Training Program at Thanh Phong Auto

Training Program at Thanh Phong Auto 1 Thanh Phong Auto HCM

Training program at Thanh Phong Auto

  1. Training objectives

Car technician training SKILLS meeting the society's human resource needs in the automobile service and repair sector.

      • Professional attitude & good work ethic
      • Solid knowledge
      • Proficient skills
The signing ceremony of the cooperation between the University of Technology - VNU HCM - Faculty of Traffic Technology and Thanh Phong Auto
The signing ceremony of the cooperation between Polytechnic University - Faculty of Traffic Technology and Thanh Phong Auto (January 09, 01)


  1. Courses:

  • Repair level 1 (basic)

Workshop activities

Vehicle Maintenance & Care.

  • Repair level 2 (intermediate)

Disassembly, assembly & basic repair of automobile synthesis

  • Repair level 3 (in-depth):

According to standards of the General Department of Vocational Training (under the Ministry of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs)
General repair 7 steps
Engine repair 7 steps
Repair roar 7 steps
Car electric repair 5 steps


According to Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) of USA
A1 Engine repair A6 Electrical repairs
A2 Repair automatic transmission A7 Repair of air conditioners, heating
A3 Repair of manual gearbox A8 Engine performance evaluation
A4 Repair of suspension and steering A9 Light truck diesel engine
A5 Repair the brake    
  • Skills (thematic training)

    • Diagnosis & repair.
    • Car care
    • Installation of accessories
    • Service advisor
    • Sell
    • Finance
    • Manage

3) Training time:

+ Short term: a few sessions.

+ Long-term: 2-6 months / course.

+ There are classes all day (semi-boarding), shift or expedited as required.

4) The equipment and lesson plans used:

  • Thanh Phong Auto
  • Department of Automotive - University of Technology
  • The partner garage
  • Software training & management training of automotive engineering technology Electude (Netherlands)
  • Documentation firm
  • ASE documents

5) Standard output:

  • Present the basic principles and knowledge
  • Presenting the implementation process
  • Proficient in using specialized tools
  • Professional working attitude, good work ethic
  • Ability to work independently
  • Ability to communicate and teamwork

Refer to the basics:

  Class Describe Time
I. Primary section  
1. Introduction to maintenance

a. Labor safety - using tools

b. Professional ethics

c. General rules with a technician

15 periods
2. Engine maintenance

a. Maintenance of gasoline engines

b. Diesel engine maintenance

15 periods
3. Undercarriage maintenance Maintenance of systems: Brake, suspension, steering, posts, rear axle 15 periods
4. Car body maintenance

a. Vehicle body maintenance

b. Lighting maintenance

c. Wiper maintenance

d. Tire island

15 periods
II. Advanced section  
1. Repair of gasoline engines a. Repair power generation system 15 periods
b. Repair of gas distribution system 15 periods
c. Repair fuel system 15 periods
d. Repair engine electrical system 15 periods
e. Repair lubrication + cooling system 15 periods
2. Repairing the Diesel engine a. Repair power generation system 15 periods
b. Repair of gas distribution system 15 periods
c. Repair fuel system 15 periods
III. Depth  

1. Electronic ignition system

  15 periods

2. Electronic fuel injection system

  15 periods

3. Electronic oil injection system

  15 periods

4. The sensors and electronic control system on the engine

  15 periods

5. Automatic transmission

  15 periods

Training Program at Thanh Phong Auto 2 Thanh Phong Auto HCM

Thematic: Educate


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