What to do when the Taplo temperature indicator light turns on?

What To Do When The Taplo Temperature Indicator Lights On? High-class Garage Thanh Phong Auto HCM 2023
Sharing translation experiencesWhat to do when the Taplo temperature indicator light turns on?

Temperature indicator on Taplo morning ie cooling solution the vehicle is insufficient, or the cooling water temperature is too high and the water shows signs of boiling. If this is the case, how to handle it so as not to affect the engine system?

And Thanh Phong Auto Go find out in the article below.

What Should I Do When The Temperature Indicator Lights While Driving?

Coolant temperature indicator on Taplo light ie low cooling water solution, maybe due to leak or water pump is not working. Insufficient cooling water causes the engine to overheat, resulting in serious damage. Therefore, it is necessary to have timely measures such as:

  • As soon as the cooling water temperature indicator lights up, pull over to a safe place and stop moving. Should leave the engine in idle mode, switch the air conditioner to blower mode.
  • Do not rush to open the lid of the radiator because when the light is on, the temperature rises too high, causing the pressure of the water in the tank to be very large, if open immediately, water will erupt and burn badly. Instead, open the Capo to cool down the engine system and then open the radiator and check if the cooling water is lost.
  • In case the cooling water is lost, you need to quickly refill the car, if you forget to bring coolant, you can temporarily replace it with purified water to let the car continue. At the same time, quickly go to the nearest garage to check the condition and correct the problem. (Share experience in testing cooling systems The easiest).
how to deal with when the temperature indicator on the tap is lit.
The temperature indicator on the tap is lit, the cause and the effective remedy

Note: Some cars have the Capo pin close to the radiator, it is advisable to use a towel or hand liner before opening the lid to ensure safety.

Engine coolant It is not an ordinary pure water but a liquid whose main ingredient is purified water combined with Ethylene Glycol. This mixture has the effect of transmitting heat and anti-volatilization and corrosion additives.

Therefore, only in an emergency, can pure water be used instead to avoid long-term use, causing car parts to be damaged, fuel is not met enough to make the vehicle operate unstable.

What If I Ignore the Warning and Keep Going?

In case the driver deliberately ignores this warning and continues to run, the engine will overheat and damage components such as:

  • The lid is hot and warped.
  • The seal ring will be completely damaged.
  • The heat pipe is damaged.
  • The chain ring and transmission rod bushings are damaged by friction.
  • The piston is stuck in the cylinder due to the expansion because of the too high temperature.
  • The engine will make a knock.
  • Lubricant, viscosity is reduced, more looser, poor lubricity causes the large head bushings to transmit, or the crankshaft bushings are worn by friction.
how to handle when the temperature light on the tap is lit.
Noise comes from the car engine

Thus, if you encounter a situation where the temperature indicator on the tap is lit, do not be subjective and ignore it to continue driving. Because this will cause heavy damage to the engine of the car, forcing you to spend a large amount of money to repair or replace the engine. (Please refer to some tips to identify the state of "health" of the automobile engine).

Cautions When Using Cooling Water

  • If it is found that the cooling water level is lower than the “Low” level, quickly open the sub-tank cap and radiator cap to refill.
  • The cooling water should be changed after the first 160.000 km. The next times should be replaced after the engine has traveled 40.000 km.
  • Make a reminder schedule to check and replace coolant periodically. Because if left for too long, they can be converted to chemical components to create acids or be degraded, causing a blockage in the engine.
handle when the temperature lamp on the tap is lit.
Regularly check the coolant and change the coolant when necessary

Above are the sharing of how handle the temperature of the taplo light to glow while driving on the road. Hope you have more useful experiences for you.

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