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Air filter for Toyota Fortuner, Innova engine

In addition to the fuel filter (gasoline, oil), the air filter is also an important part of the vehicle that affects the engine's power and fuel consumption.First of all, there are two types of filters in cars. Various wind filters include motor air filters and air conditioner filters. When using the car for a long time, the air filter is dirty because dust particles fill the filter's air vent, reducing the air flow into the engine causing a deviation of the air-to-air ratio (fuel and air), reducing capacity , heating the engine and causing soot in the combustion chamber, affecting the ignition system, directly here is the spark plug. In addition, the overdue air filter that has not been replaced also increases the fuel consumption of the car. When should the air filter be changed in a car? For new vehicles, according to the manufacturer's recommendations and according to the maintenance procedures, the engine air filter should be cleaned every 5.000 km and replaced every 20.000 km. However, the vehicle you are using is an old one, so the filter change time may be earlier and depends on the vehicle's operating conditions. For example, you can check the cleaning every 3.000 km or once a month (whichever comes first) and replace it at 15.000km since the new filter is replaced. However, if the engine shows signs of reducing power, fuel consumption than usual and when checking the air filter shows signs of tearing, moisture, dust forming a difficult to clean array, then it is time to replace the air filter.

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