4 Cons to Know When Choosing to Buy a White Car

Choose to Buy a White Car
Latest update date: February 16, 11

One of the most popular car exterior paint colors today is white paint. The proof is that in 2020, white cars sold accounted for more than 1/3 of the market, with an impressive figure of 38% (According to the annual report called Color Popularity Report of Axalta - a company specializing in providing coatings. for car models). The reason this paint color is chosen so much is because it is a bright, prominent paint color that absorbs less heat…

But besides these advantages, choose to buy a white car There are also many limitations. So what are those downsides? And Thanh Phong Auto Break through the article below!

White Cars Get Dirty Easier Than Other Colored Cars

When using a car, the stains of mud, water splashes, asphalt, scratches are unavoidable. But if you own a white car, this is going to be pretty bad for you.

White car usually bright, more eye-catching than other colored cars. That's why, just stick to stains or get a small scratch, this white paint will highlight them, causing unsightly. Owners will spend more time and money on car maintenance and cleaning. For those who are often busy, do not have too much time, this is probably not a good choice.

Choose to Buy a White Car
White Gets Dirty Easier Than Other Colors.

White Car Deteriorates Quickly

In fact, over time, white paint often degrades faster than other paint colors. Usually, from the 3rd or 4th year, white cars have shown signs of deterioration when yellow stains appear, especially in cars left in the sun frequently.

White Car Left Outside In The Sun.
White Car Left Outside In The Sun.

Causes of rapid deterioration of white paint:

  • Cars are white so they get dirty very easily. Hence the regular work car exterior cleaning, using car wash solutions will make the paint color easy to tone down.
  • Always park your car outside in the sun. Sunlight combined with environmental factors, car wash solutions ... form catalysts that make car paint yellow quickly.

Paintwork is easily deformed at repainted locations

For white cars, especially pearl white, the restore white paint color Initially due to scratches is very difficult. The positions that have to be repainted, the paintwork may not match or be distorted compared to the rest of the car.

From such a reason, if it has been repaired – paint the whole body of the car then white cars will be easier to identify with other painted cars. This is also a limitation when choosing a white car.

Repainting a Scratched White Car
Scratched White Car.

Price Is Higher Than Cars With Other Paint Colors

In fact, on the market today, there is a price difference between car colors. Although the same car, the same version, white cars have a higher price than other paint colors. Especially for cars with pearlescent or white metallic paint, the difference in cost that a buyer has to spend to own this car compared to a car with red, black paint... is even higher.

White Car Price
White Cars Price Is Higher Than Other Car Models.

For example, with Toyota cars in Vietnam market, cars with pearl white exterior paint sơn has a higher selling price of 8-10 million VND compared to other paint colors. The reason for this price difference is that white is preferred by many customers and sells better than other car colors.

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Above is 4 Disadvantages of white carsThanh Phong Auto shared. Hopefully through this article, you will have more useful information in considering and choosing choose car color when you need. In addition, if you are interested in car maintenance and repair services, you can contact us for advice and answers!

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