How long does it take to learn Auto Repair? How much? Is It Difficult?

How Long Does It Take to Learn Auto Repair?

Are you oriented? auto repair profession but wondering about:

  • How long does it take to learn?
  • How tuition?
  • What is the content and method of training?
  • Is it difficult to study, is it easy to get a job?
  • ...

Need use the car in Vietnam continues to increase year by year. This is considered a great job opportunity for young people who want to make money and start a career car repair.

However, the auto repair profession is not easy, requiring learners to work hard, roll, and always cultivate new knowledge to keep up with the continuous innovation of customers. car technology. In this article, Thanh Phong Auto Will share all the questions about auto repair apprenticeship, helping you have a clearer orientation when you intend to study. Let's follow along.

How Long Does It Take to Learn Auto Repair?
Is it difficult to learn Auto Repair?

The Potential Of Auto Repair Profession

According to data from the General Statistics Office, the number of cars in circulation in Vietnam has reached 5 million in 2020 and is still on the rise. Accordingly, the demand for car repair and maintenance growing, especially the team of highly skilled and agile human resources with new models of cars.

Requirements and job characteristics car repair usually quite high, so the income of repairmen is also very attractive, ranging from 7-18 million dong. In addition, this industry has stability, development potential and long-term sustainability. Therefore, if you are oriented, hardworking and constantly improve your skills and update your knowledge, this is an extremely good job for those who have a passion for cars.

Is it difficult to learn Auto Repair?

Automotive technology is increasingly developing with many intelligently improved features. The structure of automobiles is also increasingly special, unlike previous machines, but also integrated with many advanced systems and software.

Therefore, to become an "all-powerful" car mechanic, being able to repair the entire car is almost impossible. Car repairman Currently, they often focus on certain areas to be able to specialize in the most skills and techniques.

Areas in the auto repair profession you can refer to:

If you focus on one area, study hard, increase practice, regularly update new knowledge, you will soon master your skills and go far in this profession. In particular, if you choose a reputable vocational training unit with a team of good teachers and quality curriculum, you will be equipped with the best knowledge and skills. Learning and following your passion will be easier and save more time and effort.

As for those who are afraid of difficulties, afraid of dirt, want to go fast, do not learn continuously, it is very difficult to follow the auto repair profession. Because this is not an easy and light job about hands and feet.

Is it difficult to learn an auto repair profession?
Learning the profession of auto repair is currently loved by many young people

How long does it take to learn Auto Repair? How much?

1. Depends on the course

Chuong Trinh auto repair training There are 4 main levels including: Beginner, Intermediate, College and University. Depending on the level of education, the training time will vary.

  • Primary: Studying at vocational training centers, each module will have different requirements in terms of study time, which can range from 2-4 months, 4-6 months, 6-12 months.
  • Intermediate: Studying auto repair at vocational secondary schools, the duration of study is 2 years.
  • College: Studying auto repair in college takes about 2.5-3 years.
  • University: Studying auto repair at university takes about 4 years.

Tuition fees will depend on each module/course, duration of study and regulations of each training unit.

Auto Repair Apprenticeship Time
Thanh Phong Auto - Prestigious, Professional, Good Price Automobile Repair Training Address in Ho Chi Minh City

Refer to the study time and tuition fees of some Beginner courses at Thanh Phong Auto Technical Practical Training Center:

STT Course Output quality Time and tuition
1 Basic repair and maintenance. - Knowledge of maintenance and repair procedures.
- Understand the contents of occupational safety.
- Proficiently use and operate equipment and tools in the auto service workshop.
- Ability to work independently in auto maintenance and repair workshops.
Class time: 60 hours.
Tuition fee: 4.600.000 students/course.
2 Automatic transmission repair. - Understand the structure and operating principle of the gearbox.
- Proficient use of specialized assembly tools.
– Improve thinking in diagnosing and catching diseases as well as practical repair skills.
– Check, clean, maintain, replace new parts and details.
Class time: 90 hours.
Tuition fee: 11.000.000 students/course.
3 Diagnostics and repair of automotive electronics. - Understand the process of electrical diagnostics on cars.
- Read electrical circuit diagrams.
- Proficient in diagnostic software, document lookup software.
– Can use inspection, diagnostic and repair equipment directly on new models of cars.
Class time: 90 hours.
Tuition fee: 12.000.000 students/course.
4 Service advisor. - Understand the roles, functions and duties of a sales consultant.
- Skilled in consulting, serving and negotiating specific services.
- Equip with technical and basic skills in automobile industry.
Know how to interact and support insurance customers effectively.
Class time: 90 hours.
Tuition fee: 12.600.000 students/course.
5 Basic car electrical repair. - Describe the structure and working principle of the automotive electrical system.
- Disassembly and assembly of parts and details.
- Connector to the electrical system.
- Proficient in the use of electrical testing and diagnostic equipment on cars.
Check the installation status of electrical circuits, sensors, and parameters of the electrical system.
- Cleaning, maintenance and replacement of parts.
Class time: 90 hours.
Tuition fee: 6.800.000 students/course.
6 Advanced automotive electrical repair - Describe the structure and working principle of the automotive electrical system.
– Understand sensors and actuators.
- Configurable sensor parameters.
Understand the content of diagnostic errors.
- Proficient in the use of electrical testing and diagnostic equipment on cars.
Check the installation status of electrical circuits, sensors, and parameters of the electrical system
Class time: 90 hours.
Tuition fee: 11.000.000 students/course.

2. Depends on the seriousness of the learner

Fast or slow auto repair apprenticeship time depends on the seriousness of the student. If you don't make efforts, don't work hard, don't follow the syllabus, don't practice, it's very difficult to complete the course on time. And if you can do it, you won't be able to confidently practice.

Normally, at the intermediate, college, and university levels, if the students do not meet the output standards, they are required to study again (together with paying tuition fees). In short-term vocational training centers, most trainees are also retrained until they are proficient in their skills (usually at no cost).

So, Thanh Phong Auto shared what you need to know about auto repair apprenticeship: study time, tuition fee, difficulty level... Hope to help you have a better view of this profession.

If you have any questions about courses, vocational training orientation for auto repair, you can contact us for detailed advice!

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