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Place to teach and repair electronic transmissions (Electrical-Electronic) for cars in HCM
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Name of Course 04: Repairing Automatic Transmission (electrical - electronic) At Thanh Phong Auto

Improving Skills – Skills for Students

(Course Code: TPA06)

Repair automatic transmission (electrical - electronics) is one of the specialized courses on the profession car repair in Technical Practice Training Center – Thanh Phong Auto. With this module, students will be equipped with knowledge and guidance to practice proficient skills Repairing automatic transmissions of cars, electrical and electronic parts (disassembly - assembly of parts, details; inspection - maintenance, fault diagnosis - reset error ...).

Automatic Transmission Repair
Automatic Transmission and Things to Know

Course Contents

- Basic electricity - electronics.

- Automatic control facility.

– Structure & working principle:

  • Gear lever.
  • Hydraulic control system.
  • Electronic control system.
  • The principle of controlling the torque converter lock according to the operating conditions of the vehicle.
  • Principle of automatic transmission according to the operating conditions of the vehicle.
  • Diagnostic error code.

- The sensor.

- Executing elements.

- Electronic controller.

– Process of dismantling, mounting & aligning.

- Testing & diagnostics.

- Maintenance and repair.

Using software to look up circuit diagrams.

- Use diagnostics.

– Use electrical measuring tools & oscilloscopes.

Standards of Knowledge and Skills Students Will Achieve After the Course

  • Describe the structure of an automatic transmission.
  • Describe the working principle.
  • Read electrical diagrams.
  • Use electrical measuring tools.
  • Disassemble and assemble parts and details.
  • Check the installation status of parts and details (leakage, cracks, open...).
  • Check the status of the electrical circuit (open circuit, short circuit).
  • Check the status of sensors and actuators.
  • Check the working parameters of the system (voltage, pressure, flow ...).
  • Clean, maintain, replace new parts and details.
  • Understand diagnostic error content.
  • Reset diagnostic error.
Electric - Electronic Automatic Transmission
Students Are Trained in the Most Detailed Automatic Transmission Repair Skills

Why Should You Choose Thanh Phong Auto's Electrical System Repair Course (electrical - electronic)?

– Students will be guided and taught by a team of highly specialized instructors with a lot of real combat experience. This team includes: professional automotive engineers and technicians in Thanh Phong; good lecturer from Faculty of Traffic Engineering of Polytechnic University.

- Training program at Thanh Phong Auto There are detailed, methodical and continuously updated curriculum to match reality. With this course, the lecture syllabus is compiled based on:

  • Knowledge and practical experience of a team of engineers and technicians Thanh Phong Auto.
  • Department of Automotive - University of Science and Technology.
  • ASE document.
  • Electude automotive technology training & management software (Netherlands).
  • Firm document.

– Fully equipped and modern learning equipment, ensuring students both study and practice continuously. The center not only prepares automatic transmission models, the Car repair tools for students to get acquainted and practice in each lesson, but also to arrange so that students can practice their skills on real car models.

– During the training process, students will have real time to practice when they are trained at auto repair garage of Thanh phong or other reputable partner garages. From there, helping students improve their skills, master their skills and be ready to apply for jobs right after completing the course.

- Thanh Phong Auto commitment to output quality after the course, 100% guaranteed students will pass standard knowledge and skills on automatic transmission (electrical - electronic) repair.

- Thanh Phong Auto always try to support jobs for students: after the course, if students meet the standards of the center, they can receive a job offer at Thanh Phong's auto repair service garage. Besides, the center also cooperates with many other auto repair companies and garages to help students expand their job opportunities.

– In addition, the center is still ready to provide technical and knowledge support if students need to open their own repair service workshop.

Address to learn to repair automatic transmission of cars in Ho Chi Minh City

Learn Automatic Transmission Repair
Prestigious Automatic Transmission Repair Training Center (Electrical - Electronic) in Ho Chi Minh City

Professionalism, prestige and nearly 10 years of experience in the profession, Thanh Phong Auto It will be the ideal destination for those who are passionate about the profession car repair. If interested or have questions about Course on Repairing Electrical System (electrical - electronic), please contact via hotline 0845 27 31 86 (training room) for detailed advice.

Photos at the automotive vocational course at Thanh Phong Auto

Theoretical class pictures

Practical Class Pictures

Video of Graduates Completing Car Maintenance Course at Thanh Phong Auto

Sharing Career Orientation From Thanh Phong Auto

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