4 Notes When Caring Car Accessories

4 Notes When Equipping Professional Car Accessories Garage Thanh Phong Auto HCM 2022

Shopping, equipment car accessories is one of the things that many car users are interested in. So equipped with car accessories to note what? Let's find out the answer in Thanh Phong Auto below.

Sunscreen film is quite popular accessories today
Sunscreen film is quite popular accessories today 

4 Notes When Caring Car Accessories

1. Don't choose sunscreen that is too dark

Sunscreen film is a popular car accessory, especially in the summer. Many people think that applying a dark sunscreen battery will help protect the sun and cool the car, but do not know the harm behind. Although dark film will help against heat, avoid sunlight, it will block the driver's view when looking in the rearview mirror. This accidentally obstructs the view and is very unsafe when traveling on the road.

Ideally, you should choose insulation films that are transparent enough for the driver to observe all directions. The types of insulating films with transparency from 50% to 70% are the most suitable.

2. Do not install too thick rain cover

With hot and humid climate like Vietnam, rain cover for cars is the most perfect solution. The use of this pot is to prevent rain on the interior of the interior when the car window is opened. However, too thick rain cover will limit the driver's visibility. Especially in times of darkness, this problem is even more dangerous.

Too thick rain cover will affect the driver's vision
Too thick rain cover will affect the driver's vision

Accordingly, you should only choose the types of rain cover with moderate thickness to ensure the best visibility. The ideal width for car rain covers is from 3cm back.

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3. Do not install front and rear bumpers too large

With the complicated traffic situation like Vietnam, to prevent scratches in light shock conditions, the front and rear bumper is considered the best solution.

According to many experts, this device will sometimes make your "driver" become bulky and not aesthetic. More importantly, currently in Vietnam there is a regulation to prohibit registration with cars with front and rear bumpers that are too big in size.

To ensure aesthetics as well as not having trouble when registering, you need to pay attention to fit the front and rear bumpers of moderate size (not protruding beyond 4cm).

Installing bulky front and rear bumpers will make it difficult for you to register
Installing bulky front and rear bumpers will make it difficult for you to register

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4. Select the appropriate positioning device

Positioning equipment is considered to be colored almost every car nowadays must have. However, when choosing a positioning device, you need to pay attention to only choose the correct equipment according to the regulations of the Ministry of Transport. Accordingly, the car's positioning device must be compact, do not take up too much area and be waterproof. Priority should be given to using devices with stable transmission lines, low energy consumption and ease of use.

Equipping accessories for cars is very important. In order for the equipment to not accidentally inconvenience you during use and registration, you need to consider choosing the appropriate device. With 4, note that when equipped with car accessories that we have just shared, we hope to help you have more useful information to decorate your "beloved driver".

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