4 Note When Choosing Car Colors Not Everyone Knows

4 Notes When Choosing Car Color Not Everyone Knows Best Garage Thanh Phong Auto HCM 2022

When looking to buy an item, people often choose according to their preferences and current trends. However, to choose to buy a car, besides the brand, the engine color is one of the most concerned things. The following is 3 things to keep in mind when choose car color that we would like to share with you.

Car color is the top user interest when buying cars
Car color is the top user interest when buying cars 

4 Note When Choosing Car Colors Not Everyone Knows

Note the car color is popular

If you do not know how to choose a car color, the easiest way is to choose the most popular car color. This way you will not be afraid of your car is too backward or not beautiful.

The results of a survey at many car paint facilities in the US conducted by PPG showed that white is the most popular color. Accordingly, each 4 car will have 1 white cars. Next is black and silver with an 19% ratio.

Pay attention to the feng shui's duty to the owner

Feng shui color is the top consideration when choosing car colors. Choosing the right car color for your destiny will help you meet a lot of luck and success in work and life. Following are the car colors that suit each feng shui destiny:

Choosing colors according to feng shui is important for users
Choosing colors according to feng shui is important for users

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  1. Destiny needle

In addition to the 2 duty color is white and yellow, the metal can choose the car with light color like metallic or brown and avoid the hydrophobic colors like pink, red, purple.

  1. Destiny Wood

Green is the face of Wood. In addition, the carpentry can choose black, green and blue cars and avoid white or metallic colors.

  1. Destiny

You should choose a car with dark blue or black color and Tanh color of Turkey such as yellow earth, brown.

  1. Destiny fire

The cars are red, purple or pink very suitable for fire. However, this destiny also needs to stay away from vehicles with black or dark blue.

  1. Par brothels

Gold, brown and brown will be a great choice for Turkish cars. Besides, the aboriginal people can also choose cars with colors such as pink, red, purple and absolutely taboo green.

Choosing a car with duty will bring a lot of luck to the owner
Choosing a car with duty will bring a lot of luck to the owner

Choose high quality and durable car colors

Frequently moving outside, car colors should have high color fastness to avoid fading or scratching during the journey. Usually colors like black, blue, and red will see less scratches and look cleaner. Meanwhile white is old and easy to see scratches.

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Should choose the car color based on the actual image outdoors

In the car showrooms or in photo magazines, we will easily be dazzled by all cars that are sparkling and glossy. However, in fact when driving a car outdoors will bring a completely different feeling. Therefore, when choosing a car color you should base on the color observed when traveling on the road to make the most accurate decision.

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