How To Replace Car Forklift

how to replace fork
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The car fork is responsible for keeping the car stable, not shaking when traveling on bad roads. So when this part is damaged, how to check and replace it properly?

In order to help you have more experience in repairing and maintaining cars, the following article Thanh Phong Auto will guide the steps to replace the basic car fork.

Car fork
The car fork is responsible for keeping the car stable, not shaking

How to Check a Car Fork

Option 1: Proceed to raise the undercarriage of the car to observe the fork. If the fork body is dented, distorted, broken or has an oil leak, it means that the fork part is damaged.

Option 2: Let the car accelerate from about 30km/h to 40km/h, then step on the brake pedal hard. If the front end of the car has a strong forward swing, it is precisely the fork part that has a problem.

Option 3: Check the quality of the fork assembly by looking at the amount of heat on the surface of the hydraulic hose. If the amount of heat on the surface of the hydraulic hose is high, the fork unit is still working well, and vice versa.

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Steps to Replace Car Fork

Step 1: Locate the Fork Parts

The shock absorber is usually located next to the wheel and is linked to the body of the vehicle, this part consists of a spring containing hydraulic oil and a spring.

Open the bonnet and observe the inside on the wheel, the top of the fork unit is usually used 3 nuts to fix it on the body.

* Note: Remember not to open any nuts before proceeding to the next steps.

how to replace car fork
Locating Fork Parts

Step 2: Remove Car Wheels

To make it easier to remove the fork, you need to remove the wheel first. Use the hydraulic jack to lift the wheel, then use the die to put it under the wheel to ensure safety during the removal of the wheel. Next, use a specialized screw gun to open all the screws and take the wheel out.

Step 3: Remove Mounting Details On Fork Fork

To remove the fork you need to remove the small frame holding the brake fluid pipes. Brake fluid pipes are small details that are usually fixed on the fork before reaching the cylinder part of the wheel.

Step 4: Remove the Balance Bar

Each type of car will have a different structure, so removing the balance bar before removing the fork is not always available. The balance bar, also known as the torsion bar, is the part combined with the shock absorber to help the car always operate smoothly when traveling on bad roads.

In cases where it is imperative to remove the stabilizer bar, it is necessary to use a screw gun or wrench to open the nuts on its rotuyn head.

Step 5: Remove the Shaft from the Fork

Almost all cars today fix the axle and fork together with two to three bolts. And to be able to remove the shaft from the fork, you need to use a screw gun, hammer or wrench.

However, these bolts are often rusted, so they will be quite hard and difficult to remove. Therefore, to make it easier to open, you need to loosen their joints by knocking directly on the head with a hammer, or cleaning with RP7 spray.

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Step 6: Remove the Fork Fixing Nuts

Open the bonnet, then unscrew the 3 nuts on the top of the fork with a wrench or wrench. After the 3 nuts have been opened, the fork unit will loosen.

* Note: Absolutely do not remove the nut in the middle of the fork unit, because it has the effect of keeping the spring and spring in place.

Step 7: Remove the Old Fork

Once you have removed the 3 nuts on the top of the fork, you can easily take the old fork out.

Step 8: Replace the Old Fork

  • First, press down on the spring using the spring set.
  • In order for the two sides of the spring to be pressed equally, you need to tighten the bolts on the pulley.
  • After pressing the spring down, proceed to remove the nut on the top of the fork unit and finally take the old fork out.

Step 9: Install New Fork

  • Insert the new fork inside the spring.
  • To fix the new fork on the spring you need to tighten the nut on the top of the new fork.
  • Then tighten the nut and remove the spring presser.

Step 10: Install the New Fork

  • Proceed to put the new fork in the original position, then use the screw gun to catch the bolts to fix the axle and fork together.
  • After that, it is necessary to reassemble small details such as: small frame to hold the brake fluid in place, balance bar (twist bar).
  • Finally install the wheels and lower the fleet.
how to change the fork in a big car
Installing New Fork on the Vehicle

Step 11: Check

To ensure safety, you need to check whether the bolts are tightened, or the related details are installed in the correct position or not. Once the test is complete, it is necessary to conduct a drive on the road to see the smoothness of the new fork unit.

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Above is steps to replace car fork that Thanh Phong Auto just shared. Hopefully through the above content, you will get more useful information to serve your working process. If you have any questions that need to be answered, please contact Thanh Phong Auto immediately.

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