Cleaning The Chiller By Endoscope

Cleaning Refrigerator By Endoscopy Method In HCM

Clean the rig with endoscopic method

Cleaning the Refrigerator Using Endoscopy Method 1 Thanh Phong Auto HCM

The car air-conditioning system is an auxiliary system but extremely necessary to help the driver feel comfortable while driving. After a period of use, the cooler will be covered with dirt, animal carcasses that make the cold system no longer work properly, and the stench will cause discomfort for people in the car.

Why is it necessary to periodically clean the indoor unit?

  • Clean the dirt, mud that has been stuck for a long time on the indoor unit and air conditioning system
  • Eliminates foul odors every time the refrigeration system is turned on.
  • Creating ventilation for the cooling system, cold air is quickly brought into the cockpit right after turning on the switch.

Note: The evaporator should be cleaned periodically 20.000km to ensure that the cooling system always works stably.

+ Note: Engine cooling system: Structure? The damaged and repaired?

Implementation process

  • 1 step: Prepare

Turn off the engine, open all car doors.


  • 2 Step: Pump the solution

Use AC Foam 3M solution to clean cold pipes.


Shake the solution well before use. Put half the length of the pump in the cold air outlet, then pump the AC Foam 3M solution into the air inlets.


Do the same thing with the cold air inlets.

  • Step 3: Remove parts

Remove the storage box


Remove cold air filter


Remove the cold blower


  • 4 step: Endoscopy

Using endoscope camera to observe the surface and direction of the rig




  • Step 5: Cleaning

Spray AC Eva solution with pressure gun on the cooler, intermittently spray, release continuously until the bottle is empty.



  • 6 step: Spray water by pressure gun into the rig


  • 7 step: Clean cold blower


  • 8 step: Clean cold air filter (if still usable)


  • 9 step: Put the details back to the original

  • Step 10: Start the engine, turn on the air conditioner in the lowest mode within 5 minutes (open all doors).

Cleaning the Refrigerator Using Endoscopy Method 2 Thanh Phong Auto HCM

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