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Repairing, restoring car body from simple to complex, repairing accident ...

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Thanh Phong Auto is capable of repairing and recovering from accident vehicles.

Seamless Bronze is an important part to bear all the impact outside and inside a car. Therefore, the workers need to have abundant experience and "hard" workmanship to be able to undertake the work of restoring the Dong orchestra.

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In addition to human factors, parallel and equally necessary are modern equipment and standards to make a good arm for a good worker.

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Thanh phong Auto is proud to have the full two elements Human & Resources as above.

Overview Process Of Car Body Repair And Car Paint

In the process of exploiting and using cars, the maintenance and repair of cars is very important to maintain the best working state of the vehicles. However, in reality, there are still cases of damaged cars, accidents when operating. These accidents damage the car paint, car tires are very common. Therefore, the repair process to recover the damage related to car body and car paint today is a great demand of society. The following is an overview of the procedure for repairing bodywork and painting.

Step 1: Assess damaged status

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1 image: The car was damaged

This is the surface preparation job before painting. This work is to assess if the damaged area has any parts that need replacing.

Step 2: Remove the details

Remove damaged parts and remove any parts needed to repair the bodywork and hull.

Step 3: Framing (only when the frame is deformed):

This stage restores the standard chassis size values ​​of that vehicle. Attach parts and replace them by welding

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2 image: Pulling the engine bay chassis

+ Note: Starting System Of Cars

Step 4: Replace car covers (only when it is difficult to repair)

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3 image: Attaching the front bumper of the vehicle

Attach replacement parts by welding method

Step 5: Repair car tires

To restore the shape of broken plates with a hammer, you can use the method of shaping the shell frame by the religious welding machine, using the frame straightener.

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Image 4: Repairing the tires

Step 6: Antirust

- Detailed surface cleaning: Spray gasoline, wipe the surface with a clean cloth, spray anti-rust agent on the back of damaged areas to protect the metal surface from corrosion

Step 7: Mount the details

Insert the details into the car

Step 8: Last checked

Check the quality of surface and car body repairs to prepare for matitization

Step 9: Titus

Put on the dent to make the surface smooth.

Repairing Auto Dong 9 Thanh Phong Auto HCM

5 Picture: Titus for cars

Step 10: Shield when primer

Repairing Auto Dong 10 Thanh Phong Auto HCM

6 Picture: Shield before primer

In order to avoid getting paint out of the spraying areas. Adjust the edges: Use this to adjust the edges so that it is not exposed.

Step 11: Spray primer.

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Image 7: Spray primer

Spray primer creates smooth surface for coating.

+ Note: Cleaning The Chiller By Endoscope

Step 12: Tinting paint.

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8 image: Using a small scale to balance paint when mixing colors

Paint color mixing: mixing paints (color components) to create the same color as the car color that needs repairing.

Step 13: Cover before painting

To prevent paint from sowing surfaces that need painting.

Repairing Auto Dong 13 Thanh Phong Auto HCM

9 image: Cover before painting

Step 14: Spray coating

Spray paint with paint gun.

Repairing Auto Dong 14 Thanh Phong Auto HCM

10 Picture: Spray coating layer

Step 15: Drying and polishing

Drying to make the painted surface dry faster and harder. Polishing to adjust the gloss and orangeness of the painted surface.

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11 Image: Polishing after painting

Step 16: Car wash

To ensure a clean state of the vehicle before returning to the customer.

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