brake pad temperature reaches 600-700⁰C, it will cause brake loss and easily cause an accident.
  • Frequent overloading also affects brake braking and reduces brake life.

Indication of a damaged brake pad

  • Brakes are deflected: When a car tends to deviate (to the left or right) when the brake is depressed, the brake pads may be damaged. If it is not replaced, the loss of control will be more likely.
  • Warning of wear sensor: The car brake is usually fitted with a sensor, when the brake pads are worn out excessively, the sensor will alert.
  • Some other signs like: Depress brake without force, Hard brake, Brake bundle, Brake lose grip, ...

If you notice signs of damage to the brake pads, you should immediately go to the garage to have it checked for safety.

Pay attention to when to check - replace brake pads

Even if you use your vehicle carefully and do not see any signs of brake damage, you should check your car periodically according to the following milestones:

  • After 80.000km or after 2 years of using the car.
  • Check earlier if using a car in a densely populated area with frequent traffic jams.
Advantages and Disadvantages of Types of Car Brake Pads
Types of Car Brake Pads

Note, on the market there are quite a few types of brake pads for cars such as:

  • Metal brake pads: Made of metal, works well at high temperatures.
  • Ceramic brake pads: Made from copper and ceramic fiber mixed together, fine and durable.
  • Organic brake pads: Made from non-metallic organic fibers, using smooth and low noise.

Depending on the needs of use as well as the economic conditions, you should choose the right brake type.

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The above are the share of Thanh Phong Auto about Common failure of the brake system and simple repair tips when these cases occur. Hopefully, the above information will help you in taking care of your "loving car" better! Good luck.

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